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  1. Well, someone's gonna have to play the 4, but I think Curtis is gonna be too good to leave him on the bench.
  2. Not sure where he fits in, but I strongly believe Samari Curtis is gonna play and play a lot. He'll be right in this mix.
  3. Any scoring totals? I'm only finding partial lists.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/stories/huskerhoops/
  5. Running total through one game: Jervay Green 15 Kevin Cross 13 Dachon Burke 11 Matej Kavas 10 Shamiel Stevenson 9 Haanif Cheatham 7 Delano Banton 7 Samari Curtis 5 Charlie Easley 3 Jace Piatkowski 3 Thorir Thorbjarnarson 2 Bret Porter 2
  6. That may or may not be true. I thought Thor looked pretty good in his minutes.
  7. I'm watching it on a desktop. It's a little choppy, but not too bad overall.
  8. I mean...time will tell, I guess...
  9. Someone want to cross check this list? https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/nebraska-basketball-summer-offer-recap
  10. Seeing tweets from Chris Heady, Chris Basnett, Jacob Padilla and Mitch Sherman.
  11. They finished in a four way tie for fourth in 2011 finishing at 9-9. Highest B1G finish was in 1996 where they tied for second with Indiana.
  12. I expect those that are eligible to play will likely see roughly equal minutes.
  13. Maybe. I think this squad is gonna have more to work with than that ISU squad which was pretty bare bones. We won't (shouldn't) be that. I don't think we'll be 4-16 in B1G play come season's end. I think we'll be better than that. To what degree, I don't know. The range of possibilities with this team is pretty wide.
  14. A game in the coliseum would be incredible.
  15. I don't remember who had the list, Jeff Goodman, maybe? Here is who I saw was going to Italy: Baylor BYU Central Arkansas Clemson Colgate DePaul Houston Illinois Illinois State Iowa State Miami (FL) Minnesota Nebraska Northern Iowa Northwestern Pittsburgh Seton Hall Stanford UNC Wilmington Wright State
  16. I've seen a list of schools taking trips. I haven't found as much info about who those teams are playing.
  17. Someone out there in the twitterverse tracking what opponents all those CBB teams are playing?
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