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  1. Kansashusker thanks for the feedback.
  2. Question are we chasing Ashton Verhulst have not heard any mention of her.
  3. I watch lots of locals like you do in Kansas. Felt there were a few over the years we blew it on like the guy to open the discussion. Not really sure who we are recruiting. No row 6 to put it in a nice little package for us. Fact is the three that went elsewhere are the only three i know had offers. If you watch game tape i saw 1 standing around the elbow doing nothing on the defensive side. I love defensive play, so i do not like seeing that. I think it is important to own your state and keep good ties with local coaches. To back that up I would refer you to the volleyball program that gets locals in almost every class.
  4. Kind of along the same lines and granted the twitter feed I read may have been dated. 7 D1 schools have offered Miss Minter a scholarship and none of them were here. She has quicks, handles and hops, three things we really do need. Also if an alums daughter is in a Creighton uni kicking in our back side, i think i'll scream. Her game seems to need a bit of polish, but she really has the athleticism to be a lock down ball defender. I have also seen film on one that we have offered a scholly to and thought meh!
  5. Hannah scoring -2.5 shooting% -.03 3PT% -.013 reb -1.1 per contest asst. -22 TO +5 steals -11 season long Kate scoring -2.4 shooting% -.041 reb -1.1 per contest ast. +2 TO +0 blks. -21 steals -4 season long I know stats don't tell the whole truth, but they don't lie. Yeah I'd say player developement is and issue. More of an issue, at the start of the season they really did look out of condition. NOW FOR THE REAL BOTHERSOME STAT. our whole focus last season was improving rebounds, so how did we do? -2.2 per contest and our opponents are +1.1 Every player needs to improve. The coaching staff needs to evaluate the things they are doing and yes they need to improve.
  6. loss would put us 8 to 9 and a win would put us 6 or 7. The worst would be 7 as we have 3 tie breakers.
  7. I am going to have to agree with SM. I would actually go bolder, but cannot do it with the substitution pattern and it is as simple as right hand left hand. Right now we have really 1 person ( Nicea) that finishes on the left side with any consistency and she really does not call her number enough. Sam Haiby gets to the rim and is great at finishing, but what happens when her right hand is taken away. What Iowa did defensively is mark the two shooters on the floor (Liegha, Hannah and Taylor), which ever 2 were on the floor at the time and take away the right side penetration from Sam. Miss Bourne finishes equally on both sides, but more importantly she finishes right side right hand, left side left hand. This should also profoundly help Sam Haiby as now you cannot send extra help to take away Sam's right hand. Sam will probably also become a consistent 8-12.
  8. Just a few notes 1) the ex-husker landed in the right place. Twerking before the and taunting the crowd after the three. They would not be allowed by a husker coach, but coach B. loves the primadonna crap. That being said I would love in husker red she does play well. 2) the crap the big ten officiating lets stars get away ie. Gusty does them a total disservice to them. The ref was watching allowed 4 clear walks that ended in buckets and at least a half dozen hooking calls. To her credit you make refs make a call and you do not change til they do. Q: what happens in the ncaa tourney when they actually call it. Kate could not close on the mid cause she'd have gotten beat to the bucket. Ashton was over matched both physically and skill wise. Did anyone else notice Mershon shut her down reasonably well. ( very encouraging for the future) 3) Q2 shot selection sucked which cost us the game. I know we got blown out in the 4th, but our margin of error is too small to have chop wood against a team that good in the 4th. They just pressed to hard more experience would help here. 4) we needed Liegha's shot to fall. She got good looks her shots just didn't fall. It happens. Keep on shooting Liegha it'll drop.
  9. Super excited for this. I plan to be and hope everyone else is. I predict a close game. Think our best chance is getting under their point guards skin. The former huskers temper prone mentality is the best way to keep Gusty out of the game.
  10. Both our ball movement and shooting have been better lately. Our defense is still suspect, but a bit of that is coaching. We seem to change up when things are working. I think we over think things, when we should just KISS it. We have to get after the boards in this one. If we reduce the deficit from last time by at least half, I like us to win this one.
  11. Wow these onesided refs single handedly caused a 10 pt run
  12. We played zone in the first half and played pretty close. Also I thought the ball movement in the second quarter is as good as I've seen all year from this group. Not sure what planetary alignment was used to think we could match up playing man in the third quarter, but I digress. Not sure we're as far as everyone thinks we are. We really do need a point guard badly and that is not a knock on either of the two we use at point. One is a converted 2 ( 7pts., 7to's and a technical is not going to get it done from and the technical was brought up cause the point has to be a leader and example). The other converted combo guard ( 1asst. and 3 to's also not going to get it done). The other thing really needed is a mid game, we need the to be able to get defenses to collapse to get room for both the shooters and posts. That being said, I did see Nicea make a couple good pull ups and Liegha has all the tools to shred teams in the mid. Finally we need a defensive identity and the attitude ( swag) that comes with it ie. ( we're removing the three point line from your game or you come into our beloved paint your getting hammered). A a pg and a bit of tude and I think we're in the mix.
  13. Comparing Yori to Williams is impractical. Yori had more coaching experience than Williams. Last year was Coach Williams first time to the tourney. Higher expectations, bigger conference much more scrutiny than she has ever had. I think she is the right coach and she has a good staff, but just as a Freshman there is going to be a learning curve envolved. What is our defensive identity, how do we manage expectations, how do we manage a power 5 that now knows how to scout us? Remember a couple things, last year we over achieved ( we weren't as good as we played). Last year we set up for more success because of an easier schedule ( we went from 100 SOS to 25 SOS), by the way this is a lot of wood to chop especially when you're trying to catch 4 freshmen up to speed and play a major role. Too much success too quickly can also be a bad thing, cause it can cause unreasonable expectations and put too much pressure on a team that's not really ready for and in truth I'm not sure the coaching staff was ready to handle it and the pressure of not living up to those expectations. We are on the right track.. Why do I say that.... We are and have been able to compete in all but 2 games, which is by the way why this is so frustrating. I really think it will turn around next year big time. The players will be better and just as if not more important the coaching staff will have grown quite a bit from this season.
  14. I am mesmerized by the lack of energy we play defensively in the second quarter. It has been an eye sore all season long. Starting the third quarter twice Kate was guarding point 27 feet from the rim and no one was filling the lane. Have idea how or what we were defending for half of the third period. Here's your open lane without obstructions please drive. Finally was it me or did the refs seem to have it in for Nicea. Seriously fouled on a made lay up. I was cheering for the and one opportunity only to find out they called the most BS traveling call I have ever seen. Two of the fouls they called on her were also complete BS. Sorry you had witness that Actualfactual. Lastly we used dribble penetration to attack the rim in the first, back half of the third and fourth periods and we won that. Sports 101 make the opponent stop what is working. We should have stayed with throughout the game.
  15. I could not agree more with this assessment. Miss Helms #126 and Miss Brady #107. Both seem to be high character types, which tells me great team mates and quality role players. Miss Bourne is probably the star power in this class. When certain words like world cup and MVP are used together to describe an incoming recruit my ears perk up just a little bit. When other words like trained with KG are used, I pretty much assume that there is some toughness involved. Since they only play with one ball, I do not want 5 over hyped stars coming in on the same class. That being said I'd love to see a high profile point guards name on any list of in coming recruits.
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