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  1. I think he's right on the money. I think we should be much improved, buuut Iowa, Indiana, Maryland and Michigan should be legit top 10 teams. That in mind we should be the toughest conference in the country. Long story short rpi not going to be and issue. Getting over .500 may be. I concur with both Charlie and Redsteve on this one.
  2. since we have not had a true point since Theriot, I am going to say the other Nebraskan is probably as important if not more important. I do agree with everyone who thinks the award was well deserved. Congrats Alexis!!!!!
  3. This is going to be an interesting match up. They probably have a bit better athleticism, which has created problems in the past. That being said we are the better shooting team and they are prone to turnovers, which by the way is where I think this game will be won or lost. The team with more points off of turnovers really should win this one.
  4. The 24.5 was just the 2 tourney games. 18 and 31pt scoring efforts
  5. side note Miss Weidner is averaging 24.5 pts. and has her team in the finals also.
  6. WNIT bound stupid auto-correct
  7. We beat the ranked ones, but took too many bad losses. Creighton losing record, Minnesota losing record, Penn state losing record, you just can't afford that many bad losses or as we used to call them rpi busts. I'm thinking we wait bound.
  8. The way the teams match up, I think Issie is pretty key. If Issie doesn't play, it will be a 2 to 3 possession nail biter. If she does, I think we win pretty easily. Reason being she is pretty dynamic in terms of ability to score, which will force people on and off of the blocks. Forcing them on the blocks free's up our shooters. Forcing them off gives Sam much more lane to operate, both as driver and a passer. The other key will be if Miss Scoggins breaks out of her two game shooting slump. She is a much better shooter than her 0-9 in the last 2 games. Finally I think Mi'Cole
  9. agreed, she actually found her playing nitch in my opinion. why would you want to quit, when things are finally working the right wat for you
  10. I had two take aways from the game. 1) I think we got up by double digits in the first quarter and took them too lightly in Q2 Over confidence can kill. 2) regarding the poor shooting Q4. Tired legs lend to poor shooting. Tired legs need to win at the rim or on the line.
  11. Q: I can't find Kendall on the roster. Is she on the team.
  12. After the Creighton game, I was ready to call quits for the season and reinforced by the IU game. Man was I wrong. Happily wearing egg on the face. Difference.....they are playing great TEAM defense right now. GBR!!!!
  13. Player development: Kids have no idea of the importance of spreading the floor, clearing the lane, boxing out, making good passes etc etc etc. They are not conditioned to play a full game. They are not taught to play through contact. Very important in P5 conference play. They do not improve athleticism Outside Sam attacking glass better both offensively and defensively, I cannot find one definenant example where individual player skills have definitely improved. TKiss, Cain top 20 class Haiby's class top 20 Q: do you think Beck or York would do
  14. We shot 42% and they shot 40%. So how did we get spanked so bad. Really simple 16 off/rb to 7 8 TO's to 13 8 steals to 4 Teams that rebound and defend get more shots. In this case 19 more shots. New year same story. Coaches have 0 respect for defending and boarding. Said it last game and doubling down this one. Watch all the film you want we don't box out, we don't switch effectively and we deliver help side very weakly. By the way those things are coachable. Also conditioning is also pretty questionable.
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