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  1. I feel like Amy's recruits are usually their best their freshman year!! Am I the only one thinking that? Is it because teams are guarding the upper class harder than the freshman? or the freshman playing more relaxed because they have nothing to lose?
  2. This is hard. Embarrassing. No one cares but Brown!!! I see a couple transfers happening after this season
  3. Still has us as a 10 seed still after this last weeks play
  4. Ya I wont be making it from Hastings as well. Not worth chancing it.
  5. That was a tale of 2 quarters like we were last place in the big 10 and then 2 quarters like we were in first place. Wish the girls played with urgency like that 4th quarter... That was fun. Was fun to watch that come back.. I still dont think coach teaches them to box out!!! Blood boiled a few times.. It's very annoying when they go for a block and it looks like an easy lay up they just assume it's going to go in instead of going for the box out they just watch. Ugghhh
  6. Side note... Those noises that they were playing last night were quite annoying
  7. I am glad I drove the hour and half to watch tonight... I thought the girls played really well tonight!!! I thought they were pretty exciting tonight... might be the loudest I heard the crowd get in a long time tonight when haiby stole the ball at the end of the 3rd... Only complaints those refs were awful for both sides... And the other is verbeek worked her butt off in the post tonight... the girls wouldn't pass the ball down to her. She was getting frustrated.. and when the defender stole the ball the few times it was because she had been posting for so long before they threw it in
  8. I have a seasons pass to all of HC games. I might have to go check them out, its my alma mater. Pretty sweet!!
  9. Strange that Iowa would be ahead of us
  10. Credit to the girls fighting tonight!!! The hustle to the ball and getting on the ground was amazing tonight!! Looked like a top 25 team tonight for sure!!!
  11. Its not Silly it's the truth. I don't think the sky is falling but Connie would have these girls way tougher than Amy has been able to do with any team. But I will just sit here and wait for the next game and hopefully the girls watch this game a couple times to see how lazy they look to try and get to a free ball... This is a top 25 team and a dancing team but not with that effort.
  12. Hate to say this but can we get Connie Yori back with this group of girls!!!
  13. Disgusting!!! Another 9-9 conference record I am seeing. I don't understand how Amy can never get her teams to play better defense!!! With the amount of girls we have we should be pressing the whole damn game. So lazy and out of shape its kind of funny to watch them struggle like high school team.. Everyone just sits and watches the ball go to a defensive player. They probably had more offensive rebounds than we had all together.
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