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  1. All 3 bigs shot more 3's than our point guard. OK OK, but all 3 big's had less rebounds than our point guard. Do we really expect to beat top 10 teams with that formula and on the road. Physical defense and rebounding are the only things that always travel well
  2. To be honest we need Jaz to heat back up behind the three point line. Other than that yes we take to many 3's. What I do not understand is why we have bigs playing around the 3pt. line. A couple years ago Verbeek went from a descent post player to a lousy guard and it looks as if we are trying the same journey with Issie right now. +5 rebounds a game would be far more impactful than 1-9 from the 3pt. line. With her athleticism, using her high to low post would be a real hand full for the other team to stop. Hanging around the 3pt. line takes her out of the game. Seriously as a coach, I am not wasting my time defending a 10% shooter.
  3. Oh really can't stand the bush league childish shenanigans from Blunders bunch. The only way to stop is to beat heck out of them. I prefer to here the whining and excuse making from coach Blubber much more than the bush league gloating
  4. A few take aways. Against Minnesota and Michigan we defended and won. Against Iowa and MSU we didn't and lost. Defensive inconsistencies are usually the mark of a young team, which by the way we are. We finally have enough offensive fire power outscore teams. Seriously if Jaz's 3pt shooting was on we still would have won despite poor/ no defense. Not sure what Miss Bourne is doing. We need her in the paint and not camping out at the three point line. Final take away; really loving the play of our Nebraska freshmen Weidner and Markowski.
  5. Are starting posts had more 3pt. misses than boards. Q: why are posts hanging out at 3pt. line and not on the blocks? Q2: if posts aren't willing to play the post, why aren't they riding the bench?
  6. What a hope deflating loss. Beating MSU is akin to sticking your finger through wet kleenex. Seriously, how are we going to measure up to the good teams in the league. MSU, Illinois and Wiscy are three pick up putts in the league.
  7. Real good learning experience tonight. We had our foot squarely on their throat in quarter 1. We lifted our foot and found a dog fight until the end. Luckily we pulled out a win.
  8. I to am thinking this may be a real good team. Someone always steps up when the team needs a boost. Alexis over the weekend, Mi'cole last night, Miss Scoggins a couple of times and oh goodness let's not forget Jaz. That tells me they play for each other and picks each other up. They have every tool ( rebounders, drivers, dishes, shooters and unlike past years good defenders that seemingly figuring out the difference between individual and team defense. Getting the right combinations on the court is still a bit of a work in progress, but that seems to be starting to smooth out. The Minny game should tell us quite a bit. Outside the opener misstep, they've played solid ball after Minny we have a couple more games to smooth things out further before the conference grind happens.
  9. -foul shooting needs work and silly turnovers need to go ( that's it for the negative) -Izzie got us off to a nice start and for entertainment purpose just watch Jaz Shelley's eyes they're constantly scanning and surveying which is why all the no look passes work. BTW I really don't expect her to be 3 pt. shooting to be 75% the entire year (3-3 first game 6-9 second), but she is a heck of a shooter. -Things that impressed me with the Freshman Markowski- willingness to take and play through contact Moriarty- pace and athleticism she play's with. She does appear to be trying too hard and not relaxing and just playing yet though Coley- length, athleticism and versatility on the defensive end Weidner- speed she plays with will really stress out defenses. The most impressive thing was the passing. She's throwing entry passes to the low post from half court line. Not only that, but placing the passes where the post can go straight up without hesitation. Ability to get to the rim and finish, pull up and finish and defense is much better than expected. Basically love love love everything about her game except maybe the foul shooting.
  10. Low ankle sprain she's day to day
  11. I figure it is going to take 9 and 9 conference to dance. Near as I can tell not that W's and L's come with any kind of certainty, but on paper I see us 5 and 6. This means 7 of the games are toss ups on paper. Road to the tourney win more than 4 of the 7 and maybe 1 or 2 we are not supposed to win. The noncon. matters very little to me and to a certain degree easier may be better. As youthful as we are this year win need a certain amount of confidence builders and also to figure out which player combinations really work well together. I to would like to see 1 or 2 markee match-ups just to see where we are in the grand scheme of things, but for what ever reason that just really did not pan out this year.
  12. I believe all the threes were on purpose. We outmatched them so badly down low that it was a mute point to do so. I do not, however, believe they were expecting and 0-21 performance from the 3pt. line save Jaz and Ashley. My only take aways were this 1) We are more athletically gifted. I knew this before hand, though you don't know what it looks like until you see it on the court 2) Ball movement seems to be much better 3) Including the foul line we need to shoot much better than we did 4) I would like to see our guards ratchet much more pressure than was shown. If you have numbers, wear them out. That's really all I got out of it.
  13. The main thing is this. That is a very good list of players for the preseason. Who on on the list would you like to remove? Who would you like to have put on the list? Outside Sam do we have anyone accomplished enough to even get a sniff? The B1G is going to be tough this year. REAL TOUGH. The are going to be in the realm of the Big 12 glory days, when we had 8 of the top 32 in the tourney and 3 of the top 8. Hold on tight we are going to have a fun season and I think we'll have a real fun team. Realistically .500 in the B1G will be a good accomplishment and an at large certainty, if we don't blow it in the non-con.
  14. the top 4 are what they are, which is real good. i personally feel both minnesota and northwestern have a chance to be scary good also. though they are in the purgatory, i love ohio states back court. getting to .500 in league could be a serious challenge. scanning the huskers schedule i'm seeing 8-9/ 9-8 finish. The good news is that should get up into the dance providing we take care of business in the non-con ( losing 1 no prob., losing 2 ok, losing 3 or more the ground becomes very shaky)
  15. The biggest take away I got from the injury article is that Kate may be back? This would change the entire make up of the season. pressure defense turns back in to take away perimeter and funnel it to your shot blocker offense goes from quick sets to possession work it high work it low If this is true, I may have exchange my whole seasonal expectations, though either road is enjoyable
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