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  1. CrazyforNUHOOPS

    Amir Harris...

    He’s not.
  2. Somebody was fooling around with you then because technology (other than phones for social media posts) is not allowed on the bench during game play. This will be a first. The team doesn’t have managers higher than the camera deck at the top of the lower bowl, and I don’t think they even have them in that spot for games anymore.
  3. CrazyforNUHOOPS

    Uni Swag

    He’s wrong though.
  4. CrazyforNUHOOPS

    The Injury Report

    He wasn’t working out on Monday, but he was there and when he left it was by the use of crutches. Just like when he arrived.
  5. CrazyforNUHOOPS

    Matt Schick prank

    I don’t, for one second, believe that Bahe wasn’t in on the joke too.
  6. CrazyforNUHOOPS


    A chance at the most regular season conference wins in program history is worthy of people being on their feet for a couple hours.
  7. I don’t consider conference tournaments to be the regular season. Edit: I replied before reading the rest of thread and see you got an answer via Twitter.
  8. Actually two of the ‘90-‘91 wins came in Big 8 tournament, so that number should be 24.
  9. CrazyforNUHOOPS


    He is sick.
  10. I’ve learned there will be no postseason uniforms as there have been the last three.
  11. I’d be really surprised if Craig was still in Vermillion next year. Ft. Collins would be my guess.
  12. CrazyforNUHOOPS

    Iowa (11-11) vs. Nebraska (15-8) Game Thread

    He’s this guy...
  13. I thought it was Vog-ner when he was in the game and then Wag-ner when he was on the bench.
  14. CrazyforNUHOOPS

    Who is the true baseball fan? Completely O.T.

    Balls are different. https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/10/29/world-series-baseballs-leather-justin-verlander-yu-darvish-ken-giles-kenley-jansen Probably can’t rule out the balls being juiced as well.