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  1. caveman

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    Our starters looked slow and disinterested. Long story short we got out hustled big time. The defense looked to be nonexistent at times and out position at times. Based off the two games I've seen Miss Haiby and Miss Verbeek would be my starters. Enough of the negative from me. On the positive side, we really do have nice pieces. Time to put the puzzle together. Love the freshmen I think they all brings some nice skill sets and athleticism to the table. Miss Brown may be the most versatile offensive player on the team ( can score inside, outside and i feel she is most effective in the mid range.)
  2. 86.4 points a game, seems to me the offense is sound enough. Blubber needs to figure out that it's ok to play defense. If that happens they can become a serious contender, since they have probably one of the top five players in the country.
  3. caveman

    BIG 10 Satndings.

    Actually rpi is very fluid as basically tracking the teams you have played ergo if they win you win. Also other teams you have not played are going up and down. As near as I can tell if we win 4 of the next 5 we should between 42 and 47. Should be inside the bubble since your last ten games carry more weight to the committee. Winning out should land us 37 to 41 and definitely in. Basically I see us needing some work done in the Big10 tournament. To feel safe and sound.
  4. caveman

    Maryland pregame chatter

    They attack the offensive glass like no other in the big 10. Biggest key get a body on them when their shot goes up. No other way to say it we need to shoot 45% or better and having a player or two hot behind the arc would help.
  5. caveman

    Would you rather

    Michigan. If we beat Iowa I'd have to hear from the excuse machine that is Bluto. I just have no stomach for her.
  6. caveman

    Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread

    I am really disturbed that we are the only team without one conference game on the btn. For goodness sakes don't they look at the fan base.
  7. caveman

    Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread

    I did not see that coming. Wow. Thanks team, I just really can not stomach coach Bluder.
  8. caveman

    The Dance

    5 wins in the next eight and this is important, absolutely can not afford loss to either wisky or illinois.
  9. caveman

    Purdue vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    The thing that stands out to me is this is the first conf. win that we won in all phases. Boards, pts off TO's, fast break, shooting percentage, pts. in the paint we won all phases. Watch out B1G here we come.
  10. caveman

    Purdue vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    That's actually a disappointing number to me. I thought we were going to be around 5K.
  11. caveman

    Purdue vs Nebraska pregame chatter...

    I haven't seen Purdue play once this season, so this should be interesting. So I have no insight into what the focus should be. I expect a good game GBR.
  12. caveman

    Charlie Creme bracketology...

    Sorry my bad. Just a bit behind the times.
  13. caveman

    Charlie Creme bracketology...

    Several mentions of the Iowa loss what Iowa loss. Also we only play Rutgers once and that is done. I think we are crossing men and women's teams circuits a bit. Let's just worry about the next 2. If we beat Purdue at home and Iowa away we are going to be set up really well. We should win 5 of the last 7.
  14. caveman

    Nebraska vs. Rutgers Game Thread

    Satisfying just satisfying.
  15. caveman

    Nebraska vs. Rutgers Game Thread

    We're up 5 at the half, that's better than I expected. Surprised Kate is finding room to operate. We do need someone to heat up outside. Most importantly we seem to be cleaning up the glass pretty well defensively.