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  1. Since there is very little to discuss in these shut down days, nothing better than free stuff delivered to your door to get the conversation going. Another cip contest. If you don't know, I kinda like music. I've posted a music video or two here. Here's the deal; post the music video that best describes your attitude on what is currently going on right now. It can be optimistic, pessimistic, fatalistic, humoristic or assholistic. I don't care. Whoever gets the most upvotes, wins. If the post is far and away the best, we're talking Nebraska Star Beef steaks. If not, jerky
  2. He made his top 8 or we made his top 8. What a difference a letter makes...
  3. Bon Anniversaire! (I took French in high school and 1 year at UNL...)
  4. Sorry, just saw this thread. basketball jones. Congrats!
  5. Don't forget Kobe Beef, AKA American Wagyu. I happen to know a place where you can have some delivered to your door....
  6. Since it appears many people will be spending more time these days self quarantining, there is more time to watch some quality movies. I've put together a list of 13 movies, that if they pop up on the TV, I'll watch regardless of how many times I've seen them before. Not saying they're the greatest of all time, just ones I really enjoy. My list could have been much longer than thirteen, but I figured Hollywood shouldn't have any more scholarships than the Husker basketball team. Here's my list in no particular order: The Help Green Book Second Hand Lions Count of
  7. So what bankrupt college did you attend?
  8. No, we all are not doomed. In fact, I believe we are on the verge of one of the greatest times in the history of America! Don't listen to all the voices of negativity, doom and hatred, whether they are on TV, the workplace or on websites. They're not speaking truth, but lies. This latest virus, just like the common cold and the flu, will run its coarse and everything will be fine. If you'd like to talk more, please send me a personal message.
  9. Today's Rosie did you knowsie: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/960-jim-rose-28634386/episode/pandemic-panic-59126446/
  10. Probably lived through it. Didn't happen when I played. :)
  11. I enjoy the crap out of you, also! I have lived through the scares of global cooling (the coming Ice Age scare of the 1970's), world starvation, Nuclear devastation, AIDS, MERS, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Y2K, ebola, and today's global climate change where Bernie Sanders just said today we only have 8 years to make a change or we all will die. Can you see why I'm a bit skeptic of this latest "crisis"? I've never buried my head in the sand. However, I will never yell "Fire" in a crowded theater. Reality checks are in the eye of the beholder.
  12. You have no idea what is wrong with Hoiberg. Shame on you for going down this path. Speculation sucks.
  13. What a cluster. HuskerFever predicted Noah coming in at the 3 minute to go mark. Huskerpapa predicted him to come in at the 3 minute + mark. jimmy said they'd both come in at the 1 minute mark. Technically, Fever wins on Noah because he didn't use the + sign, but that would be so like putting one second back on the clock so Texas can.... jimmy had the foreknowledge to bring them both in at the same time, which in actuality was 2:39 left in the game. After consulting with the CDC and the WHO, I've decided the best thing to do in this time of armageddon is to give them each a 12 pack of s
  14. The common cold is a virus. Influenza is a virus. Corona 19 is a virus. I'm praying for Coach as well.
  15. The Legend of Bagger Vance comes to mind. We're only down 20 with 15+ to go. Make up a point a minute and we win by 5. :)
  16. Okay, I've just started the whiskey part of the whiskey/Nyquil shots. Indiana is just about to go on a 6+ minute scoreless drought. Right now we're down 16....
  17. Archie Miller reminds me of a tampon. A tampon that has just been unwrapped. An unwrapped tampon that doesn't really know what future lies ahead. A tampon, that after realizing its future, is flushed down the toilet. I've been watching Green Book too much lately....
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