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  1. i think Ware (North Dakota gal) plays both for Arizona. i've only watched her play bb.....she seems to be doing just fine. MM's true love seems to be vb, however, sure can't hurt to have a 6'5" athlete available for coach williams. guess fans are gonna find out just how well it works.
  2. from Big Red Today: During the recruiting process, the Nebraska coaches laid out the plan for Mendelson to play both sports in college — which was a must for her to consider a school in the recruiting process. She will focus on basketball in the summer, but once volleyball season starts in August, she will join the program and remain with them until the season is over in December before switching to the hardcourt.
  3. lol.....looking for something to watch. came across #3 Pitt and #13 Georgia Tech in volleyball and thought, eh, why not. Pitt leads 2-1 (at Georgia Tech). Georgia Tech had a tough call against them and this old guy runs down on the court to give the ref his glasses. he was then told to leave the match. went up to get some stuff and was escorted from the match. on his way out he raised his arm and held his middle finger out. a little surprised the cameras stayed on him while he had his "tantrum"!
  4. A program spokesperson told MLive on Monday that Dilk’s injury is day to day and that she is expected to return this season. Brown left just two minutes in and never returned. Michigan’s second leading scorer last season, Brown had been dealing with injuries leading into this year, and only played 10 minutes in the exhibition game. Michigan’s spokesperson did not have an update on Brown’s status.
  5. little bit of a surprise to me......from what i read, it was between Texas and Nebraska
  6. i stream it through AppleTv 4K version. i also use YouTube TV. as far as pheasant hunting, pretty sad to see so much cover disappear. no lie here........was driving a stretch of hwy 12 a few summers ago. it gave me an idea what a war zone might look like. smoke from burning dry areas every direction you look. it was crazy.
  7. i live in sd and was watching the game------WITH ISSUES same as others posted. bigten+ stinks. not the first time.
  8. man.....i just don't know really what to expect tonight. good point by Cazzie22----DON'T let Creighton jump out to a big lead at any point. just think that spells trouble. perimeter defense key. hopefully huskers don't have a cold night shooting. REBOUND! i'm gonna say huskers by 8.
  9. something to watch..............it's only going to get tougher for her.
  10. tough news for the buckeyes...
  11. could be cause the men play tonight.
  12. have to agree with you....kinda what i was always thinking. not sure why matt thought maine would be the huskers toughest non-con game. granted, he knows WAY more than i do, but, not sure what he was basing his decision on.
  13. yep........sounds like minny stunk it up. except for the Scalia gal. she ended up with 25.
  14. need to see better competition, but, holy moly............the depth is there (and young!!!) appears that Jaz pick-up will be huge. don't have to depend on just haiby getting to the rim.
  15. yes they did..........however, it's a stain for minny, but, wouldn't make too much else out of it. still think minny will be a headache come big ten play.
  16. i do not want to take away anything from what the huskers did to maine.....however, matt was probably wrong on his assessment that maine would be the huskers toughest opponent in the non-con. no doubt maine was overmatched---husker length caused them real problems. and, holy cow.....did minny lose to jacksonville??? that's not good for the big ten.
  17. hmmmm......wonder if she comes back? i believe she is 73. of course, i wasn't sure she would come back when she became ill a couple years ago?
  18. Tuesday:Longwood @ MarylandNorth Carolina Central @ IllinoisMaine @ NebraskaMorehead State @ Michigan StateSt. Peters @ RutgersLong Island @ Penn StateIUPUI @ MIchiganNew Hampshire @ Iowa Wednesday:Bucknell @ Ohio State Indiana @ ButlerSt. Thomas @ Wisconsin Purdue @ Western KentuckyUIC @ Northwestern
  19. Rutger's Stringer to miss season because of COVID-19 concerns... https://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/32586429/rutgers-women-basketball-coach-c-vivian-stringer-miss-season-covid-19-concerns
  20. just a little minny news. was talking to my cousin who lives near minneapolis. he told me there is an interesting article on the Sissoko (6'2" F, former 5 star recruit). appears she is really stepping up her game. and if they get some consistency out of the center Sconiers....winning at Williams will be really tough. side note: the reason i mention minny is because this is one of the teams i feel the huskers will battle with in the standings and a possible NCAA berth.
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