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  1. Did a little light edit work for the roster this year. Pretty excited to see them on the court. We have a thing for guys with long names, whoo!
  2. ...is there a more German- sounding name? Love what I've been able to dig up on him on tape so far. The kid is promising.
  3. Yeah, I think we'll be fine and score points regardless, which by itself is a huge sigh of relief for husker fans after the last few years. And we finally have some size, although its swiss army size (as fred likes to build his teams; he finally has the construction he likes[and I like]) and not 7 footers. The difference between being good and Great this year will hinge on how we attack in the half court and scheme teams... because I think most of the time we will have the fast break on lock down. damn, I cant wait to see that first teddy-delano-trey fast break!!
  4. Super cool. This ticks a lot of stat dork boxes for me and combines with my gamer as well. I remember seeing a lot of things done like this in the past couple years in games like 2k and ncaa 14, amongst others. Love it. What else they gonna do? Unless you have your own hoop you arent getting basketball training done anyway, it's just some weight and cardio.
  5. Holy crap, that picture! At times in this nightmare year things feel deja vu to another era and another pandemic, and no more so illustrated than in this picture, it seems like it could be taken today if people were ballsy /stupid but also wearing masks completely, as if for a stunt (?)
  6. This roster is so exciting, I'm hoping that we're seeing the roster building that coach fred is known for. The irony is that if we do get basketball, we may see one of our better teams in recent years, but not in person.
  7. I also think that the difficulty presented in basketball in keeping it safe indoors, and testing teams every day to keep teams from spreading it is critical. Have no doubt it could work but you have to be very disciplined, which I have little faith in America in that regard, lol. Unfortunate and I'll believe until we prove it's not possible... but you have to be tedious in your attention to detail and sterile environments, etc
  8. Yeah, and even with outdoor I think it's becoming obvious that if we arent on a grand death pact, all sports in this cursed nation are likely going to either be cancelled (not likely here) or follow some European models like in Germany where there are no fans in stands, and more creative solutions for fan representation are explored. I dont mind empty stands if they can pump noise in and TV is still not a horrible experience; big soccer fan and it has worked out just fine (even if a bit depressing); I'm just curious if it's possible in football. Its definitely possible in basketball if soccer
  9. Yes. The toughest survive, and Nebraska and Wisconsin kids trump Ohio kids. We end up winning an unexpected big ten title. Hows that for a storyline? Lol
  10. This is amazing. I'm so humbled to witness the kindness of strangers and humanity when I see things like this. The testimony of that coach on the GoFundMe page is just so moving. Glad hes getting some support, because that... that is a horrific string of bad luck in his life. Makes one wonder why the worst sh** has to happen to the best people amongst humanity? The age old pondering. Edit: updated total so far, 27k out of 30. I'm sure 30 is just a number they thought would help, so glad to see the love flowing in. Hope someone can do more than money for him too with all this crap
  11. great to hear from you. I like this philosophy / change in lifestyle. Social media honestly should be so much more limited in how much time it gets, people care so much and in reality, it's all stupid and not real public favor. with exceptions, of course. I enjoy NBA twitter, but it's very limited ofc. I think everyone I know quit using facebook a few years ago, although most of us still have accounts. It seems scary to cut off entirely, but I'll be doing that with facebook in the next couple days. I'm 28 for context. Always good to remind ourselves that even on this site we have a divers
  12. deleted the app and also prepping to delete my fb account here soon. Too much social media is INCREDIBLY toxic to our daily mental health. only now starting to realize how bad it is
  13. Great reaction by the boys. Next year though, really need to intensively practice and workshop free throws. Honestly 50% sure whether or not it's a nebrasketball curse that's causing this, or just poor tradition or practice. I'm SURE they practice this, but how does anything explain how we're so terrible at the line???? #1 frustrating thing for husker fans(at least a decade in now)
  14. Only other team even in our stratosphere of suck. what the heck, I'm going Corn Ball. Nebrasketball! 68 "CHICAGO'S TEAM" 65
  15. Yeah, wtf why are the biggest shaq like bullies in college hoops referred differently? It's not right. Ugh
  16. All that said, love the hustle from our undersized roster. Will over skill right now!!
  17. I'm fkin tired of getting beat up by monster big men in this league. I love Fred's potential gameplan in future years of playing small ball sort of, but goddamnit the frustration of decades watching a team without a decent, baseline big man. We need the bodies to compete in this league. No blame on this coaching staff, itll take time, but it's just a rant on how annoying it is as a longtime fan. when will it end? Probably when we're attracting top athletes, which may be sooner than later
  18. Neb hoi sket ball : 76 Buck butts (as I used to call them as a kid): 86
  19. hey, a lot of the gray hairs are better than most! husker fans are fantastic as we know, and most of that is the levelheaded support we get from what kids now might call the "boomers" ;) I like how progressive some of them are too. and yeah im not dreading being old, I'm older enough already to not relate with the kids now, lol.
  20. yes! it was absolutely beautiful outside. and I fit in just fine as a bball fan, even if the sort of crowd is a bit different than MBB (more family, more gray hairs and kiddos). It was a blast! I enjoyed enough for the 2 of us.
  21. Shoutout to the crowd today, and the forum here, great culture around our women's program. very positive vibes. Was my first EVER NU women's game I've been to (used my free womens ticket from the season ticket package). great experience! Senior day was special. Wish we hadnt slumped second half of the year, this team looked good. the no look passes! holy crap and they can shoot. (not that I came in with any expectations either way) cheers to everyone whos dedicated here, and the rest who come to the games. Love it. #Nebrasketball and huskers in all forms! I'll have
  22. A year off from basketball, imo. D league huskers continue; Neb 70 Illini 75
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