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  1. Well that's pretty cool. Secretly hoping she turns into this WNBA player and all those years of school don't matter then kidding... It will come in handy to have 2 master degrees. She will be rolling in the bucks
  2. Because she knows it was a mistake ;) and she would get to play all she wants barring an injury again!!
  3. I just wish she would of went to a top program like UConn, Notre Dame, Louisville. I know she probably wouldn't of started right away but I think she is a lot like Shepard and you put a good team around her and she will be a lot better after some better conditioning.. I freaking love Brown so I am a little salty that she picked a BIG school because now I am going to have to root against her a few times a year. I don't blame her one bit for leaving because she has a great upside that she would never get at Nebraska. On a second note does it seem like Amy Williams teams so far are very under conditioned as a team? I still think the way she coaches with playing everyone if she had everyone in better condition we should be able to press all game long..
  4. Schaefer to Texas. I like it. Texas will be back to a dominate team. Cant wait to watch him kick Mulkeys butt every year haha. Will Miss St get another big time coach or do you think they will be going down hill now?
  5. I just don't see any legit transfers wanting to play here!!! At this point it would make more sense for players like Cain, Haiby, Bourne and even Kissinger to transfer as well if they don't want to waste a year of their playing time trying to rebuild again!
  6. When I seen this I wanted to barf... I still see Haiby going as well. I think it's time for a new coach. I will renew my tickets next year but I don't think I will actually go to any games
  7. I called this. I hope Brown stays here. If Brown leaves it would be the perfect time to restart the program again in my opinion!!
  8. I still think I'd be ok with change now... I'd be ok with a DePaul, Syracuse, Andy Landers type of coach..
  9. If they grant seniors another year because of having no post season do any of our seniors stick around for another year?
  10. Ha I was just reading into this. Sounds like she picked sdsu before any one really had a chance to offer. It said she was getting interest from Creighton Nebraska USC and iowa state. And had volleyball interest from Creighton and iowa state as well. I was just thinking I really kind of like this girl. She is Nebraska tuff. Sdsu is getting a good one.
  11. Typical Nebraska fashion!!! I say new coach after this year
  12. I stopped going when I had other things to do at the end of the year. But I will keep renewing my tickets as I do love going to support them one way or another. I am hoping 1 more year and we will have a new coach or the current coach will actually teach them basic fundamentals over the off season. It just go so depressing when the same mistakes were made all year long and have been going on for the last 3 years.
  13. She could play at a way better school. Kind of like a Shepard
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