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  1. I love these additions, this feels like a Big Ten team, a Michigan State style team, imposing physically tough, but none of them are slow plodders, they appear to be athletic, and skilled. We have tough guards that get to the rack. This team is going to be so much fun to watch. Really looking forward to what he can add for the 2020 class.
  2. Hes 6'8/6'9 at 17, could still grow, and is chiseled 260 without having any long-term training in a Elite College weight room, and a summer in a conditioning program...yea i think this is really going to work and he's going to ready to roll next year Day 1, from a Rebounding and Defense standpoint with the offense coming as the season progress. Plus he could be 6'10, 6'11 by the season starting who knows. This is going to be a fun player.
  3. Could develop nicely into a poor mans kawhi Leonard
  4. I could see him with the spurs really well, got a feeling Pop could really use and develop him, plus even though his shot dosnt need a lot of work I could see their shot coach who is elite could help him
  5. I’m completely fine with this lineup, of a bunch of switchable wings and fast guards let’s run teams off the floor and shoot 3’s
  6. that needs to be changed next year, theyre going to continue with the reviews, and my guess theyre just going to keep getting longer.
  7. Im a big fan of unless its egregious, you let it play out, the last 10 seconds are always physical. Yes he may of fouled but to let that call decide the game just sucks. Plus like many of the announcers said, letting the teams come off the floor while they take a millennia to review that out of bounds call needs to be changed, the 3rd ref should have both teams stand as far away from the coaches as possible. Im sad Tennessee lost, i know i should want the BIG10 to win....but i really really cant stand purdue
  8. Which is unfortunate you could talk me into a staff of Lewis as head coach, and retaining gates to keep up the recruiting momentum. I much prefer that over some mid major name. I still much prefer a Thad Matta or maybe see if Shaka Smart wants to come here. I’m not at all excited about a potential of lue or hoiberg.
  9. Some of the older staff don’t follow our policies very well...I’m usually security on the floor so i can’t correct it.
  10. As a person who works security at the arena, I can tell you I hate asking people to take off their hats and unzip their jackets as much as the next person, but those be the marching orders... but if if we’re going full scorched earth I have one long standing request for.... BRING BACK OLD HERBIE YOU COWARDS!! New herbie creeps me out always does
  11. 1. as others have said, so happy Nana stayed, he’s a real option off the bench gives us some solid flexiblity as he’s a shooter, but also very athletic and can take it to the rack and get some good boards. 2. Allen is going to hurt some teams feelings this season, you D up on Palmer/Copeland and they find him and he just buries 3’s. 3. I’d like Palmer to take a step back while he figures out his shot ( that hitch is baaaaaddd) and let Roby get some more iso looks. He’s not agressive but we’re also not getting him looks in advantageous positions, he’s more than a rim runner. I want to see him be put in a playmaker spot. Honestly like to see him run some Point -5 when Watson needs a blow.
  12. I think it will come down to 1) how much does Isiah like the college experience, and playing for the university. 2) what his draft guarantee is. some kids really love playing in college and enjoy the experience and you only get it once. If your not guaranteed that nba contract and spot why not use all of your eligibility and bask in the experience; overseas will be there after you graduate... now that being said if he performs up to his talent and expectations and fully takes over this team like he should...yea he’s a lotto pick
  13. regarding Nana- unless he totally changed, he was usually one of the first players out for pregame warmups, and the last player out of the arena after games, he would routinely stay after home games and work on his game, until we shut the lights off in the arena, and than he left.
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