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  1. caveman

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    4th point: we never really get out hustled in the 4th period. We seem to not understand playing 4 quarters. We'll get you later seems to be the mentality in the first 3. What's worse is that starters play with too scared to make a mistake syndrome, or rather not playing to win, but playing not to lose. 1st point: I heard 3 years of the same with Haliegh Sample. That being said I like Verbeek as well. To me she's got too much fight to keep her out of post scrum.
  2. caveman

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    I really have a hard time believing that our 6'5" starting center had 0 rebounds. The winning stat line 2pts, 6 reb, 4 asst. and 6 steals. Nicea comes up big with the hustle numbers. Sam 16pts. all attacking vertically including the two that iced the game. Great job Sam. Taylor 3 of 5 for 9pts. including the game tying 3. Leads the nation in 3pt shooting pct. we really need her shooting more. Anyway my random thoughts on the game.
  3. caveman


    Freshmen 34 and starters 22. Actually it was much worse than that. Taylor scored 11, so 4 starters minus her scored 11 points. By my count that's 2.25 per head. Something is very off with Hannah. On the year she's shooting 31 percent. Assist to turnover ratio is less than 2 to 1. I know she's better than that. Right now I'd start Brown, Haiby, Mershon, Eililey and Kissinger. We'd be small, but we'd have 3 shooting above 40 percent behind the arc. Sam can get to the rim and get the defense to collapse. Mershon is the best we have at boxing out. So I agree with most of what Longtimefan said. Even though Nicea starts out tentative on offense she is too valuable on defense to not start.
  4. caveman

    Scouting Maryland

    Help on the dribble penetration was waaayyy tooooo sllooowww. Thus the guards playing undisciplined, left open shooters. Long story short we burned inside, outside and lets be honest Miss Charles was going to burn us on the mid regardless, she is that good on the pull up.
  5. caveman

    Scouting Iowa

    I am not sure anyone could sing me a happier tune than the one you just sang
  6. caveman

    Scouting Iowa

    They play 8 consistently though 1 of the only plays around 7 minutes.
  7. caveman

    Scouting Iowa

    As always Iowa is an offensive juggernaut and as always no respect for defensive play. We can get them, but I still think we are not quite seasoned enough to beat Gustafson and co. If stick together and keep learning/ playing roles we will be real tuff by seasons end. I think we only have a chance if Hannah shakes out of her funk and starts being Hannah. In the mean time I could not be more pleased with how Nicea has stepped up.
  8. caveman

    Big Ten season...

    right now I see the big red winning 7 or 8 games. We could win more if we find some type of offensive identity and we raise the energy level on defense. How do we have a 55% shooter from 3 and we're only getting 4 looks a game. Sam great at finishing at the rim, but can she dish. Our post has a nice falling away shot, but does not seem to want to attack the rim. Off the bench our other post attacks the rim but does make some freshman mistakes. Seriously we have great pieces no identity on offense, which is why we start great and lose games second and third qtr. . We get off game plan and go to individual habits. 4th we battle back and fall short. Critical plays at critical times who is going to make them. Defensively our effort depends on offensive successes. We do not increase efforts when the ball is not falling. We should build identity on the defensive side first, the ball will eventually fall
  9. caveman

    Scouting Arkansas (7-3)

    This is the second game in a row our starting point guard's turnovers and assists are equal. Hannah was 6 asst. 6 to's last week and 3 asst. 3 to's this week. This week she did have 11 pts. where as last week she only had two. This is unacceptable for a three year starting point guard. I am still befuddled with what's going on with her. Last year she played sooo great and this year she pedestrian at best. Wonder if the early injury was worse than we are letting on.
  10. caveman

    San Jose State Game Thread

    save for a few really errant and ill advised passes, great effort. game ball to Verbeek who by the way kept us in good shape early. it pleases me that every player contributed, but the thing that most pleases me is Kate getting back on track.
  11. caveman

    San Jose State Game Thread

    OMG 7 boars in 6 minutes seriously loving Verbeek right now
  12. caveman

    San Jose State Game Thread

    would really like to see our starters get it together this time. last game we were pulling away with Taylor and the 4 freshmen and kept pulling away with Nicea and the 4. we put our starters back in and KU pulled within 2. we put 3 freshmen back in and won by 6. this will some up the whole story freshmen (+9,+9,+15,+4) starters (-9,-9,-2,-1,8) in terms of hustle that would be 37 to negative 13 some observations: Hannah looks to be pressing too much and playing too little. she needs to just relax and play. Kate is playing like she's hurt. shots going away from the basket rather than towards the basket. twice she set picks and bailed, when the defender got close to contact. that suggests soreness to me. i have seen both of them play much, much better
  13. caveman


    Offensive output woes do not really bother me. Creighton hanging 74 is scary. 3 starters down, they should be lucky to hang 40. Our team defense is sad. Also the energy really problematic. We need to match the other teams energy level. Right now they'd struggle matching that of a morgue. Also this team needs some serious conditioning. At least enough to play a minute out of 10 hard.
  14. caveman

    2019 Signes

    Would like see us bring a transfer preferably junior to make junior class a class of three. A post would be preferable. Then would like us to have a class of four next year. Really excited to see the new crop of talent especially Miss Bourne.
  15. caveman

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    Our starters looked slow and disinterested. Long story short we got out hustled big time. The defense looked to be nonexistent at times and out position at times. Based off the two games I've seen Miss Haiby and Miss Verbeek would be my starters. Enough of the negative from me. On the positive side, we really do have nice pieces. Time to put the puzzle together. Love the freshmen I think they all brings some nice skill sets and athleticism to the table. Miss Brown may be the most versatile offensive player on the team ( can score inside, outside and i feel she is most effective in the mid range.)