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  1. God, I wish. I need to get something like this or a camp propane stove to use on my apt balcony. This is grill season! Good luck finding your answers. I'm curious as well on this
  2. Maybe it's a time based thing? They kept me waiting around for a while. Samari is a gift from the basketball gods.
  3. Omg though, Delano is a freak athletically. His KD body type really might be dangerous when he fits in the system. Not bad rebounder either. Has to stay active. love this kid!
  4. Ugh I feel your pain. Had a bit of trouble myself. Make sure your adblock(s) are all turned off.
  5. Had to pull the move where I have the roster + jersey numbers on a tab somewhere because I dont know the numbers yet. It's a fun time, complete new team. Might miss on some, but I think we see full potential on all of them. They seem to practice unselfishly, defense is lock down (seen some great signs) and cross has this cool Zion chub thing going. Maybe he can bully with that weight. Just give them time tho in the weight room. But for gods sake, make sure you keep the sound low. It's so tinny, the Italians are very excited and yell, and it hurts the ears oh, oh so bad. You've bee
  6. Also on YouTube. the huskersonline crew have been pumping out the best huskers content which I've been drinking, koolaid style, for the past year and a half. Thx for the links! This is all exciting AF. Should be a decent team and one that enjoys their basketball. I wanna see a team that loves each other and has fun, and I think doc and the personalities we brought in will help with that a lot. Still a lot to see on.
  7. ??? Again, key examples of classic nebrasketball 7 footers who arent who I'm thinking of. The safe guard against andre almiedas is that fred is pretty much exclusively recruiting guys who can run the floor. We need an athletic big like that. Like I said I'm pretty over the moon with the big bodies we got so far (especially since those 240# bodies will really help in big 10 play slog, given they stay in shape and take adv of our nba facilities and add muscle) ?
  8. I said RIP-a-roni to that dude as a chance once I saw Duke was interested in him... Then again, that just double confirms his value. An athletic 7 footer is the dream. I'll take them maker/giannis prototypes any day. I dont care HOW weird their body type is! That said, I love the small ball style it seems fred is going for. No need to go Purdue big man if you have big bodies and effort rebounders! I see no problems! I'll take a 7 footer if you give us one though.
  9. The irony here is that with all the guys hoiberg is looking to bring in, the perfect big man recruit fred is looking for for this system of his, would be someone incredibly versatile like roby. Now we're building a team FULL of roby- like players plus outside shooters. Boys, this will be fun to watch.
  10. This. My thoughts exactly. When I saw tape on Stevenson, my mind immediately leapt to tucker. :) those are some great observations and points man.
  11. Nba comp: TJ Warren. Versatile stat sheet stuffer. Athletic with a very full thick frame. I remember tj and Tucker as well on that 2015 - 16 suns team as being similar guys who can play pretty much 4 positions. Very versatile. Love this kid already. Let's hope the chemistry works!
  12. Dude is beefy, but in a good way. Not entirely Zion beefy. Love his athleticism. He can shoot as well. The limited pitt tape he has looks incredible...couldn't find anything in nevada. Did he play at all in NV?
  13. Glad I moved, I used to live out on west A. Horrible commute and circumstances made me look for the alternative. Glad now that I made the move
  14. Can't complain... my apartment and life are intact. But that was damn scary. Scariest moment in my life. I work nights so I woke up at 5:45, 5 minutes before it hit north lincoln. Had to throw clothes on and try to hide on the first floor. Seems like these nados always miss the main metro area growing up here... tornadoes are part of life here and you get used to them. But the last 2 years they've not given a shit and headed straight for town. Love everyone here and also hope everyone made it out alright. I'm happy myself to escape with my life.
  15. I'm still blown away myself. Cant believe it still. It's not guaranteed that he gets it done, and his name may be getting these transfers... but rather I believe it's the magic moves of the deft hands of this staff that is making things happen here. So impressive how they're able to pick out the talent that fits the new system, and what's crazier for a husker basketball fan to believe is happening, we're actually landing these kids. This is all so exciting. I think if we're even average next year most of us are happy, but nobody will be surprised if fred & co finds greatness here in NE. Ca
  16. Yes! Like 'stalks of grain' or something like that. I like everything the griz do as well.
  17. I desperately need to be a high middle class man instead of a poor boi... not because I want to luxuriate in extravagant hedonism, but because there are so many cool products and excellent foods I want to consume / support. and that's just food. Imagine the possibilities~! That said, mo' money, mo' problems.
  18. Damn if that's not amazing. The best local Nebraska product. Couldn't want to support this kind of thing more. thank you for everything, cip. We need more like you. I'll def look into it. Haha no wonder the demand is high on this forum for the jerky! Lol :) gbr
  19. I think i speak for all of us, in that we love jerky. The contest is fantastic. but what if we just want jerky now? And your jerky! Is it possible to buy a lot wholesale? I guess I'm not aware of your history with jerky...do you make it, or do you just have a large stock year round?? So many burning questions
  20. Last heard it might be around 350, but that might be a high estimate. Only going on rumors.
  21. believe me, the price is no issue, the donation and "loyalty donation points" or whatever its called is. the reason I can't get the 200 seats I so deeply desire is because I haven't "levelled up" yet
  22. I'm with this guy. I'll pay as long as it's not ridiculous. What I'm more worried about is getting seats in the first place... #onyourtoesboys
  23. Next 7 years or so of final four sites. It's been one of my dream destinations to make an NCAA tournament, as I'm sure it is for many of us here. Maybe I can plan a trip to one of these, 2 birds one stone, I can also get to some cities on my bucket list! New orleans jumps out. But there are ones that are closer which would be easier to road trip. Greatest sporting events of all time! Also, link to the ncaa site I found these on. Useful reference: http://www.ncaa.org/championships/future-division-i-mens-basketball-championship-sites
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