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  1. don't overlook Phelia..........she has potential to be a big scorer for Michigan. i don't expect that "sophomore slump" to hit her.
  2. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-michigan-preview?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email Hillmon, Dilk and Rauch were three of the most important players in reaching Michigan’s current mountain top, but there is more than enough talent for KBA to keep the Wolverines from falling into a slump. A healthy Brown mixed with Kiser, Nolan and Phelia makes for a very solid core that is strong on both sides of the floor, and one that could be able to space out the offense more on the perimeter. That fifth starting spot is an intriguing one, and it could be the decider on if Michigan stays with a similar-ish look (Varejao, Stuck) or shifts to a more guard-heavy style of play (Kampschroeder, Clarke). No matter what, this team can not and will not look the same without Naz Hillmon. She was a force too powerful and too one of a kind to replace, but Michigan has done extremely well in keeping a roster together that can still have similar aspirations. I’m very excited to see what this Wolverines roster looks like. This is for sure an NCAA Tournament roster on paper, and if things go right in development — something Barnes Arico has done about as well as any coach in the country — maybe this team even makes it back into the second weekend. I would have my doubts about that, but KBA has already pulled magic out of a program that was dead and buried for years. Nothing she does at this Michigan program should ever be a surprise anymore.
  3. http://www.hudl.com/v/2HGspy wonder if huskers have shown any interest in this 'junior to be' from iron mountain-buhl in northern minnesota? uhh....she darn near has C. Clark range.
  4. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-women/article/2022-08-05/di-womens-basketball-committee-announces-2023-championship-format "The 2023 championship regional rounds will move to a two-host format, with eight competing teams playing at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, and eight at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle. The committee determined that each site would host two regional semifinal games March 24 and two March 25. In addition, each site will host a regional championship game March 26 and one March 27. The committee also confirmed that the 68 teams participating in the 2023 championship will be announced on Selection Sunday, March 12, as part of the ESPN selection show. The First Four opening-round games of the 2023 championship will take place March 15-16 and will again be conducted on the campuses of teams seeded in the top 16. As it was in 2022, sites will be selected based on bracketing principles and procedures. All sites bidding to host first- and second-round games must agree to host a First Four game, as well. The First Four, first and second rounds, and Selection Sunday will continue to be conducted in this format through 2027, with the committee conducting a preliminary-round format review after the 2025 championship. That review will be inclusive of the First Four, first and second rounds, and regional formats and locations."
  5. Big Ten Media Rights: Frontrunners emerge, ESPN not in the mix, per report Grant Bricker | 10 hours ago Big ten media rights are reportedly not going to have ESPN included in them for the 2022 season. There are 2 broadcast companies that are in the race to join FOX, who has the main broadcast privileges, according to John Ourand of SBJ. The other 2 frontrunners in the race are reportedly NBC and CBS. Ourand believes that agreements could be reached before Aug. 12 or Aug. 15. If the reports are true, FOX will have a new broadcast partner. If CBS gets the deal, it will be broadcasting games during the 3:30 p.m. ET window. However with NBC, the games will be shown during primetime. ESPN’s 1st media rights deal with the B1G was back in 1982. It wouldn’t be all bad for the broadcast giant, as Ourand expects ESPN to go after the Pac-12 or the Big 12 media rights if the deal doesn’t go through.
  6. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-michigan-state-preview?utm_source=email "It’s crazy to think that Michigan State could improve after losing such a talented player like Clouden, but this roster is much deeper than the one last season if it stays healthy. McDaniel has the potential to be the primary scoring option and help fill some of that void, but will need to improve her efficiency if this team wants to reach new heights. I also love bringing in Visscher, who has proven to be a tremendous two-way player. Michigan State likely makes the NCAA Tournament last season if it stayed healthy and together, and I think the same thing is true heading into this year. With the mix of new faces and some expected development from last year’s freshmen stars, the Spartans have a real shot at being a sneakily dangerous team, both in the Big Ten and nationally."
  7. have always wondered about this......but, it is what it is. (re: acl injuries) https://www.yahoo.com/news/john-shipley-ncaa-hyperextended-summer-224100277.html "Now that NCAA student-athletes are paid a stipend and finally allowed to share the profits of the billion dollar industry they drive, it’s easier to accept the fact that being a big-time college athlete is a full time job. And maybe the students like playing basketball virtually all year round. I probably would, especially if there were a 24-hour kitchen available for refueling. And maybe the consistent time with coaches and staff really does make them better players, a desirable situation for athletes who aspire to spending at least some time making real money for playing basketball. Maybe this is counter-productive. Perhaps a breather is in order. There is something to be said for an offseason, too, and not just a year off because you’re recovering from surgery."
  8. the rumor is Olivia Olson has her focus on two teams: Notre Dame and Duke
  9. hard to argue that.....but, look at last season (non-con). things turned out pretty good. at Creighton, at Drake, at Virginia Tech will be tough road games. Nebraska's non-con schedule with last year's final NET score and record: 276 Houston Baptist 13-11 270 Tarleton State 12-13 263 Samford 11-17 249 Omaha 6-19 239 @ Texas A&M CC (in San Juan) 16-10 109 Wyoming 15-13 80 @ Drake 19-14 60 @ Mississippi St (in San Juan) 15-14 37 Kansas 21-10 31 @ Creighton 23-10 9 @ Virginia Tech 23-10
  10. unless she took Caitlin Clark's little speech about why she chose Iowa to heart.
  11. i think that would shock the college basketball world if Huskers pulled that off.
  12. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-purdue-preview?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email "I really like this Purdue roster, and I think it is ready to make the NCAA Tournament this year if it stays healthy. There were some sizable losses to the transfer portal, sure, but they don’t compare to what Purdue returns from last year’s roster, and bringing in a pair of veteran guards that can make large contributions keeps the Boilermakers on the same trajectory. At the least, I expect Purdue to stay at or around the tournament bubble, and I think if a few things go its way, the Boilermakers are dancing next March. What are those things? A bounce-back year for Layden, specifically with her shot. For a player that hit more than 40 percent of her threes as a freshman, this feels more likely than not. Solid contributions from Learn and Williams. This team has a lot of experience that will likely eat a lot of minutes, but the potential that these two bring should not be overlooked, and they could make the difference between a good or a great year for this team. A No. 1 option emerging. Whether that be Ellis, Layden, Harper or someone else, Purdue could benefit from having a go-to player down the stretch of a game. Spreading the offense out is great, but this may be the key to beating more than just the bottom tier of the Big Ten. None of these things feel like long shots to happen, and that’s why I like so much of what Geralds has done here so quickly. Last season, Purdue was a fun story. This season, Purdue should stay fun, but could also get much, much closer to the glory that the program used to be known for."
  13. On 5/7/2022 at 10:18 PM, whoopdeedoo said: no idea how much interest huskers or reese may have...just know she was being followed by chuck love.
  14. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-northwestern-preview?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email "It is hard to know what Northwestern is going to look like this season because of how much its recent identity involved Burton. I know it is McKeown’s system, but it was clear how deeply this team needed its star to show up in order to win games, and now that star is gone. The fact that the Wildcats kept nearly every other member of the team together, though, is huge, and it shows the belief this roster has in itself. If someone can step up to fill the void at point guard, Northwestern could come out of this as good, if not better with a more balanced attack. The defense was not bad by any stretch in 2021-22, but it was not up to par for what Northwestern is expected to be. A bounce back there is necessary, and if the Blizzard is as suffocating as it has been in the past, this team could be right back in the NCAA Tournament. Despite all my optimism, it’s hard to imagine Northwestern being better without Veronica Burton. She was simply too good to think otherwise. Truly, more than maybe any team in the Big Ten, Northwestern is one I have to wait and see. The roster stability is a great sign, but could a transfer have helped bring some energy to the program? Only time will tell."
  15. maybe this husker vb recruit might wanna give bb a try....
  16. i understand Jaz will do what is best for her.........however, really, really hope she returns for senior season.
  17. https://huskers.com/news/2022/7/19/womens-basketball-huskers-to-face-kansas-at-pba.aspx will have a little extra meaning for me as Kansas will have a recruit from south dakota. no, not rooting for Kansas!
  18. The Bruins have become the most recent high major program to enter the recruiting battle for one of the top backcourt players in the Midwest. Coach Cori Close and assistant coach Tony Newman have identified the next class of 2024 prospect UCLA women’s basketball will try to sway to Westwood. The Bruins' staff has offered Elkhorn North High School (NE) point guard Britt Prince a scholarship, she revealed Saturday afternoon on Twitter. UCLA joins Creighton, Nebraska, South Dakota State, Louisville, Iowa State, Omaha, Iowa, North Carolina, Maryland, Oregon, Michigan, Indiana, Kansas State, Kansas, Oklahoma, Marquette, Penn State, NC State, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Harvard, Missouri, Mississippi State, Belmont, DePaul and Florida by becoming the 29th program to reach out to Prince with a scholarship offer.
  19. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-penn-state-preview "This is the first 2022-23 team preview where I could see a true, genuine path to the Field of 68 in March. I’m certainly not projecting that, but if the defense gets to at least mediocre, the offense improves from already very good to one of the best in the country and Marisa stays the star she was last year, getting over .500 and more is absolutely on the table."
  20. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-wisconsin-preview "I’m not quite ready to call Wisconsin a breakout candidate this season, but the program is showing true, genuine promise. If this roster can fit the defense-first, slow-paced attack that Moseley wants, there’s enough of a mix of raw talent and proven experience to have actual hope in what this team is doing, both for the present and future."
  21. Wisconsin 1st to announce: Here are their opponents with final NET ranking and last season's record. Wisconsin's final net was 205 with a 8-21 record. 315 St. Thomas 6-21 269 Bradley 3-23 226 Valparaiso 11-19 208 North Florida 10-17 191 @ Milwaukee 14-16 125 @ Illinois State 18-14 120 @ UWGB 19-18 91 VCU @ V.I. 16-12 81 Seton Hall @ V.I. 24-13 55 Florida State 17-14 39 Kansas State @ Milwaukee 10-17 29 Georgia @ V.I. 21-10
  22. unfortunately, some people just don't give a rip. how sad. you would think after all the years of preaching......
  23. one of minny's incoming star recruits, Nia Holloway, suffers season ending knee injury https://gophersports.com/news/2022/7/12/womens-basketball-holloway-suffers-season-ending-knee-injury.aspx i thought her and Mara Braun(sp?) had/have the potential to make the biggest contribution as freshman. in tragic news, iowa's recruit Ava Jones was involved in a terrible accident. her father was killed, Ava and her mother are in critical but stable condition. i believe the car jumped the curb and ran into them. i think her brother, who was also there, was released. not positive though.
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