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  1. I like the makeup of next years team. back court: Miss Cayton and Miss Haiby assuming Miss Cayton is healthy. Miss Helms and Miss Brady off the bench. ability to drive improved ability to defend ( due to increase in athleticism should be improved) ability to dish should be improved just based on increased ability to drive and in truth Both Helms and Cayton will be more natural fits at PG 3 Miss Kissinger and Miss Porter (platoon?) ability to shoot should be improved ability to dish ( should be improved due to shooting improvement, which necessarily stretches floor) ability to defend (likely takes a step back. Going to be a bit tough replacing Nicea's length and athleticism) ability to get to the rim ( likely takes a step back, Miss Brown's athleticism not easily replaced) front court Miss Cain and Miss Bourne should improve across the board. I'd like to see Kate develope skills going to the basket rather than falling away. To the basket creates more fouls, higher shooting percentage and better rebounding position. I felt Miss Bourne was to timid last year. I'd really like to see her exert her will. I really think she could and should be a force. Wild card who will step up to spell them with quality minutes? Over all we should be improved. Anyway a few random thoughts, how do you guys see next year shaping up?
  2. I don't think it's one or the other per se. Thing is when changes need to be made you are either on board or not. I find it interesting to note that all that left were from the same class. Miss Mershon had her role deminished when Miss Bourne on board. That's normal attrition I get it. Miss Verbeeck second half of conference season still not sure what she was doing. Hang out at the 3pt. line and give well frankly little effort inside. I'm going to say she was not on board with what her role needed to be. As for Miss Brown she probably felt her game fit better with Michigan verses the role, which by the way needs to happen, dish to the "bigs" or kick it back out to the shooters. I don't really know, but I do think treated correctly this can be positive for both her and the Big Red.
  3. not too sure this isn't a good move for all and just bear with me a bit. we can easily make up the talent lost if we play as a team. i got sick of 5 individuals playing for themselves last year. rebounding by mad scramble and NO ONE boxing out for teammates. 1 on 1 defense and no helping out. wild shots no dishing on drives. 6 or 7 individual game plans on offense no real team work. this season was just painful to watch ( might have been the most painful cause we had despite comments from others about recruiting. this team was easily talented enough to win 20+). if Porter lives up to the billing by some, our team can be much much better. Cayton, Haiby, Kissinger, Porter, Bourne and Cain if all can stay healthy that's a pretty strong top 6.
  4. I do not understand the angst with the talent on the team. Her are some fun filled facts. Riley Casio Jensen told she would not be talented enough to play on our team going forward. Somehow she is the starting point guard on a team that is better than ours. Monica Arens, Nebraska girl, not talented enough to merit a look from us. She's a starting guard on a team much much better than ours. We have enough talent to win. We lack coaching, conditioning and player development. Not sure that the 2017-18 coach of the year shouldn't have gone to Miss Emily.
  5. I do believe that it takes 5 years to insert a program. That being said Amy's seat is probably getting hot and it really should be getting hot. With the facilities that they have and support they have, a top 5-10 program in the country should be the expectation. With the current direction I do not see that happening... Let's honest there are some real disturbing trends that the current staff have to over come. 1) player development seemingly little 2) conditioning pretty weak to be honest 3) basic skills not enforced ie boxing out, attacking the glass, sound passing etc.( there is bench space available for people not doing those things) 4) offensive ball movement glacial pace ( can anyone explain to me why our bigs are play more on the perimeter than down low. How do we play inside out or for that matter outside in) 5) defense and defensive pressure pedestrian That's a lot of wood to chop to get it over the top by year 5
  6. Our starting bigs have not played since the Rutgers game, so right now. Statistically they have average 4pts and 4rbs a game since the Rutgers game. The bench is usually an effective tool and probably past time to use it.
  7. getting out shot 48 to 36 and only down by 3. We could try rebounding and see if it helps.
  8. We really do need to get our front court involved in games some how. statistically over the last four games for our starting front court meaning Kate and Ashton we average 4.8 pts. 4.5 rb. and we get to the line .6 times a game. Stats do not tell the full story. That being said, they don't lie and those numbers are unexceptable especially when you have the size advantage. The .6 times to the line is most troubling to me, it tells me were not taking the fight to or rather attacking the opponent on the offensive end. Anyway if we get our front court involved, we should win pretty easily.
  9. Well about we down 13 and we were playing an energy level that closely resembled morgue. Coach called a TO was very animated and they came out of the TO nails. The morale of the story.... A well placed ass chewing still works wonders. Nice job coaches and nice win ladies keep it up
  10. Tough call. What was worse our play in the first half or the officiating. Anyway very painful half of basketball to watch.
  11. Starting bigs 22 min. 2 boards 32 min. 0 points That is a unacceptable inside game production wise. Couple that with the turnovers and it's pretty tough to win on the road. Best dial up the physicality in practice.
  12. Too many TO's and our bigs let the Rutgers physicality intimidate them. 17 TOs way too big of a number and our starting bigs did not see the charity stripe once. That being said, save the last 30sec of the 2nd and the entire third quarter, we played as well as I could have hoped for.
  13. Too many turnovers and we really need to get Miss Cain contributing. Love what we are doing on the boards.
  14. You're quite correct. Hopefully it's spring board for the next 4 which will be our most important 4 game stretch. 4 rpi top 50's 3 of which will be teams we play only once. In other words, if were dancing it'll ne playing for seating.
  15. In truth I hope so the board is mostly supportive. Anything game related is fair game, if criticism constructive it's usually appreciated. Really back a few decades when I competed, the only thing I couldn't stand was being patronized when I performed poorly. Personal attacks not game related are best kept to yourself.
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