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  1. probably 3 top 50 rpi and 6 top 100 rpi teams. This is a sound schedule. A couple teams to let us try rotations along with a sound tune up teams and some rpi help to help push tourney seatings.
  2. keep an eye on what Britt Prince. If I were her I would be thinking Britt and I can make the best back court in the country. Anyway just a thought.
  3. USC and UCLA kind of interesting. If I was robbing the "pack 12", I think I'd of shot for Stanford and Oregon. As Stanford would make the big 10 the dominant women's conference by like not even close VB, BBall etc. etc. . Oregon would create relevancy in track and baseball on the men's side. That being said California recruiting should be wide open now. Hint: time to dive into that pool of talent.
  4. a year ago i'd said we had no shot a her. at this point call me crazy, but i think there is a good shot. reason: -Mendelson, Markowski pretty good options to throw into. -cutting our teeth with the likes of Weidner and Krull -gets to go under Jaz's wing, who cut her teeth under Ionescu's wing. if you want to be the best, learn from the best. 4 primary interests: PT: check Have fun: check Win: check Academic success: check Add on a chance to be the transformative player that takes a program to the might be worth while Finally chance to be the face of the women's program, which a year ago I'd of thought impossible with the success of volleyball. Remove Stivrins and Jaz is possibly the next most prominent face in women's sports in Lincoln what a difference a year makes. we went from pretty bare to checking many boxes
  5. did not know about out door track FOY, thank you HUD
  6. OMG the complaining. We do not require a super star. Give me 5-10ppg, 5-10rpg and enough athleticism to set a quick pick and cut off the lane for dribble penetration. That would make me happy.
  7. I'm a really interested in how she fits. She came out of high school rated higher than Iowa States Emily Ryan, so the talent is there. My then question is, who is the third starter, her or Allison Weidner? I can almost promise Sam and Jaz will both start.
  8. sounds like a good problem to have. Dillard and Brady are guards also by my count that would make, should either discover good health.
  9. with all the concussion issues we and she has to be ultra careful.
  10. I am hoping for good health and a chance to see N. Dillard. I have since given up on T. Brady having any kind of impact on the court.
  11. Sam played well. The rest of the team. Most middle school teams play better. They'd at least try.
  12. Wow we look like we came off a four day bender
  13. She looks like pretty decent fit for what we do offensively.
  14. This is true and untrue. Development really is on the players. Grab skill set, drill skill set work it in pick ups. Besides strength an conditioning coaches have very little contact off season. During the season it's game planning, getting in game shape while staying healthy and getting mind right for travel and grind. Problems in past -Too much emphasis on bigs shooting 3's. Poor performance on Orebs, poor help def. on drives and poor lane clear for drive. - Also I think development in the past is too player driven and not coach driven. - Player malaise Why I think we'll be better. - We have players that demand to win. Markowski, Shelly, Bourne, Weidner etc..... Iowa showed us in the tourney how poor our help side D truly is. - Coach Williams is showing signs balancing coach driven vs. player driven program
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