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  1. Not sure why we would want to run off the only guy on our roster who is taller than 6'6, especially since he is an in-state player, 6'11, with some skills (yeah, I know, not great skills). I am guessing that Brady doesn't need to be a prime-time player; he might be perfectly happy for his next 3 years filling a role on this team. Or maybe, when he adds 20 or 30 lbs, he might actually contribute more than that.
  2. As a season ticket holder, I hope that he is not waiting for anything. I hope expects to play well, be entertaining, and win in 2019-20. If you have Jervay, Dachon, Davis, Harris, Arop, a bigger, stronger Heiman (that sounds weird...), maybe Roby, fill in with 2 or 3 eligible transfers or new recruits who want to play now, he will figure out way to be competitive. Italy would be a great way to get that new group on the same page.
  3. Wow, amazing story. What a night! Regarding the Miles country club dinner, I may have attended that with you. Tim was great in that setting, and treated the fans awesome with great insight, inside info, and shared his basketball knowledge (contrary to the loud minority, he knows his X's and O's). I believe donors tried to have these dinners with Doc and Collier - just can't imagine that it would have been any fun... The good news for the future is that Miles has left everything in good shape. It's not like new coach is taking over 5 or 10 win team. 22 wins and 19 wins, just one step short of tournament. The new coach doesn't need to "turn around" anything, just needs to take the next step.
  4. Thanks for perspective on this potential option. Without looking behind the numbers, there will be calls for his hiring.
  5. Well, that's awesome then. I stand corrected. It sounds like Lewis is real good friends with Sharp, shares intel with him, and breaks bread. Then Sharp returns the favor by dissing Husker recruiting, poor-mouthing the team, and saying "Nebraska lost Omaha" on the radio earlier this year. This is after Lewis gets Heiman and Arop, and while he is trying for Sallis and Hepburn. Very helpful that the well-connected Husker alum that hosts Omaha sports show is bagging on the coaching staff while trying to get two major recruits out of the city. Lewis is probably thrilled with his good friend and Husker supporter.
  6. I would hope he is, with as much knowledge as he drops during his show. But even so, if true, how does that contradict anything that I said? Sure, maybe it is just Miles he hates, but over the years, when he talks Nebrasketball, it is only to poor-mouth them or take a dig. And never a positive outlook, even with local guys Heiman and Arop. So, for him to try to dismiss Green on his radio show, not a shock at all.
  7. You just cited Gary Sharp as a reference for Husker basketball, so you're info can't be too credible. That guy is not a Husker fan, nor is he an insider. He probably has Derrin's ear, sure. But he would never offer a positive opinion or outlook for Huskers. Just sayin'
  8. 6'6, no dribble, no drive, no defense, but can shoot in spurts. So, yeah, on this team next year, there is probably a spot for him.
  9. "Hey, Kenya, I know this seems like a good career move, but we have decided to take a new approach with Husker basketball. We are "all in", like we are in football. Here's what that means to you.. Coach Miles is getting a 3 year extension. We want recruits to know he is our coach and we believe in him (and you). His assistants will be getting significant raises with extra term guaranteed We will make recruiting travel easier for the assistants, like we are for the football coaches Did I mention we are giving you a raise? We understand you want a career path, and we are on board with that. Tell us how we can help. We think you and Coach are going to be successful and we want to give you whatever support we can." I guess I am making the assumption that this would have kept Hunter here. Maybe not. But if Moos (or whomever is making the call at the University) wants to tell us fans that they care about basketball and are dedicated to make us relevant, this discussion should've happened then and, more importantly, should happen with whomever comes in next.
  10. Copeland was not all-conference but was part of the collective and filled his role perfectly (and fit in this team perfectly). Without him, I don't think NE starting five is better than anyone in conference other than NW.
  11. Well, we could probably look at any statistical split before/after Michigan St, and none of them are positive after. But our defense was stellar prior to that. After Copeland, whether personnel or effort, teams seemed to be hitting their stride against our defense, especially from 3 pt range.
  12. this would be my biggest fear. If we are down the selection list far enough to go after DeVries, that's a problem.
  13. that wide open look for 3 rarely happened earlier this year. Guys played hard tonight but lack of communication, inexperience, and not knowing responsibilities ends up leaving guys wide open.
  14. Funny how things get twisted to apply a narrative. Ohio St got plowed at Purdue by 35, and discussion is about their seeding in the Tourney. NE gets beat by UM by 28 and it’s a reflection of the coach. Penn st wins 6 of 8 but our loss is Horrible, yet it’s another quad 1 loss. My original answer was get moving toward next year if you are firing him. If you go to NIT, them that’s a signal you are not firing him.
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