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  1. I’m honestly surprised Williams didn’t go, he’s seriously skilled but I’m also still on the hill that Shavon Shields could have an NBA run so who am I.. no surprised at Kofi, didn’t really like his game
  2. What’s even crazier is the grizz signed Kenneth Lofton Jr. (6’7’ 270) to a two way deal, and than they already have Bane, I really enjoy that they’re building this big weird body team around Ja
  3. Optimistic about football program, staff they brought seems top notch, but Raiola needs to bring it, if the oline is as embarrassing has it has been than literally none of it matters, he needs to get 5 studs that enjoy violence. I’m hoping for 8 wins, be happy with 6, I expect 4 or less and than the real fun will begin. Basketball program I have literally no idea, i didn’t like the firing of Miles, but i liked the idea of Hoiberg, just like I liked the idea of Frost, up- tempo ball in the big ten is a definite zig to the normal zag, but it just hasn’t worked and the churn of players prevents me from literally knowing anything about the program. I like the identity he’s built this off-season, but has @basketballjones and @Norm Petersonhas said if the style doesn’t change it might be the ugliest season yet and that’s saying something. If we can pull it together and even finish in the middle half of the big ten 6-8 range I’d be thrilled
  4. OKC is using him a lot as a Point-Forward for the first time this season, so that could explain why the increase in turnovers. At one point i think they had him, at Point with Poku (skinny kid they picked up) and other fowards that are non ball handlers.
  5. I literally can’t wait for this game tomorrow
  6. I’m hoping Yvan continues to develop and turns into our version of Patric Young.. similar build to Yvan, developed into a solid bruiser of a big that controlled the paint for those mid 2010 Florida teams. Very impressed with his Freshman season !
  7. Things i feel like most pro teams like or will give a 1st round look to Roby.. His effort on defense or approach to team basketball isn't questionable, kid has the skills to get both Blocks and Steals and played out of position for basically 2.5 years, didnt cry and leave or complain he went out was conducted his business and embraced the situation. He is raw, but the foundation is there for his Offensive game to develop. His shot form is nice, and has a good foundation to build on with his Shot, and his handles can tighten. He has high basketball IQ, and knows where the ball needs to go on Offense, and has a good understanding of help defense. If i'm Mil, SA, GSTATE or those teams mentioned above im thinking low floor i have a good rotational guy that can play defense and maybe hit a bucket or two, high ceiling we have a guy with the size and tools to develop into a multiple tool player. I think he can get in the 1st round.... but if he falls to the 2nd someone is getting a steal.
  8. He’s gone for sure, now the only question is after the combine and after workouts is does he start climbing in the 1st round. For me the only shock would be if he doesn’t get drafted. That one clip of him detecting a shot getting the deflection and than going to coast to coast for that dunk shows you all of his versatility. Add to that he’s lost weight so he can play wing in the league, but as he already showed in college he has a great frame to add weight to without losing the explosive ability that he was naturally blessed with. I can see teams in the back of half of the first round takin him and letting him gain some confidence in the G-League. I’m excited for this warriors workout he screams warriors or spurs plug and play guy
  9. I love these additions, this feels like a Big Ten team, a Michigan State style team, imposing physically tough, but none of them are slow plodders, they appear to be athletic, and skilled. We have tough guards that get to the rack. This team is going to be so much fun to watch. Really looking forward to what he can add for the 2020 class.
  10. Hes 6'8/6'9 at 17, could still grow, and is chiseled 260 without having any long-term training in a Elite College weight room, and a summer in a conditioning program...yea i think this is really going to work and he's going to ready to roll next year Day 1, from a Rebounding and Defense standpoint with the offense coming as the season progress. Plus he could be 6'10, 6'11 by the season starting who knows. This is going to be a fun player.
  11. Could develop nicely into a poor mans kawhi Leonard
  12. I could see him with the spurs really well, got a feeling Pop could really use and develop him, plus even though his shot dosnt need a lot of work I could see their shot coach who is elite could help him
  13. I’m completely fine with this lineup, of a bunch of switchable wings and fast guards let’s run teams off the floor and shoot 3’s
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