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  1. Love it all, but this is especially interesting. Cheatham is finding his role and now hes looking like the mature, confident player I was expecting. What I've noticed recently too, is hes one of our best guards in transition. With how sharp he is, he knows how to pick moments and windows to get to the basket. Very exciting signs all around!
  2. this is feeling good! Knock on wood. This is a nail biter, but weve led the whole second half. Nearly 25 min from what I can tell. Very impressive regardless. This is our W to lose! KP #6 you're going down!
  3. From what my eyeballs have seen today here, it's a bit of that, but mostly we're avoiding contact. I counted 3 or 4 times it could've been called a foul. A couple egregious
  4. Ugh. Way too many hero ball jump shots right now. Get the easy shot
  5. Just under 9 min to to here, gotta get fired up here, need some sparks and pts
  6. And just like that, its 4 points. That's the danger with elite teams. Hold tough, boys. Show that same defense we saw most of this game.
  7. Y'know, rebounding might always be a weakness. but I'm telling ya, I'm seeing the seeds of something here, right now we have 5 guys on the court who can shoot and hit 3s... <pumped for the future>
  8. Break neck pace, and were answering their right hooks with our own! Scintillating atmosphere here.
  9. Lol amazing little mandalorian baby Yoda clip edit there CAN YOU FEEL IT!?!
  10. "Started from the bottom" ...wait a minute guys, let's not get ahead of ourselves, this isnt a win yet. Love what I'm seeing! moral victory today! GBR
  11. Even on boards, but weve let them back in with a dry spell. Good D overall though.
  12. Great start, feisty look so far. Let's keep the pedal down and stay out of foul trouble. Need to check back on the jervay thread, still havent heard anything. Picking up early fouls for Purdue. Love this Sunday snow day crowd!
  13. Not sure if we'd already done this, I know we predicted overall wins. But conference wins? ... yeeeesh. 2 wins. If we're lucky, extremely lucky, maybe 4. But I'll be conservative and stay with 2.
  14. .... ...hmm, seems like a control freak "Karen" more and more the more info I get on her.... *table flip*
  15. Same. But it's the one thing even above personal attacks directed at me that enfuriates me-- toxic negativity and messing with kids on the site and online. While I do think the cream rises to the top and kids nowadays need to grow thicker skin, this cowardly couch coaching asshole behaviour that fans display really gets me piping hot mad. That's such a lot blow and (unfortunately) quite detrimental and impactful to some kids. I hate it. Dont get me started! what I'm hearing about cam's mom (or the burner account) starts to convince me that it's a bit of a scummy person behind that. What a s
  16. CU 85 NU 70. The shitbirds hit a lot of 3s and run as is their style. this isnt their usual elite bubble team level, but of course they’re still far ahead of nebraska. May be able to stick around and make it interesting. Hope to put a full game out there like we saw 1st half against GT. Stick to mantra for year of run, have fun, and improve every game!
  17. Well, that's at least what FH says in interviews, have to agree too. Idk how you fix that. Just going to take time, and lots of time repeatedly throwing them up in practice. No panic but it's the #1 most frustrating thing for any fanbase. Get my basketball idol steve nash in there fred! But this loss's key was all in the turnovers. The momentum and consistency on both sides of the ball ALL went out the window once we started giving them gifts en masse.
  18. Lol I totally forgot. The scapegoat the NCAA chose to go down for their big earning schools. A big to the money grubbing bastards and their money. Corrupt game we enjoy. Wish money didnt exist sometimes.
  19. GT , 73 – 64. First foray into decent bubble team territory, and away at GT I dont see a win for us here. Feels like Clemson a year ago. Could see a feisty husker team and if we play well and keep improving like im seeing, we can beat half the teams on our schedule. That's being generous and as usual I set expectations low. But I love what I'm seeing!
  20. Still puzzles me why huskers.com and the team officially are sponsoring this service. Usually the huskers tech / streaming lags behind, which is expected. What I would hope is they can figure it out and get us a reliable and more polished streaming service (especially if they're making us pay upwards of 30)
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