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  1. She did ok on defense. Those banked shots were not easy shots
  2. Coach can take the loss for this. Out coached again!! Where the hell is Coley and Stewart when they are the ones making the plays. So damn annoying
  3. I thought Porters defense on Pullium in the 4th quarter was pretty dang good. She did way better than anyone else guarding her. Porter has some confidence right now and I like it a lot. Kate looked like an allstar last night. When she has a good game it opens up a lot of things for the guards thats for sure. I am still excited to see Alex play next year. Am I the only crazy one that thinks she will play a lot? I am excited to see a big with a bigger frame that has hands of glue playing down low with bella and bourne.
  4. Stewart played for about 30 seconds in the first quarter and then she was on the bench the rest of the game.
  5. When you get all the free looks you want that will happen. Dumb
  6. Oofta you can deff tell issie been gone for a cpl weeks. Can't wait for her to be back in game shape
  7. Kind of sad to not see Stewart playing. Her 3 would stop from ppl sucking in on the bigs. And can the defense get any worse than it is already
  8. Don't look like we had a whole week of practice for this game geesh
  9. Actually u have 1 hour to still see those videos
  10. It's gone. It was only on their story for 24 hours
  11. On Facebook issie is practicing with the team
  12. Yep #2. But she plays on a couple different teams. Its basketball all year round for her. Her coach on this team is a coach for the Girls Benson High School team.
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