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  1. Trey and Xavier were roommates at Pitt. That had something to do with it.
  2. Considering Jace hasn’t been in uniform once this season and Sam is redshirting, I’d say no.
  3. Did Miles run over your dog or something?
  4. Matt A and another staff member were on 93.7 last spring literally saying that Tominaga is the Asian Steph Curry. No pressure there at all.
  5. Both those guys would have been different people, on and off the court, without ever having known Cam Mack.
  6. Miles coached two seasons under Moos. I wouldn’t call that going with him.
  7. The 17-18 creighton game was the game where Roby got an offensive rebound late in the game and came down with an elbow on Watson’s head that Glynn got called for his 5th. Strange.
  8. 17-18 & 18-19 were the second winningest two year period in program history. I get that 19-20 wasn’t going to be great with Miles, but it would have been better than what you did get.
  9. Yeah, winning 13 conference games in 17-18 was an “unmitigated disaster”.
  10. Those of us under 60 know it, just by a different artist.
  11. Charlie Easley doesn’t lose to Washington State!!
  12. He’s technically already in that position. But, this isn’t on Doc.
  13. Uhhhh, he wasn’t a bench player. He played for almost a decade overseas and made a lot of money doing it.
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