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  1. In terms of NU's top performances at PBA, I would add the 2017 game vs. Purdue - beating the B1G regular season champion Boilermakers led by Swanigan. After seeing the way he played in that game, I thought Jeriah Horne could really help NU down the road. Wasn't meant to be.
  2. I'm not happy about this, but somebody has to do it so these steaks don't go unclaimed. Ernie Kent. March 18.
  3. This from Michigan in Doc's last season. The parallels to this game and point in the season are uncanny. There's nothing left to do but laugh after watching that trainwreck of a game.
  4. It was great to see Palmer step up and hit 2 free throws when we NEEDED them tonight. Clutch level was shades of Toney McCray vs. USC in 2011.
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