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  1. I guess I could see a small D1 school take a shot on him because he's 6'8 and can shoot from the perimeter but I have a gut feeling he ends up at a D2 school. Notice how none of those schools have offered a scholarship. Not even Omaha or South Dakota.
  2. Clemmons isn't a D1 player. Never has been, he's gotten hype because of his name
  3. Not only are they studs on the court, but great people too
  4. I was a little iffy on him when I wrote it, but just ran with it
  5. I'm not buying the whole reason why Nebraska football struggles is because we can't keep instate players here. For the most part they get them. Recently the Omaha kids are leaving but that was mainly because Frost chose not to recruit them and they want to go to winning programs. Now I will give you that basketball has had more misses not getting guys, but it's not like they weren't trying. They wanted Matt Hill but he chose Texas. They wanted Akoy but he went to Louisville. They wanted Gessell but he went to Iowa. They wanted Hunter and Chucky but they went to Gonzaga and Wisconsin. They wanted Baylor to come here but he chose Creighton. The problem with missing out on elite local talent is that the program isn't good. Why would you want to come to Nebraska if you could go to Gonzaga, Louisville, Texas or Wisconsin? Those teams are competing to go to Final Fours were Nebraska is just hoping to sneak into the tournament.
  6. Nothing against Cale, but if he's playing next year then it means Nebraska is probably only going to win ten games. He's a nice walk on. I watched him play in the C1 Title Game. Looks like a smooth athlete but as stated, wasn't quick twitch. Didn't really stand out athletically in that C1 game. I didn't know how tall he was during the game and hearing people say he could come to Nebraska I was hoping he was 6'6 or something, not sub 6'4 which he likely is. Hope he turns out to be a diamond in the rough walk on for Nebraska. But put me into the group that sees him transferring out after a couple of years and playing at a lower level.
  7. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this. But for a kid whose from Nebraska and played at SDSU. Why did he announce his commit time in EST?
  8. Meaning taking local players who had a lot of potential and that other programs in similar conferences weren't interested in. Brady Heiman. Arop. Let's be real. He went to South Dakota State. We missed on him, but so did everybody else. Just like Grisel, he needed to go to a lower D1 school to develop. Who knows if he would have developed into the player he is now here at Nebraska.
  9. I was fine with Nebraska not taking him out of high school. Like what previously said, Nebraska struck out with guys like him from the state. Then when Nebraska did play SDSU last year, we crushed them and Baylor didn't look anything special. Glad he developed. He needed to go to a place like SDSU to get that development. Now he can cash that in to a bigger school. Hope it's Nebraska but it's likely at a blue blood. And do you blame him?
  10. Scratch that, North Star is going to hire Lee Steinbrook who has been the tennis coach at Wesleyan for the past several years. Sounds like Bullock is going to be the varsity assistant
  11. Does SR even teach in OPS? I know that one point South didn’t have a single basketball coach who was in the building
  12. Expect North Star to hire former UNO assistant Tyler Bullock who graduated from North Star
  13. But would have Griesel become the player he is now if he came to Nebraska as a walk on? Going to NDSU and playing and developing helped him. It's easy to say that they should have taken a shot on him, but he did go to NDSU and not Iowa, Kansas State or another Power 5 school.
  14. I agree that schools like Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky have all had major recruiting violations and got slapped on the wrists. But the NCAA is known for protecting some schools and hammering the others. If Nebraska did violate a major rule I could see them give some harsh penalties the University. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Reason why NIU is recruiting the state so much is one of their assistants, Dan Jackson use to coach at Omaha Burke and when he was at SDSU the past several years he was their main Nebraska recruiter.
  16. Was that before or after he went to a Prep School?
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