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  1. I know that football and dollars are what's driving this, but it still seems to me that the B1G likes to present itself as an academic conference as well. For that reason, I don't see Oregon being invited. Washington, yes, but not Oregon. That being said, my opinion on Oregon academics is from a few decades ago, so perhaps they've improved in that area. But if either two were seriously being considered, I would put my money on Washington, and they are my personal preference (I might be a little biased since I went to grad school there in the 90s).
  2. The Davis twins (FB) also threw discus at NU a few (maybe 5 or so, longer?) years ago.
  3. Creighton does something Nebraska hasn't done. Onto the Elite 8!
  4. My Yotes keep on winning! Sweet 16!!!!!!!!
  5. Definitely old news, but she has been extremely valuable for Creighton and the only reason I cheer for them from time to time (like today, which was awesome!)
  6. Especially when one of them is a former national coach of the year and has experience defeating Big10 teams.
  7. I feel like Connie's fingerprints were all over that game plan to defeat Iowa.
  8. I have to say, I'm kind of happy about this. And I'm convinced after watching Iowa, they must be required to practice looks of shock, dismay, and disgust in the mirror for 30 minutes every day after practice, because what a bunch of whiners.
  9. Has anyone in D1 history ever gone the entire first quarter without scoring a single point? If not, OSU just did it against Baylor. 0-13 on shooting, score 23-0 end of 1Q Baylor.
  10. Just won the SEC championship. Hope we don't draw them in the first round.
  11. Bubble team my ass! Suck on that, striped skunks!
  12. And St. Clair is the throws coach now. He can get her there.
  13. According to newspaper, she’s left VB team to focus on track and field. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/volleyball/after-a-lot-of-consideration-about-my-future-goals-meyer-leaves-husker-volleyball-to-focus/article_7cb3609d-9220-5233-9069-25dea0c2eab5.html#tracking-source=home-sports
  14. I see Meyer threw shot over the weekend. Over 50 feet is an amazing mark for her debut in the indoor college track season. If she could devote more time to the sport, I'd like to see St. Clair coach her in weight/hammer.
  15. Track scholarships are typically not full ride scholarships. Most track athletes still pay something toward their education.
  16. This is a very good thing for her, especially with the new throws coach (one of the best in the business).
  17. With the recent hire of a new throws coach at UNL, Meyer would be crazy not to give track and field a try. JMO
  18. I doubt USD coach would leave right now. Her son plays for the Yotes and is an excellent player (unfortunately he suffered a knee injury late in the season, though). Also, she has some really good players that are opting to come back another year, so next year's team should be good again.
  19. https://huskers.com/news/2020/9/15/kissinger-closes-husker-career.aspx
  20. Sounds like the pandemic played a role in her decision and that she decommitted this summer (possibly before she had the NU offer). Also said she played well against top posts in the country this summer while playing for the Lasers (the best basketball club in the state of Nebraska, but that is JMO).
  21. This is a new recruiting tool. With a fervid Husker fan base for all Husker sports, an athlete could be more likely to earn extra money at a place like NU compared to a place like Iowa State. I don't know that it's such a good thing. Guess we will see what happens over the next few years.
  22. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Brown gets the waiver. I think if an athlete cites the virus as a factor in their decision to transfer and the new school is closer to their family, the NCAA may be more likely to approve the waiver.
  23. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/womens-basketball/husker-basketball-player-kate-cain-and-her-family-recover-from-coronavirus/article_c9d61132-5796-50d6-a8b4-11c850c84aef.html
  24. I remember 00s flattening her a few times and it was hilarious.
  25. https://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29083572/muffet-mcgraw-steps-women-basketball-coach-notre-dame
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