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1 hour ago, Neb Nets said:

I’m guessing that’s caveman’s point - did Yori’s staff do a better job of developing a player over a 4 year period (Griffin) than Amy’s staff did developing Cain over a period of 4 years? 

I like your interpretation.  And yes, Yori's staff would probaly compare favorably against most, including Amy's.

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Yori and Amy are two entirely different coaches, with different coaching styles, game planning and playing styles, game management styles, etc etc 


Not much was/is the same. Yori was a role playing offense, where everyone hard their position, and the starting 5 played most of the game. More structured when in the team playing mode, if that makes ay sense.

Subbing was on a more deliberate basis.  Kind of like Iowa, Mich, type teams.


Not the only things to point out, just some obvious ones.  Yori, with Shimmy were a great recruiting machine. They brought in high level players, where some moved on to WNBA and pro teams in Europe and Australia.


Weather that was a result of player development, or simply were better skilled to start with...hard to say.


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