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  1. So Kate didn't get drafted. Think she might change her mind now about another year maybe? Or would it cause drama with the new recruits
  2. I really do like watching Cayton. Her joy of being able to play and the hussle she can give after everything that has happened makes me smile!! I could careless if she scores another point but I think her defense helped a lot this year.
  3. uconn before maryland please. But hopefully she just stays in Nebraska and picks Nebraska
  4. Yes I hope she picks up on division 1 ball quick. That would be a great core group with am awesome few to sub in. Does make me a little nervous that coach is going to have a lot of ppl to pick and choose from. I hate when she does the whole platoon playing. Just doesn't work in p5 conferences if you ask me. I think Coley porter Scroggins and brown need some playing time as well. Then you add in the transfer from TT and the girl that was hurt the majority of the year plus the rest of freshman. That's a lot of players
  5. Alex makes me excited to think what it could be in 4 years. The toughness that she will bring to the team is going to be greatly appreciated with Bourne and Bella. I think she is going to be a great piece with those 2 and sam running the point. I would love to see Bourne play the 3 and Bella at the 4 and Alex at 5!!! That sounds like a rebounding machine right there that I would not want to play against.
  6. I think Alex could start at the 5
  7. Nate Loenser is coming on!!! That should help out the recruiting and development
  8. I also think I just seen he has 12 girls coming in next year. That could be the reason I guess.
  9. Geno is a lot like Cook got to love to hate them.. But without them in the sport it will be a blow to the sport
  10. Ya that was a good no call at the end of the game!! They literally let Baylor play that way the whole game!! It was like football out there.. The story should be how bad the Richard's loss was. That's why they didn't win
  11. 8 Syracuse girls in the portal!! What the heck happened.. He has had some good teams!!
  12. It's still an ncaa tournament post their bud!!!
  13. Move on dude if you dont like what someone posts. The title says NCAA Tournament (Last I checked Nebraska didnt make it). And some of us watch and follow more than one team and care about womens basketball in general to support them!! GEESH
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