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  1. That's pretty amazing!! I was just looking at these rankings. We shld deff be a top 25 team.
  2. We are a top 25 team. I hate to say it. With the scoring average and defense scoring average we are a top 25 team.
  3. Was finally able to make it to a game in person. First thing I have to say is those refs took all moment away from both teams. No one got a chance to get going. Was just glad the fouls weren't lopsided. I kept saying these girls are mean. Everyone kept getting off the ground looking for the scratches on their bodies lol. I will take a 5 pt win any day with the game Boune had. Let's hope she got the game out early and good to go now. Can Bella stay forever?? She should try boxing after basketball. She is a beast. Sam has ice in her veins when it matters the most through the whole game. Jaz and Ashley heck of defense and running the floor out there. Coley literally caused problems all day. Blocks every where. Running through screens. She is a favorite to watch!! Markowski once settled down dominated the inside. She is going to be a blast these next few years. Can't wait to watch her in the big ten. Morarity needs more minutes. Her hussle is amazing. She will take a beating and smile while it happens. Rubs off on team Allison and Annika were ok tonight. Observations I absolutely hated lookin at the bench and seeing brown and cayton chopping at the bit to play. The deff deserve minutes but it's so freaking hard. If Markowski is 6,3 that makes Popa 6,8. Wow can't wait to see what she can do next year
  4. If we win by double digits I do think our team is a top 25 team. I can't remember the last time we have scored like we have with our previous top 25 teams even against opponents like what we have played this year
  5. Finally making it to my first game this year. Kind of excited to watch them. I think they will impress us. But as said before Creighton always becomes on fire behind the 3 when they play us
  6. Impressive either way playing the teams we are. Have never done this before in Amy's time!!!
  7. You guys jaylen Reyes is teasing that there could be 1 more volleyball recruit.. If it's mendelson that would be huge
  8. I hope the boys can come watch a game or 2 and take some lessons from the girls
  9. Ummm I hope we don't do that to every non conference lol. I felt bad towards the end. We don't have any scrubs. Everyone is aggressive and know how to score!!! Geesh. 1 person has an off night we should have plenty to choose from..
  10. Word is Weidner is getting tested for a concussion. So she may be out for the first game. Elbow to the head in practice!
  11. Yes cayton is going to be important. She needs to drop the 3 and get to the free throw line more. She looked good shooting those. She has deff surprised me with how she has turned out We have the girls to do a lot of pressure this year. I think we in better shape. Could see teams in the bonus a lot this year for free throws
  12. How the world is amy going to play all these ppl. I almost hope we do some full court pressure this year with all these girls. Geesh.
  13. I won't be there. Don't feel like driving from hastings for this exhibition. But I will be watching
  14. Coach love has been posting a lot of her stuff that she posts. I hope that is a good sign. It's either us Texas or Stanford I am guessing
  15. Maggie has now reclassified to 2022. Not sure what the means
  16. Anyone think if we do well this year that he might flip to nebraska as a possibility
  17. Coach Love and Coach Reyes are heading oversees. Can only imagine they are headed to see Mendelson play volleyball in U18 World Championships.
  18. Super excited. Get to pick my new seats tomorrow. Anyone sit within the floor to the first couple rows behind the bench? Is it hard to see the game being low to the ground behind bench and score table.
  19. Thats an intense schedule if you ask me. Damn.
  20. Yep he sure did on Husker Sports Nightly last night!! This would be big for basketball. We would put a pretty tall team together under the basket.
  21. Sounds like Mendelson might be a legit get. Cook seems pretty confident.
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