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  1. Funny thing about that is last night we were having drinks and the table behind us had Craydun fans bitching about how they only lost because that damn Palmer guy couldn't miss. Yet they completely neglect the fact that they had a guy who also hit 7 of 10 from 3, or that we shot better from 2 also, or that we out rebounded them, or shot better from the free throw line, or that we had less turnovers. Oh well I just laughed and bragged even louder about how awesome it was kicking their asses.
  2. Hopefully this picture shows up because I have no clue what I'm doing. Anyway saw this in the rail yard today. Pretty much sums up my feeling on Jayskers.
  3. You can't have huge scoring droughts that let the other team back in to the damn game. We have very little offense besides one on one b.s.
  4. He's been terrible but Jacobsen has been just as bad.
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