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  1. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/26654901/basketball-volleyball-bucket-full-ice-two-sport-recruit-lauren-ware
  2. I feel like Robin just tweeted a little bit ago that Thor, Heiman and Harris are all leaving the program.
  3. Liz Brenner at Oregon I feel like played Volleyball Basketball and Track maybe just a couple years ago
  4. So happy she picked UCONN!!! I was getting worried since they only have 1 recruit for this next year that maybe Geno was losing his touch haha
  5. I see one tweet just a few seconds go says Miles has been fired.
  6. Ya next year is going to be rough for UCONN.. Only 1 top 100 player is coming in for them. They only play 6 players this year and are losing 2 of them. So they will be down to 5 legit players next year. They have a whole bench of ok players that Geno is trying to turn into great players. Hopefully they show it next year or it might be the year UCONN loses in the American finally.
  7. This was my first year with season tickets and I have to admit I had a blast.. may of had a few heart attacks and stressed out moments but I wouldnt of changed it for a thing... I have learned girls basketball can be very frustrating in person like tv.. One second they doing things to the T and then the next 10 minutes you are like what the heck... I cant wait for next year.
  8. Not surprised when you recruit the players she does. Didn't she just get a player from Baylor that was kicked off the team this year.
  9. Ya apparently the coach hasn't watched them all year
  10. I can't believe this game plan... Let Gustafson dribble left, dribble left, and dribble left.... so annoyed.. and then hey if your part of the squad to get us back in the game your coming out!!!!
  11. Girls playing like the boys today... very undisciplined
  12. Hannah has lost her mind holy cow!!! Just ran into locker room crying!! What is going on with her???
  13. Ya I just seen that Purdue and Indiana are in the tournament right now and if we beat both of them plus a few other tournament teams I feel like with 18 wins we should be able to make it possibly with our SOS but that's me just hoping.
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