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  1. I bet not everywhere she doesn't.....
  2. Happy Independence Day, everyone!
  3. May 9th, 2021. Don't wait until the last minute.....
  4. Seeing this thread isn't getting much response, I'm going to put it on hold for now but reserve the right to revive it at a later date.
  5. Our country, our state, our communities and families have all gone through one heck of a challenge these last four months. Many have lost jobs, businesses and, sadly, family members. If not directly affecting ourselves, we definitely know people it has. Those are the people I'd like to focus on with this thread. For all the caring people on this board, and I truly know it's all of you, please nominate someone you know that has gone through a living hell in 2020 that could use a hand up. Give a brief explanation of the situation but please don't give names. What we'll do is pic
  6. You always were her favorite, right?
  7. They sell the living daylights out of that stuff! Burgers are ours as well.
  8. The last time I ran into Mr. Cop, the surprise was far less than pleasant. It made my day seeing you, Bugeaters!
  9. Don't tell anyone, but we just might have some not yet online. PM me if interested.
  10. Thanks for the love, guys! It's been nuts since all this insanity started. Online sales are through the roof. I've got restaurants on both coasts that are getting our products shipped to them. We've been averaging about 5000 lbs of ground beef shipping out every week. We do some stuff with Adam Carriker. Right now, we have a 15% discount off your total order if you use the promo code Carriker15 at checkout. And , as always, feel free to pm me if you have questions or want to place larger orders. I'll work with you.
  11. He's taking water loss pills. Makes him go oui oui.
  12. F**k the NBA. They've been sucking Chinese d**k how long? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/16/nba-will-lose-hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars-due-to-rift-with-china-commissioner-says.html
  13. In stressful times, laughter does the soul good. So does really good beef. Time for another contest. Post the funniest clip you can find. Might be a cartoon, scene from a movie, comedy routine, sitcom scene, whatever. Just make sure it's family friendly. Whoever gets the most upvotes(sorry, don't know how else to run a contest here), wins a couple steaks and some ground beef from Nebraska Star Beef delivered to your door. Make me proud with your entries. I'll go first....
  14. Concert from last year. My picks on songs worth listening to are at the 3:30, 18:30, 58:45 and 1:20.30 marks. IMHO, Agnetha has some puffy bags underneath her eyes, but both would qualify for car rides, even at their ages, in Lincoln parks with Standharginger, especially now that they both have herd immunity.
  15. Antibody testing would help. But testing for corona virus, IMHO, doesn't help all that much. Let's say I get a test today, it comes back negative, and I lick a toilet seat and get the virus next week. What good did that test do? As for the vaccine, we still don't have one for AIDS. Our flu vaccines are hit and miss at best. I think it's time for us to realize LIFE is a risk. Everyday you walk out your front door there is a chance you don't return. I'm sure most here know my son Seth's story. He has MDS--a form of leukemia. He's a department manager at Wal Mart and he was
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