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23 minutes ago, huskerchode said:

Does anyone know if her life has settled down a bit?  I have a kid going through an ugly divorce and custody battle and it is a total nightmare.  I can't imagine trying to be a D1 basketball coach while that is going on.


Have to doubt all the personal issues are behind her already, and in turn, be ready to get back into the grind of the B1G. .....But just guessing.

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21 minutes ago, Bugeaters1 said:

Can you provide a link to this story, or is it something local?


i had heard in the past there were gopher fans that were not real impressed with the stollings hire. even though banham was there to make things much more tolerable. the comments aren't coming from a story, just fans talking. like most do. when minny was searching for a coach, many wanted the ad to look at hiring johnson (from sdsu) but there were others who were stating there is NO WAY minny is going to hire a male basketball coach. they were right on that one. anyway, now coach yori's name is being thrown out there-------------so, it's just fans talking. i just thought it was interesting coach yori's name was thrown out there. no real story. imo, i would be real surprised if stollings would be fired at the end of the season--------unless the squad really tanks badly and appears to be in turmoil. from what i have heard and read, the players like stollings------but, that can change in a hurry. ;)

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