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  1. Couple thoughts: - I don't have any expectation Easley will see any sort of significant minutes this year. Did you mean Curtis? He needs to play more than the nine minutes he got last night. - Cross was all sorts of lost last night. If that trend continues, he's gonna get a lot of mental reps during games. - Cam seemed to be able to get to the rim regularly, but if he can't finish, then no, he can't get a layup whenever he wants. My guess is it's just an adjustment to the step up in competition.
  2. I think there's some recency bias here. We'll see how things turn out as more of the season shakes out.
  3. Thanks. Wasn't able to get to this last night. Last night was pretty unsettling. I don't think I expected things to feel the way they did. My wife and I were sitting at the game and commenting about how strange it was watching such a new product. The arena was the same. The jerseys were the same. The on the court issues we've seen year after year were the same. The people we were sitting around were the same, but nothing else was. I've never experienced a new season where almost every single player was new. We all have to relearn every single thing. I wasn't mentally prepared for that when I walked into PBA last night. I'm sure we'll get to the point where I'm comfortable with things again, but last night wasn't it...
  4. Not going to be able to make it tonight, so if you want to go or know someone that does, my tickets are available.
  5. I believe they're trying to argue last year should be a redshirt year. He only played in four games at Pitt before transfering to Nevada at semester. If the was cleared, he'd be a sophomore with three full years to play.
  6. I didn't get to watch this one, but it sounds like a lot of guys played and they ran the Tigers out of the building. Nice to see that happen when it's supposed to. Here's to a new season!
  7. What I've heard is that he won't be doing any Nebraska games, at least not this year. If he stays with this gig and doesn't get back into coaching, which I believe he wants to do, perhaps that could change over time.
  8. I didn't get to watch this one, but it sounds like a lot of guys played and they ran the Tigers out of the building. Nice to see that happen when it's supposed to. Here's to a new season!
  9. Can't make it to the game tonight. I have two tickets in the 200 level if someone can use them. Would like $10 for the pair.
  10. All streaming services I've used (YT, Sling, Hulu, MLB.tv, etc) are all at least 90 seconds behind. That might be a little extreme, but that's what it feels like... All put me a play or two behind, which can take away some of the drama. I'm not disciplined enough sometimes to put the phone away between commercials.
  11. It also lacks MLB Network, I believe. YoutubeTV has that and I think the NFL and NBA channels. I tried them both last year and thought YoutubeTV was a superior product by kind of a lot. Maybe Hulu has caught up.
  12. If they're gonna send them by email, that stuff often gets out within 48 hours of the event. That's been my experience, at least.
  13. Add a 200 level ring of seats and turn what would be the 300 level into a party deck.
  14. One year ago tomorrow we got the 18-19 conf schedule. So, this sucker should be coming out any time now...
  15. That turned out really well!
  16. Aaron Craft? You're making that comp to Easley?
  17. And Damon's super passive aggressive "remember, as in don't forget..." gets me every time!
  18. I know they tried out a couple different guys before settling on shuffling things up and bringing back Mike'l. I think this will be a good lineup in the end. It'll take a while to find a groove, probably, but they'll find it. Still don't have anything as unique as Schick and Nick. Doubt anyone will be allowed to do a show like that again. It'll have to be a podcast. I only listen to pods of shows anymore. Who would have ever guessed radio would be a-la-carte before cable tv would?
  19. And connections to the AAU scene in KC. Might be a pretty savvy pickup .
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