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  1. Those pictures makes me want to puke
  2. Reason why NIU is recruiting the state so much is one of their assistants, Dan Jackson use to coach at Omaha Burke and when he was at SDSU the past several years he was their main Nebraska recruiter.
  3. Was that before or after he went to a Prep School?
  4. Donovan tore his ACL. It's not the same knee that he tore prior to his senior year
  5. Getting Andre and Lakes would be great for this team. Yes we don't know much about Andre but he's another body inside and hopefully can give us something better than what Yvan has so far. Lakes probably won't play a ton, but he's another shooter off the bench. Don't need him to put up a ton of minutes, but if he can come in and spot up and hit some threes, call it a win.
  6. A buddy and I got some nice lower bowl seats for the NIT game in Omaha when Nate Johnson hit the game winning shot. As the Blue team fans were leaving some old dude tried to shoulder me. Too bad I didn't budge when he hit me. I had several Creighton Prep kids in my fraternity that never cared about basketball unless it was against Nebraska and then wouldn't shut their mouths afterwards. I also can't stand John Bishop
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