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  1. Sounds like Issie is off a bit tonight in her early game, but who can tell when you can't see anything. Also sounds as though we're picking up the pace offensively.
  2. So what radio station can we listen to the game? FOUND IT https://huskers.com/watch/?Live=1723&type=Archive
  3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! everyone. Hope you all have a great day, We're doing the traditional turkey and dressing thing this year. Will add on a pound or two probably. Best wishes to you and your families.
  4. Not a scheme very helpful for basketball. Will miss about half the BBall season. (and practices) But we'll take what we can get I suppose. Will it be difficult to keep up with the basketball curve, missing so much from team operations? To be seen just how much she can contribute to either sport. NU Volleyball especially, as a true freshman. Just hope she's a good as advertised...in either sport. No 2 nationally in volleyball, and No 32 in basketball (4 star) She could well make history ...hope so in basketball. 6-5 is gold in women's BBall (volleyball has enough good players anyway :) Found some video She's no 44, her part starts about 1:45 and later. Size of Kate, but the moves of a very good power forward. Wow
  5. Pretty early to know her scheme on playing time, practice's, team's, etc etc Undoubtedly there's been discussions with the coaches, but she does want to be an olympian. I just hope she play a full BBall schedule. A huge presence in the paint can be a difference maker.
  6. You have to love this one. Typical of last night.
  7. Made my week. Beat Creighton. Creighton kind of showed their true colors. Real bad losers. Cheap shot after cheap shot. A reflection of their coach I guess maybe. They didn't get called for all the fouls they committed. The one where Foley was pulled to the floor nd hit her head...completely missed by ref. Did the one Creighton girl get thrown out ? She kicked Moriarity in the head when she was one the floor scrambling for loose ball. (double foul was called I think) Our perimeter defense pretty much won it for us. But nice hard fought play for all the Huskers. All the freshmen were big tonight. Jaz didn't have her best game, but Creighton was keying on her and Markowski. (Creighton was triple teaming anyone inside) Only issue was the poor scheme with about 3 min to play.....should have gone into a slow down, stall game and run out the time. We kept driving and quick shooting when we should have taken it outside and run out the clock. WE BEAT CREIGHTON !!! YEA !!!
  8. Creighton is really well coached. They will be prepared. And they will give every effort to start fast. They do it every year. And it's worked for them. My guesstimate: Three keys.....one will be our perimeter defense... just don't think they can beat us inside....have a feeling they know that, so will work on perimeter passing to find open people for 3 shots. We defend the three well and it might be tough for them. They will try to back door us, and pick and roll, drive to basket. The second is Jaz, and our team out running their defense. Wearing them out...we're deeper than they are. Three....rebounding and dominating the boards. So we'll see how it plays out. Want to beat them...plain and simple
  9. After three games.... The biggest thing I see this year.....Shooting percentage is much better as a team this year..about 50%. Issie is shooting at almost 70% ! Issie has really come into her own, and is extremely effective. We're getting inside with the ball more aggressively. By several people this year. Defense is much improved, although we seem to forget to keep up the defensive pace as the game goes on. All the subbing makes it hard to keep up the continuity. We play a lot faster, and do it well. Jaz and Weidner keep us moving. Moriarity is coming along real well, good all around player... mobile and active, gets to the basket. Of course .....the freshmen over all are contributing a lot, more than might have expected this early. Jaz has really made an positive impact... a big impact. I knew she would be good, but she's a machine.
  10. Yes, and they're doing it on their own. That's the way they want to play ...Jaz does the same kind of things. They make things happen. Been somewhat missing from our scheme. It's not an accident we're scoring so much now. The ones that can do it deserves to play a lot. Sure it may not be so easy as teams we play are better quality, but it will be hard for defenses to stop our fast transitions, no matter who it is. Much easier to defend teams that only play half court offense. Pretty clear the newbies have brought a faster game pace to us, and we have the kids to make it work. Like HUD says...lots more fun to watch. Pretty sure it's more fun to play too.
  11. The new freshmen are very simply awesome. Weidner just adds so much to the team. Love her game...and she looked better than the first game. Look at her stats for the game. Very very effective. Ditto for Markowski. More relaxed and just playing the game. She gets down the floor on fast breaks. Coley had good game too, as well as Moriarty Jaz for president ! Over 100 pts in two games ...already...... wow wow wow
  12. 49 points in 1st half, that was a bit sloppy at times, but it's hard to complain. Our 3 percentage has to be pretty high...40%+ Shelly is going to be killer all year. Issie is improved and totally in control of her game. They're real combo and effective duo. Prairie View has woken up a bit. Quick at times, but not real skilled overall. Much different play scheme than Maine. Good to see different schemes from the other teams early on.
  13. Watched the game....Sloppy and undisciplined. Some really skilled players, but ugly performance. Street ball instead of a B!G team. New team, lots of new players. Have a long way to go. Hope Coach can right the ship.
  14. Callin Hake is an athlete, Played several sports in HS. Will probably be a SG. Top 100 player according to several sites...rated about 65-.70 or so. From MInn .....perimeter shooter https://www.ncsasports.org/womens-basketball-recruiting/minnesota/chanhassen/chanhassen-high-school1/callin-hake1 VIDEOS https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/callin-hake/TmSHSdPDEeeT-Oz0u-e-FA/videos.htm?videoid=64e8d13f-1f1e-4001-b59d-7e207cb0bfec
  15. One last thing..... Maybe, just maybe, not sure if it was on purpose, or simply where the natural skills of this team lies.... the makeup of the team. Might make us much less reliant on the 3. As has been noted several times we had 60 points in the paint. Only shot the 3 about 15-16 threes, just didn't need to rely on them. Granted our size compared to Maine was a large part of it inside....but Sam, Shelly, Weidner, Issie, etc. were penetrating to the basket at will and sure makes it tough for defenses to have to cover both in close and the perimeter. If we continue to use penetration a lot will be a nice dimension we haven't had so much...will make a difference if we continue down that road. We'll be harder to defend.
  16. Impressive start to the season. So the question is...are we that good, or was Maine just not up to game speed yet, and we stunned them out of the gate, and they couldn't recover. Anyway, our freshmen may be our best freshman group under Coach Amy's reign. Overall our guard group has enormous potential. Very deep at the position(s) Weidner is another dimension we've been missing. Wow We're a lot stronger in the paint than I thought we might be. Bella and Issie have gone up a notch, in their presence, and Annika is a lot more efficient inside. She had a nice game. Markowski will make her self known more. Needs to play a few games and just do what she can do ...... pushing too hard to do well, to soon. Got to love the hunger though. Want to see more games, and be ready for Creighton.
  17. Yes, Coley doesn't look fully comfortable yet. Still a freshman, but with obvious talent.....give her another year and she may well do a lot of things like Nicea.
  18. Our experience shows. The starters look very business like. Shooting is very good. Defense is good too, not perfect, but good. Nice start for the game, no doubt. Izzie and Bella look so much more comfortable, have improved since last year. Shelly is a great add to the team. She plays with confidence, and it seems to be rubbing off on the others. Markowski is in early along with Weidner...they'll get lots of minutes this year. Look a little nervous the first time out. Weidner's new name..."coast to coast"
  19. Also, BTN + seems to start up better if you don't wait until game time to connect. IE I usually sign in and connect a least 10 - 15 min before game time. (Just leave it on until the game starts) Could be there's too many trying to get on line at the same time. (there's other games playing at the same time to besides NU.)
  20. Been watching BTN+ for at least a couple of years previous to the new season. Have missed very few of the women's games. Usually watch game replays there too if I have time. Worth the cost. And turn on BTN cable TV on the big screen, and watch BBlall there too, when the women are on....also the men's games....volleyball, etc. Can OD on the Huskers. Nice diversion when it turns to the cold of winter.
  21. Shelly is the real deal. Does it all...guess that's what is nice about her. Has team leader characteristics...huge BBall IQ. Agile, active, and she can shoot. Weidner should see lots of minutes early. She a demon (in a good way !) on the floor. A disruptor. That play where she came in from behind the shot, to rebound over the top of everyone, was my kind of player. Absolute hustle. End to end drive to the basket....just adds another dimension to your team. Agree with Red Don.....cut out then endless 3's. Too many were shooting them...their shooting skills lay elsewhere. Fun to do in play around in practice, but just can't happen in games. Pretty sure the MIdlands game was just o get us going, everyone play, get to actually play a game. But....Need to come up with some semblance of order in the lineup. Got tons of talent. Won't be easy, but had all summer to evaluate skill levels. The Maine game is here, must adjust to the real world quickly. The new kids on the block are great additions to the team, will be the back bone for several years to come. Have instantly taken us up a level. Enough talk....could write ton's of stuff ......Really like this team.
  22. A bit wild and sloppy, but the newbies are all doing OK for the first time on the court. Too much 3 shooting, but hey, it's a scrimmage/game. Markowski is rock solid money around the basket ! Better than we've had for a long time. Excellent body and ball control. Moriarlity (sp) has been some showing good minutes. Moves well offensively and defense. Just needs to play more. I like the scrappy defense we've been missing too long. Weidner will be good. Like her stuff.
  23. Yes, and have it cast to my wide screen TV...almost like being there :)
  24. This obviously will be an opener to help let off some pent up steam. Get on the floor and go. Midland has a couple of Shepard sisters on their team (yes, that Shepard) Wil be very interesting and fun to watch. We'll finally find out bits and pieces of what this team may eventually look like. Got big expectations. As has been said a dozen times, this may/should be Coach Amy's team. Must get our feet on the ground quickly. The Maine game next week will be much tougher opponent. They're a largely international squad with lots of experience. They will be tough.
  25. To not have anyone on the preseason teams sucks ! Same as being shut out the preseason top 25 teams, with no votes at all. We get no respect, as Rodney D. would say.. We'll just have to prove them wrong ! Over 20 win season will show some juice. If we play our cards right it's a real possibility. Have talent to do it.
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