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  1. Good timeout by Hoiberg. We need to be within 4 at halftime. Hopefully, ahead.
  2. He hasn't learned to play inside yet. He will. Hopefully, it will be downloaded into his DNA at halftime....
  3. Here's my bold prediction: we win tonight and then fly Moe Iba in tomorrow morning on a private plane named the "Mabel Lee" to teach the players how to play in a court with no outside sound.
  4. Papa, you said it so much better than I did. My son Seth also agrees with you, and he agrees you speak much more intelligently than his dad....
  5. I can't believe Bill Moos was so irresponsible for letting this team compete in a virus laden environment. God have mercy on his soul.
  6. Perhaps. This isn't a perfect analogy, but the NCAA eliminating the crowds at all sites would be like the entire state of Florida cancelling all events in the state because of a cat 4 or 5 hurricane that is still several days away. The forecasters have no idea what strength it will be if/when it hits land, where it will hit land, and there is still a decent chance it turns east and heads into the Atlantic Ocean. Personally, I think the hysteria, to this point, has far overreached the threat level. Just my two cents.
  7. I know this one thing for sure: corona and virus will not be a part of the team.
  8. Four sticks for you, for creativity and optimism! PM me your vitals.
  9. Just watch: the 13th and 14th seeded teams will both win a game in the B1G Tourney, where the 4th seed pooped their pants. Welcome to Husker Basketball.
  10. What a cluster. I tried to make a simple one word edit, and the whole thing blows up. Much like this season.... Okay, it's time for another Cip contest. This time a 12 pack of Nebraska Star Beef sticks is riding on it. Pick the newcomer and what stage in the game he first appears (e.g. Vedral 8 minutes gone in the second half, or, for you eternal optimists, Banks three minutes into the first half of Game 2). If neither gets to play, the contest is over. No way to break that tie. Regardless of where you live, you can play. I'll ship the sticks to you. Good luck and GBR! And
  11. On the golf course, I normally get a stroke a hole...
  12. Today's Rosie did you knowsie: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/960-jim-rose-28634386/episode/the-future-of-nebrasketball-58796571/
  13. Thanks, papa. I know all of those prayers have been heard. Here's what I do know: God is not a respecter of men. If he can heal my son, He'll heal anyone who asks Him. So, I'm in agreement with anyone who asks for healing. Let's get it done!
  14. This thread isn't about Nebraska Basketball, but, maybe there are some parallels. I want to give an update on my son Seth's health. For you new to the board, he has a condition called MDS--basically it's a form of leukemia. His body has an inability to produce red blood cells. This disease normally attacks the body's ability to produce white cells, but not in Seth's case. He's an anomaly there. Let me cut to the chase: A new drug was approved for the treatment of MDS and Seth has been on it for the last 9 weeks. We didn't know if insurance would cover the cost ---$2000 or mo
  15. Not sure how this translates into wins the rest of this season, but I sense a transformation in the attitude of this team. They're developing this "Rocky" attitude. Now, they need to take off the boxing gloves when they're shooting at the rim....
  16. Don't know why, but I have a really good feeling about the Huskers tonight. They not only cover, but a W is very much in the cards. Happy Birthday yesterday to Lou Christie. GBR!
  17. Seger is one of the rare acts where he sounds better live than in studio, and he is awesome in studio!
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