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  1. Probably because at Prep he was just asked to be a rim protector and wasn't developed beyond that.
  2. Your disdain towards Donovan cracks me up. They kept recruiting his spot because they didn't want him. I know as Husker basketball fans we are all excited for Hoiberg and we should be. But we shouldn't let that cloud our opinion on an 18 year old kid looking to go to a school that's best for him. Hoiberg felt that Donovan wasn't a great fit and wanted to use that scholarship on someone else. But he also didn't want the negative look to cut a 4 star city kid loose right away who was recovering from an ACL injury. So instead Hoiberg for a lack of a better term just started ignoring Donovan. Donovan seeing the writing on the wall decided to look elsewhere. Good for Donovan that he is now going to go to a school that wants him and good for Hoiberg and Nebraska that they can use that scholarship on someone that fits what they are looking for.
  3. Banton may be 6'8 but he's a guard
  4. Gonzaga has had 7 players drafted in the 1st round since 2006 and that included Morrison who went 3rd overall. Gonzaga is a brand name in college basketball. Plus if you're an NBA level talent, the NBA will find you.
  5. This kids older brother went to the blue school in Omaha
  6. Could it be that he wanted to be a Husker but the staff wasn't feeling the same way......
  7. Maybe with the depth being better next year Arop can red shirt and continue his development. Probably won't. Also wouldn't shock me if he is gone after this year. No inside information but I get the feeling that Arop was only kept because Hoiberg wanted to honor his commitment and they needed bodies in this first year.
  8. All you had to say was Sipple/Jake....those guys are a joke.
  9. Wasn't Wes Wilkenson a top 150 guy or am I thinking somewhere other than Rivals?
  10. If I remember reading it right, it seemed like Blanton was the best player on the team during their trip to Italy....I could be wrong.
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