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  1. Capri was at the girls basketball game this weekend.. She looked pretty healthy so whatever it is I hope she comes back to volleyball..
  2. Wow Kissinger looks very fit this year... and Cain deff looks fitter as well... Kissinger in street clothes this game though
  3. Creighton just won in double overtime over Concordia by 2
  4. I honestly don't see how these girls are not fighting for one of these top 5 spots by the end of the season!! Maybe I have my expectations a little too high. I feel like the Sophmore group is going to win us some games... Hopefully all the bad passes have been taken care of this off season.
  5. I just don't see how we are not a top 25 team to end this year. We have 10 if not more people that can play. We should be able to run run run and switch the rotations every couple to few minutes. I think it will be Whitish Kissinger Eliely Brown Cain and then I think we switch it up to Haiby Hudson Verbeek Bourne Mershon I would almost be ok with Bourne starting instead of Brown just for the reason that the second lineup would have the big group of Sophomores together and last year at times that is when we were the best!!! I am excited for this year. I feel there is a lot of potential.
  6. So I received the email about renewing the season tickets. If you are interested in seeing whats available outside of the tickets you have now, how do you go about doing that but being able to get your original seats if you don't like the seats that are available?
  7. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/26654901/basketball-volleyball-bucket-full-ice-two-sport-recruit-lauren-ware
  8. I feel like Robin just tweeted a little bit ago that Thor, Heiman and Harris are all leaving the program.
  9. Liz Brenner at Oregon I feel like played Volleyball Basketball and Track maybe just a couple years ago
  10. So happy she picked UCONN!!! I was getting worried since they only have 1 recruit for this next year that maybe Geno was losing his touch haha
  11. I see one tweet just a few seconds go says Miles has been fired.
  12. Ya next year is going to be rough for UCONN.. Only 1 top 100 player is coming in for them. They only play 6 players this year and are losing 2 of them. So they will be down to 5 legit players next year. They have a whole bench of ok players that Geno is trying to turn into great players. Hopefully they show it next year or it might be the year UCONN loses in the American finally.
  13. This was my first year with season tickets and I have to admit I had a blast.. may of had a few heart attacks and stressed out moments but I wouldnt of changed it for a thing... I have learned girls basketball can be very frustrating in person like tv.. One second they doing things to the T and then the next 10 minutes you are like what the heck... I cant wait for next year.
  14. Not surprised when you recruit the players she does. Didn't she just get a player from Baylor that was kicked off the team this year.
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