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  1. KarlHessEatMy....


    Made it to a game finally... The freshman are good. I loved when they all were in together. I am still waiting for whitish to turn it around. I dont get what's going on. There was a few times she turned the ball over and cld of got the loose ball back but she just quit. Was frustrating... Kissinger was finally back in form again.. great effort... I really like mershon... she hustled like no other that first half... haiby and veerbeek are going to be good along with brown..
  2. KarlHessEatMy....


    Kissinger looks like a division 3 player at best
  3. KarlHessEatMy....


    Everyone looks so dang slow... Haiby should be playing all 40 minutes along with Veerbeek... so disappointed in our upper class man
  4. KarlHessEatMy....

    Angela Dugalic - F - 2020

    Maxpreps has a video of her posted this week. She looks pretty dang good on video!
  5. KarlHessEatMy....

    Angela Dugalic - F - 2020

    I was just looking around on ESPN and noticed they had this girl as considering Nebraska for 2020. Haven't seen anyone throw around this name on the board yet. Anyone have any information on her and if we really did offer her. Seems like she could be a pretty good player.
  6. KarlHessEatMy....

    GAME DAY is here !!

    I had to watch it on Firefox or Chrome before it worked. I am kind of excited after watching the highlights. The freshman looked dang good. Mershon looks like a dang beast out there. Cant wait to get up there and watch...
  7. KarlHessEatMy....

    SEASON STARTS about a month away.

    How did they look at the practice??
  8. KarlHessEatMy....

    SEASON STARTS about a month away.

    I am bummed I am going to be in Montana when they play their Exhibition game against UNK.. I am excited to see how they look.
  9. KarlHessEatMy....

    Forum name change

    Thats so freaking cool!!! I hope we can have a year like that middle ticket again some time soon!!
  10. KarlHessEatMy....

    The Media Thread

    Interesting I have a feeling I did not get that as I did not see that when I ordered them
  11. KarlHessEatMy....

    The Media Thread

    I have no idea to be honest. Didnt know there was options
  12. KarlHessEatMy....

    The Media Thread

    Tickets to be here tomorrow!!! Anyone else getting excited for this season??
  13. KarlHessEatMy....

    The Media Thread

    Holy smokes Yvonne Turner killed it tonight!!! Nebraska was mentioned numerous times
  14. KarlHessEatMy....

    2019 Recruits

    hmm interesting. Better watch what I say then when I get frustrated haha
  15. KarlHessEatMy....

    2019 Recruits

    Decided to go with section 103 row 3!