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  1. Bold move ! I'm hoping too...but won't bet the farm on it just yet :)
  2. Unfortunately, we probably won't have Maggie during that "pre season" time frame. We could certainly use her talents, and also give her some college, and pre B1G experience, but probably won't happen...like has been said ..it is what it is. ..........Plus just can't wait to see her in action. Season's still about 3 months away, so will have to watch some volleyball and football. Which may be real interesting too. Lots of good stuff on the horizon.
  3. OTHER NEBRASKA COMMITS ON THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM..... U.S. setter Bergen Reilly was named MVP and Best Setter. Outside hitter Harper Murray was named Best Spiker
  4. Great stuff ! Walker has always seemed like a nice guy. This kind of proves it. The kids were having fun. Just as it should be.
  5. They're both pretty focused kids, so yeah, don't see a slump coming out of those two... home grown Nebraska kids. As always optimistic, This next team is going to be deep and talented. Only one senior this year, but an experienced squad regardless. Nothing but upside in the future..
  6. So sorry to hear. Tragic loss for Ava and family. Hope they can cope well and recover as best is possible. Very sad... and yes, tragic. Holloway was expected to be a factor for Minn. Another sad deal.
  7. USC and UCLA women's basketball From a brief look at them both, and mostly just guess's at this point.... When they come in to the B1G.....both of their current BBall women's team's...they probably may not be in the top half of the B1G. They haven't shown it in the NCAA's anyway. The Pac 12 won't miss them (women's BBall) probably, when their gone. USC has struggled somewhat to be competitive, and had issues keeping good recruits. UCLA has had nice recruiting, but hasn't materialized into a powerhouse so far. The biggest issue for the two LA teams may be the amount of travel that will be required in the Big Ten will be extreme. The nearest Big Ten school is us. Lincoln lies just shy of 1,500 miles from LA. They would have to travel extensively and exhaustively. Could be an issue in them keeping players. Maybe the B1G wanting them both is for the men's basketball, and football interest and revenues. All the other USC and UCLA men's and women's teams are along for the ride so to speak. Doubt that teams (any league or independents) moving to other leagues has stopped...or will even slow. Personally speaking, will be real interesting to watch them in our arena, as well as how they do in the B1G.
  8. Geeze... thought my neighborhood was going to get blown off the map last night. Lots of happy 4th (3rd) revelers apparently :) Anyway happy 4th !! It's a big day in our history.
  9. Yes, did it numerous times. Columbia and Norman too. Those were fun days. All were great places to go, great people....except the Boulder drunk students :) (remember the day that the entire student section was thrown out of the football game by police )
  10. Have my fingers crossed !
  11. Did a quick search.... Potts, as was mentioned, is the #1 prospect in Mo. Her school Incarnate Word Academy (St Louis) last season, was undefeated at 29-0. (5th straight title) ...and by MAXPREPS....the team was #10 in the national rankings for HS girls teams. Comes from a wining program....This girl know how to win. (Will bring that mentality with her) 2023 recruiting class is developing real nicely.
  12. WOW ! Potts is the top player in Mo., by several web sites. A power forward we need. From OWH Nebraska women's basketball landed a commitment from a former Missouri Gatorade player of the year on Friday. Incarnate Word Academy (Mo.) power forward Natalie Potts announced her commitment to the Huskers on Twitter. "Cant (sic) wait to start my next journey as a Cornhusker," Potts wrote on Twitter. In addition to being the 2020-21 Missouri Gatorade player of the year, Potts also was the MaxPreps Missouri player of the year and Prep Girls Hoops Missouri co-player of the year for the 2020-21 season. She averaged 19.3 points and 8.6 rebounds during the 2021-22 season at Incarnate Word, which won its fifth straight state title. The 6-foot-2, 2023 prospect chose NU over offers from Creighton, Michigan, Illinois Kansas State and more.
  13. Agree with HUD Maggie isn't a "typical" freshman. She's already had international experience like Issie and Jaz did before coming here. Was the #32 basketball recruit nationally as a 6-5 center. She played for both USA Basketball and USA Volleyball teams at international tournaments in Mexico this last summer and fall, winning a gold medal with basketball at the U16 Americas Championship and a bronze medal at the FIVB U18 World Championship. Like I said when she committed.....she will be huge for this program.
  14. STUFF https://huskers.com/news/2022/6/6/womens-basketball-keller-joins-huskers-as-assistant.aspx Apparently coach Keller worked for Coach Amy' s sister, previously Coach Emilee (Gusso) Thiesse, the sister of Nebraska Head Coach Amy (Gusso) Williams. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/nu-womens-hoops-adds-assistant-coach-jessica-keller/article_10c90a64-6ab0-59cc-a4c0-c9c9eec87886.html Looks to be a real good hire.
  15. Last year pretty sure the volleyball practice started in early August, so at least she'll be on the BBall court for a couple of months. That's way better than not practicing with the BBall team until about Jan. (after NCAA volleyball tourney) Really would love to be a BBall bug on the wall and see the "new" team at work. It's going to be a lot of new faces.....and improved faces from last season. Last years freshman should make an even bigger presence than last season. Just an overall updated team. Way to early...... but we just about have to be in a better place.
  16. Agree....that's how she may have seen it too. And the possibility of another big coming in (Mendelson) may be a factor. So the search may be on for another big...or a 4??? This revolving door never stops.
  17. Yes, so with Mendelson, we're at 14. So one more could be taken. Popa is kind of the wild card so to speak. Simply haven't seen her play enough to know what we might expect. If she holds her own inside...will fill in a lot to the overall picture. Mendelson just might be the key. Don't want to get the expectations to high, but she may be the real deal we've needed. But our bench will be strong and deep next season. Maybe one the strongest we've had in years. Guard heavy for sure. This is going to be good.
  18. I think _not positive).....the "roster" is the active 15. Non playing scholarships don't count on the "active" roster. Example a permanent retirement due to injuries, but still keeps scholarship. ..Taylor Kissenger
  19. I think we're back to the 15 limit on the roster...after all the gyrations of the COVID fiasco. ....So we could add 1 supposedly. With Mendelson we're at 14. I've forgotten how Mendelson's scholarship deal works out....volleyball vs basketball. Or for which team she holds a scholarship.
  20. That's for her to decide ....what she'll do next. UNL has offered to do the right thing and honor the scholarship. She could possibly find another school and scholarship. Pretty sure she has/will explore options in her best interests. Good luck to her no matter what she does.
  21. Like I posted in another thread...... Just glad it's time to move on, for the players, fans....everyone.
  22. Just glad we're moving on. For the team, fans, and everyone.
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