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  1. Not only does basketball start on time, football will as well.
  2. So much for Doc being the recruiting ace of the staff....
  3. I call your Toby and raise you a Brewer....
  4. Happy 420, all you self quarantiners!
  5. I'm not trying to keep this thread going, but I just stumbled across an extended video I've never seen. Thought I'd share. But it's alright...
  6. I think it's cool Wayman Tisdale made the Wikipedia list... Back to the drummer thing, Paul McCartney played drums on several White Album songs.
  7. Enough already. It's time to get the economy going.
  8. Commercials I can watch over and over again....
  9. Will he be riding in on a donkey?
  10. What, no game thread video? You're slipping, bugeaters.
  11. Here's music from the last pandemic. Reality can give gut punches. That last undisputed regular season championship the Huskers had in men's basketball was five years prior...
  12. I can watch episodes of Cheers over and over...
  13. Mrs. cip and I went to see BJ Thomas in G.I. right after the Heartland Arena first opened. They couldn't sell booze yet. Would have been a bummer had not someone sneaked some in... I digress. We had seats close to the stage, and people around us were saying he was lip syncing. And, I was like, no, these aren't recordings, it's live. This guy should have been a ventriloquist!
  14. Bummed to hear the news about Bill Withers. One of my favorite artists.
  15. No need to lobby, 49r. When I saw the post I knew I'd be coughing up some steaks. (pun intended) PM me your info, atskooc, and we'll get you some good eating. If everyone still wants to post videos, jerky is still in play.
  16. I believe you're right. You do the digging, and I'll supply the winnings.
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