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  1. huskerchode


    Is this the same crew that cost us the Michigan game last year?
  2. huskerchode


    Either Maryland is super strong, we are super weak, or a little of both. They seem to be able to muscle their way around, we cannot.
  3. huskerchode


    Good pass to Cain.
  4. huskerchode


    Let’s wake up
  5. huskerchode

    2020 recruiting...

    Lincoln might be too warm for someone from North Dakota. JK. I bet she winds up a Gopher.
  6. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    I'm really curious why our non-freshman aren't productive in points and rebounds. Nicea is the exception - she seems to grab rebounds, get some steals (or cause a steal by tipping a pass), and we know she can explode for points. Whitish will just go cold for long spells, and she doesn't look comfortable handling the ball under pressure (Haiby gets the award for pressure ball handling skills). We have to know teams are going to key on Kissinger so why aren't we adjusting to that? And Cain, I just don't know. She seems really slow and hesitant this year, and she doesn't seem to want to jump for a pass. Something seems really off with her. Maddie is streaky and maybe she's just pushing too hard, I don't know. She made a huge mistake fouling the 3 point shooter yesterday. The freshman make mistakes, too, but they are getting fewer and farther between. And the hustle by the freshman + Nicea is unmatched by the rest of the team. We are 18 games into the season, my patience isn't what it was at the beginning. And I agree with the bizarre substitution patterns - Brown and Veerbeek were getting started and then they are put on the bench. We would just get up by 4 points or so, and then we'd sub and suddenly we were down by 5. Why not leave them in for a few minutes longer to build on that lead? They didn't seem like they were winded and I thought I even saw a look on someone's face like "Why am I being subbed out?". I would just as soon start the game with our most aggressive players offensively and defensively and try to get a fast start, then sub out 1 or 2 at a time. If Hannah or Kissinger are subbed in and are hot, then leave them in. I think the only 2 players that haven't been scoring machines at some point are Mitchell and Mershon, so the rest are capable of going off for at least 10+ points in a game.
  7. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Those rebounding numbers are ugly. Especially when you consider our height advantage. Thankful that we hit our 3s at the end.
  8. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Seems like when the freshman are in, we are hanging with Minnie. Then subs come and we get down by 5 points or so. Also, rebounding is not good.
  9. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    I notice our freshman are shooting 50%.
  10. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    I would start the 4 freshman and Eliely. I chose her because I like her D and I think we need it to start the game.
  11. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    First quarter I’ve watched in conference play. More freshman need to start.
  12. huskerchode

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Would Minnesota have been ranked so soon if they had hired someone other than Whalen? Seems that ESPN has quite the love affair with her as a player and a coach. I get the love affair as a player, but until she gets her feet more wet and proves herself as a coach, I’ll temper my enthusiasm. Not saying she won’t be a good coach, I just don’t think she’s there yet. Like someone said, Minnie was a good team for the past few years - it’s not like she inherited a giant mess with single digit season wins.
  13. huskerchode

    +/- Stats

    Didn’t mean to leave her out. I haven’t seen her play but based off the stats and what others on this board are saying, she deserves a shot at starting.
  14. huskerchode

    +/- Stats

    I will be upfront and say I haven't seen very many games. But I have noticed in a couple that Eliely gets going in the 4th quarter. Is there any correlation to how many of our newcomers are on the floor when she catches fire? Just curious. I notice in the above stats that the only player without a negative is Veerbeek. And I've wondered for a while if Eliely, Haiby, Brown, and Veerbeek should start.
  15. huskerchode

    Scouting Iowa

    I agree. Saw her in a game earlier this year and it looked like she had a little tiff with Bluder. Coach said something to her and she mouthed something back and stomped away while Bluder was still talking to her and it appeared she wasn’t happy about it. Glad she didn’t come here.