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  1. Creme has us as a 6 seed right now for the tournament. Markowski has been picked as a pre season 1st Team I seen today. We were not picked to finish in the top 5 by the coaches, Media has us at 5. I think we could prove some ppl wrong. Nothing for Shelly. I hope she proves ppl wrong as well.
  2. Sam Haiby is OUT for the Season... THATS A BIG BIG Blow for us. Bummer
  3. Britt Prince has offers from Baylor, West Virginia, UCLA, USC and Florida now. I see it as only a matter of time before South Carolina, UCONN get in on her. I just dont see how we pull this one out!!! As much as I want her to be Husker I think she would be nuts to pass up 1 of those big name schools.
  4. My niece is going into 7th grade in Omaha. I am looking at getting a trainer for her to better her shooting forum. She has a lot of potential. I love watching her. I dont live up there so was just curious on who other people know up there.
  5. Just glad to be apart of that. They must be doing something right. Hope for a good year this year and we might get a cpl good ones
  6. I love watching my niece play basketball in omaha. She is only 6th grade in this video https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0GRkRruzBdMynknaGdZPguoCwpnbUcCryxvm3QECCzthsMpS67qiDks5tBCLHKExsl&id=501215707&sfnsn=mo&extid=a&mibextid=ep151t
  7. Jennifer Hamson at BYU would be another good example. She went on to play WNBA and was very good at vball as well.
  8. I enjoyed watching Liz Brenner for Oregon a few years back. She was way better at vball than bball though
  9. I think what also will be working in Basketball favor is that Volleyball is so over done with scholarships that I dont think volleyball can afford her to stop playing basketball. I honestly see it happening where if she cant keep up with 2 sports she will 1) switch to volleyball scholarship if enough ppl transfer out eventually but we have so many girls coming in every year not sure if Cook will take 1 away to give to her or not. 2) She ends up transferring out to play just one sport else where. But I do think that is one thing working in favor for Williams. Mendelson cant switch to just 1 sport really. I hope she can handle it all and I believe she will be able to.
  10. She just got let go from Minnesota Lynx. I would guess some WNBA team will pick her up or if there is an injury during the season some where.
  11. Maybe if we recruit non shooters they will be shooters finally. Because it sure seems like we recruit these "shooters" that never turn out to be shooters.
  12. Indiana has made quite the moves this off season already. I think they will be looking better than this year with who they are picking up.
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