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  1. Alexis been nominated for mcdonald all American game... This has to mean she will be a top 100 recruit . That's awesome... who was the last nebraskan to play in the game
  2. Annoyed she left but I can't blame her for doing it!!
  3. Anyone else complete the survey about wanting to attend women's basketball games this season still? If you would all just go ahead and click no so I be first to bat for tickets that would be awesome. I need some husker sports in my life
  4. Next Sports Phenom has her as the #24 player of the class. Not sure how legit that site is though. Prep Girls Hoops has her as #5 for West Virginia
  5. I went through her Twitter and some of the workouts her dad was had the kids doing made me be glad that wasn't me. Looks like she can dribble, catch a bounce pass running through the paint when trailing and can shoot 3s . I am impressed with this grab.
  6. The way Amy coaches she should have full court press going the whole 40 minutes and we never pressed what so ever. I just don't like the way she coaches for a power 5 school. I love her as a coach because you can tell she is very passionate about the game. I love sitting right behind the bench and watching her coach. She is very fun to watch. But I just don't think the way she plays the game will ever work in the power 5 conference. I think it worked at the previous school because there was a lot less talented kids in the conference overall. Nebraska has the money go find a legit b
  7. Let's go for Mac McClung from Georgetown
  8. I am sure there will be a season but it may be without us there..
  9. You may call him a seat filler but picking us over Illinois, Maryland and Texas A&M must mean other coaches in the power 5 were thinking about him.
  10. She will be the new Brown for the team so I hope she works real hard this off season. She is going to be very important to the team and season.
  11. Haha blame the Pepsi Co back in the 90s when they put college teams under the bottle caps. 1995 I got UCONN so I cheered for them to win but they lost but Rebecca Lobo won that year for the girls. So ever since I have watched UCONN men's and women's religiously since. Its a busy year watching Nebr and UCONN men's and women's games all year. My Calendar is usually just loaded with basketball games to watch hahaha.
  12. Thank Gosh he at least picked my other favorite school so I will still get to watch him grow!!
  13. Interesting Grab. So 6 new players next year. I am just assuming the NCAA will pass the 1 time transfer rule this next month as well. Which I am ok with . Will be a decent group to watch. Hopefully they play like a team through out the season
  14. Well that's pretty cool. Secretly hoping she turns into this WNBA player and all those years of school don't matter then kidding... It will come in handy to have 2 master degrees. She will be rolling in the bucks
  15. Because she knows it was a mistake ;) and she would get to play all she wants barring an injury again!!
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