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  1. Haanif really struggling, doesn't look confident at the line. Team flailing a bit out there offensively. Cant stagnate, these are critical minutes!!
  2. LOVE ❤❤❤ thor this year. Kid looks like a leader on this team, I cant believe I'm saying that. I think it's so true what someone else way saying-- he fits in the Hoiberg offense style much better. Looks natural.
  3. Half the time it looks like we're running fred sets and playing active offense, and it pays. Have to keep working on those sets, because the other half of the time today its stale old husker "offense". This team has some attitude, I like the heart!
  4. Hello all! Excited to support the boys today. Usually I'm a pessimist not an optimist with husker sports, but I'm looking for the good. Writing up another game notes, idk if it's the right form of commentary to be useful, but I've seen a few do it here in the uneblinstus postgame. lmk what you think over there. Regardless, just looking for progress. Huskers looking a bit better but having a lot of problems in scoring so far today. Defense is great so far, and we're hitting the freebies. That's definite progress, although I think game 1 was ultimate jitters game, that might be the
  5. cheers sir. yeah, where I got beat our ass is from my deep frustration in the night of the loss, as most husker fans can relate to im sure. heres hoping.
  6. Sorry to offend you, sir. I had no idea such a small school would have alumni here. Sounds like a lovely place. I will not be joining you in hoping they beat our ass like riverside did, even as likely it is to happen. And yes, I did read your post, it was good stuff.
  7. My notes: (once it started getting real ugly in the 2H, I slowed down) Alright start to FT performance, that exp they got with the lecture seems to have been good. Lots of work to be done. (Edit: shot around 50% 1H, has to be better) Team looks crisp for so early in year, need to look to push because it's so successful. Team style is so much more exciting, it puts pressure on the opponent and we're capitalizing off the mistakes they make. Promising signs defensively with how active they are. Going to dip when we hit conf play because of size, but I'm fine with sacrificing some
  8. I'm with this guy, WTH was that garbage tonight. yup, 14 strangers. this performance brings my prediction on points, even on a bounceback game, significantly down to earth. no more 70+ until I SEE it, idk who this team is. 14 Strangers - 65 USU angry eagles or something with a bolt -- 58
  9. Yeah, I had that mindset last year. but with the low lows and ups and downs with this program, I learned that i cant trust myself to take it game to game, I have to personally have a policy to go for each and every game. Dont blame anyone for leaving, I know I was a bad fan and flakey AF last year, just dont want to be the same again. A new leaf. #GBR
  10. Yep, breathe it in because you might not see worse this year (hold your breath for the Michigan states)... that's a 13 pt half for the skers. #dumpsterfire
  11. I dont even blame the early leavers tonight... I've committed to staying all through every game I go to this year... but so many moments had me wanting to just leave tonight. Hopefully that was peak ugly, because this was intensely horrible on so many levels. they destroyed us and it kinda came out of nowhere. Shocked to say by KP might've put us too high at 96 (last in B1G). We look more like 150 - 180, though I know were better than this.
  12. Like your positivity. Gonna stick with you this year. I'm an optimist at heart losing faith constantly.
  13. hello darkness my old friend..~~ Back to the soul crushing depression that is a husker (basketball) fan. Kinda gives me nostalgia. I think we enjoy this pain, masochists we are. GBR forever. We are the new process Sixers, have to get used to losing, and doing a lot of it before success comes, idk.
  14. ERRBODY GETS A 3 This is ridiculous. Only 4 for the huskers in 2nd half, nearly 8 minutes of misery. Wtf is going on. I know riverside would be a fighter but this is sad for a 15point dog to humiliate us at home. Rough way to start hoiberg era. Honestly didnt expect to go to a Non con game for #1 and it's a big, fat L.
  15. Damn maybe this is exposing how rough it can be with size mismatches inside. Not even a talent thing, because I love our players. 1st half took a few bad shots and too many 3s(although in a Hoiberg offense I'd love to live with that). Need to find transition points because the half court sets are pretty rough still. Defense keeping us in this game and the last 10 of that half were depressing. GBR
  16. Headline: abused fanbase happy to embrace new sport on opening night. No but fr though, for a lot of us including me, this is THE sport. Pretty exciting time every year
  17. My mantra (for sake of my sanity) has become with Husker sports, to set the bar low and avoid disappointment. imo we already as a fanbase have CRAZY high expectations(Nebrasketball fans are better), for little reason. I'm trying to be more level headed and I think I'm much better than I once was. Cheers on putting your foot in for HHCC a bit this year. I usually miss a good handful and I wouldn't worry about missing them yourself, just do what you can. I agree on the numbers. I had 5 non con wins, and total wins at 14 but only inflated because of some winnable games in cayman classic. I look f
  18. Nebraska: Hoiball Version 76 - 63 UC-Riverside Non con wins (of 11): 9 Total wins(of 31): 14
  19. Better than the onion. Cheers. Is it possible that Creighton can be an experiment example of what the limits of success are from cheating/bag dropping? They're a Nebraska team, so maybe this offers a good environment for a scientific comparison for the effect... Nebraska almost exclusively a hard line approach against this behaviour, Creighton mostly welcoming of any "alternative" strategies. Damn this is funny though. If we end up finding success without cheating, not only is it hilarious but it will most likely eclipse creightons ceiling and roles may eventually reverse for "lit
  20. This all seems quite reasonable for Y1 in hoiball system, I like this. I'll be taking this same stance on it, and be closely following the team. I'll be that much more excited for progress and success in relation to that.
  21. Yes, true.. but I think what he is saying is that big men take particular work to develop.
  22. Think itll be entirely fine, but the lack of contact of yvan with the team both in decisions and travel arrangements early in his time here is concerning. However, I have a feeling he was this summer just in a process of enjoying his last months of French culture and immersion with that national team. Any cultural change is always hard, I can confirm from experience. I gotta give the kid some leniency. he isnt even here yet. Ideally we like to see kids on campus ASAP to get acclimated and into the system, thru culture shock ( esp in yvan's case), but I'm just happy to have any highly talented
  23. After reading through this, I remember hearing about it briefly...but with a more detailed pan here presented, I'm 100% IN on this 21-style no clock at end of games rule set. We all know the agony. Plus, maybe this keeps people from leaving early as much? Theres a better chance without a foul chess game that even with a 5 point deficit, you have a SHOT. Less of a shot if the lead is 15, but much better nonetheless. Let's get the ncaa working on this!!
  24. Still depressed that I mind farted and forgot to submit But boy has this been a great summer, and Italy has been a great trip for the boys. So much around the corner, and to top it off someone gets extra jerky, so extra early congrats to that person. :) ... and no reason I wont have some in my belly anyway before the trees change color
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