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  1. This is a different one according to what I’ve read on some boards.
  2. She won shot put this morning with a toss of 49-5, winning by almost 8 feet but just missing the class C state record by 1 inch. It’s been a while since anyone has thrown that far in HS in Nebraska.
  3. If she were a D1 track athlete, she would rank 36th in the nation with that mark. She’s just a foot behind her older sister who is a redshirt senior at NU.
  4. IMO, if we didn't have such a tremendously high caliber VB program, I could see this working out better. I think in order to compete for playing time and be a solid contributor on the VB court at NU, a player has to be locked in on that goal year round (otherwise they will get beat out by other players who are locked in year round). And our season runs longer than most schools because of the amount of success we have (and that's a very good thing for everyone). But that means it conflicts even more with the WBB season. It's that overlap between VB tourney time and WBB practice that is concerning to me, plus the demands on the body of the athlete and how it effects their educational progress. It pays to have a few weeks off (or even a month) to recover. In this situation, though, she will be entering the grind of the basketball season and BIG10 conference play. I don't want anyone to think I'm picking on Ware - I think this would be difficult for anyone and that is why we don't see it happen very often. If VB and WBB didn't occur in consecutive seasons, then I could see this working better. For example, I'm really hoping the Meyer gal plays fantastic VB in the fall and then throws discus far in the spring. I do like the idea of a basketball player that is also a DI VB recruit. That tells me that even though she is tall, she can probably jump.
  5. I could see this being a situation where she goes somewhere and plays both sports her freshman year and then her sophomore year she picks one to focus on exclusively. I just feel that in this day and age, it is extremely difficult to play both VB and basketball at a DI school and be successful in both, successful in the classroom, and not have your body fall apart from the strain of two demanding sports in consecutive seasons.
  6. Not sure. My kid is a thrower - seems like most of her injuries are to the arm, shoulder, and back. I haven’t heard of any of the runners on her team having this issue but I imagine it’s possible with distance runners especially. My husband is in exercise physiology and he just told me that it can happen to anyone.
  7. I agree. Sounds like her first surgery was last August. Then the pain came back in the second half of the season. Maybe they feel comfortable that the second surgery will do the trick? I just don’t know. It’s the type of thing that I think coaches might shy away from during the recruiting process.
  8. I don’t usually beg - but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Nebraska!!!
  9. I’m sure it is but I’ve been to small town Nebraska HS venues that were better than the NDSU outdoor track facility.
  10. We were there for Summit League Outdoor Track and Field Championships a few years ago which took place in early May. I was impressed with the city of Fargo. The weather cooperated while we were there so we were lucky. I didn’t see any of the other athletic facilities while we were there but I have heard they are very nice. Considering the success of their track program, their outdoor facility was seriously lacking - one of the worst I have been to.
  11. Those are some ccccooooolllllddddd winters in Fargo.
  12. In the past 10 years, how many D1 athletes have successfully played both VB and Bball? I think there was that gal from BYU a few years ago, but I can't think of anyone else. I think it would be very very difficult to do, unless you played VB for a school that has little shot at post-season play and then maybe a better shot at post-season for basketball (or vice versa).
  13. Maybe we can at least get her for VB.
  14. For me personally, not at all. She dropped 40+ lbs and has become a much better player. I also get the feeling that she has matured quite a bit. She has put herself in position to be drafted to the WNBA.
  15. Now that Baylor won, Mulkey can burn that outfit.
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