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  1. She just got let go from Minnesota Lynx. I would guess some WNBA team will pick her up or if there is an injury during the season some where.
  2. Maybe if we recruit non shooters they will be shooters finally. Because it sure seems like we recruit these "shooters" that never turn out to be shooters.
  3. Indiana has made quite the moves this off season already. I think they will be looking better than this year with who they are picking up.
  4. Id take her at UCONN real quick!!
  5. She has been one of my favorites to watch as she has always wanted to be a Husker since the day she left High School. I think she will help a team where ever she goes. I loved watching her play defense. And her shot was looking much better towards the end of the year.
  6. I do think she might have had some role in the drama from the team at the end of the season. Could be looking for a final fresh start with more playing time as well.
  7. We are God awful whether we pull this out or not!!! Holy smokes. Freshman playing like Freshman. Bourne playing like her head is lost. And our best player has 4 fouls. The last 3 games the freshman have played like freshman not sure why they got so tense all of sudden. Not playing with any freedom what so ever
  8. Oh now that would make more sense on why. I am sure they have a sour taste in their mouth after what Ed went threw here. I forgot about Ed.
  9. Did nebraska try to recruit Morrow from DePaul at all? I didn't realize both her parents played sports at nebraska!! I could see her transferring out after this year.. she is a beast on the court
  10. I still believe we are a sweet 16 team with the right #6 seed
  11. Is there a way to re listen to Matt and Jeff? Would love to listen to them on the last 3 minutes of play lol. I can already imagine what was happening on the radio..
  12. Thank the lord she ate her words.. Guess Michigan is the bubble team!!! That is what you call a fight and beating 8 ppl on the court!!!
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