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  1. As many as they want. The Big Ten only allows 15 to travel for conference games though.
  2. If we had Indiana or Wisconsin written across our chests, we would have been in.
  3. Loenser What hasn’t been normal about this year?
  4. It wasn’t a “complete unmitigated disaster”, but it wasn’t going to be as successful as the previous two seasons either. I stand by what I’ve said before, Dachon Burke and Jervay Green are different basketball players (and people) never having known Cam Mack.
  5. Well, if you think Doc is coaching this defense, you actually do need something cleared up.
  6. I heard other things about that St. John’s situation, which leads me to think that this is actually Matt or a Matt supporter posting this lunacy.
  7. Gates was only here for one year with Glynn and had absolutely nothing to do with Cam Mack coming to play for Nebraska. Where are you getting this stuff?
  8. Doc is not an assistant coach and has no coaching or recruiting responsibilities.
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