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  1. I would be incredibly disappointed if we don't at least make the NIT.
  2. SJS is a tough job, a perennial also-ran in a conference that takes hoops seriously. Guess he can get even with NM for picking Pitino.
  3. We could do worse. We've proven that a number of times when making changes in the athletic department.
  4. Do you know that for a fact or are you just speculating?
  5. I would guess that Few's pitch was: "We'll plug you into Jalen Suggs' spot. You're a perfect fit." As soon as I saw Suggs play this year, I figured Hunter was going to the Zags. Very similar skills, physiques. Funny that his announcement date came right ahead of this weekend's game. Looks like large quantities of blue Tums will be consumed.
  6. I saw a feature on him earlier. He went to Rutgers for engineering, now going elsewhere for graduate degree. This is the way the system should work.
  7. Losing some big pieces through graduation too. Lon's leaving at a good time.
  8. I'd like to see the stats for 20 years ago, when there wasn't a "portal." You still had a lot of guys leaving, but it was because the coaches pulled their scholarships. As a fan, the transfer rate didn't seem that bad because you were clearing out guys who didn't play. I'd guess if you looked at the old rosters, you'd still see a lot of turnover.
  9. I think it would be cool if he transferred here to play for his dad for a year, but he won't be coming for PT. No way he'd crack our rotation.
  10. I think we overrate our facilities (all the top schools are first rate) and the appeal of playing for FH. There are a lot of good coaches out there, and he's put together ONE winning season in his last six of coaching in Lincoln and Chicago. A 17-year-old would have been 11 the last time he coached a good team at Iowa States. So selling a recruit to come here to win is tough. So what can we sell? (1) a style of play (2) a coach with NBA contacts (3) playing time. None of those is a team-oriented appeal, and I think that's just one of the reasons the last two teams have struggled to play together. I'm hopeful that with this year's holdovers, we can put together a good team that will get a big boost from a 5-star. If we can do that, then I think we can think about competing for championships.
  11. Gonzaga has been to a national final, 2 Elite Eights and 2 Sweet Sixteens in the last 5 tournaments (and at least the SS this year). So they're not wildly overrated. As for your second sentence, no argument.
  12. TV ratings for all sports have been poor during the pandemic. Super Bowl ratings were a 15-year low, in spite of the Brady vs. Mahomes matchup. Silverbacked's explanation ^^^^ sums up the feelings of many sports fans, I think. During these times, once your team is out, you just don't have anything emotionally (sportswise) left in the tank. PS: That doesn't describe me, I've DVR'd every game and watch at least part of every one. Love me some hoops. I checked out on football in October, though.
  13. Wow, they fired Bill Murray's kid. He's been with Mack for years.
  14. Am I really going to root for Fran today just to get the conference a win?
  15. Shiloh had 4 points and 6 rbs against Okie State. Also saw on twitter that he swatted Cade Cunningham.
  16. PS: If you buy the BIG basketball rankings this year, then check out the volleyball RPI: https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/volleyball-women/d1/ncaa-womens-volleyball-rpi Big dropoff in the Big Ten!
  17. I still think the BIG is the best conference, but a lot of its reputation was built on the fact that there was limited noncon. We had a lot of experienced teams that did well early in limited noncon, getting good computer rankings. BIG teams then got huge number of Q1 games during conference season and basically had no bad losses in conference. It's the exact opposite of what happened the year we finished 4th and ... well, you know. A closer look: Illinois had 12 Q1 wins but lost to Baylor and Missouri out of conference. Michigan, Iowa and Purdue had zero Q1 wins out of conference. And Iowa got smoked by Gonzaga. Ohio State beat UCLA, that's it. The point isn't that the BIG is horrible, nothing of the sort. But the ratings were crazy in a Covid year and now that's added to the NCAA, which is always crazy. I'd expect to get at least one BIG team in the FF, and maybe two. But I don't buy the idea that the Big Ten was some sort of juggernaut that towered over everyone. Btw, good for the mid-majors. The P5 won't play them, so they end up with lousy KenPom and low seeds every year. Teams like Syracuse get in every year just by virtue of a .500 record in the ACC. The system forces the mid-majors to swim upstream, nice to see them get their moment in the sun.
  18. So he's implying that someone else wanted exploding-head Fran? Iowa only needed to lock him up in the sense of a padded cell.
  19. I don't blame New Mexico fans for having high standards. They've been in the NCAA 15 times and have won 8 times. They were the top team in the Mountain West when Alford was there. Tim Miles had a 28-50 MW record during that time, and got to the NCAA once with an 8-6 conference record. So imagine for our next football hire if we offered the job to Dan McCarney. I think people in Nebraska have a much higher opinion of Miles than the rest of the country does. I seriously doubt he gets a power conference job, unless it's a lower-tier school that doesn't have the big bucks for a splash hire. Tim's a personable guy, but his record just isn't going to excite anybody.
  20. Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive, at the end of the line ... Always loved that line. (thinking of you, '62 Plymouth Valiant)
  21. The CIT tournament was canceled and the CBI is "exploring possibilities."
  22. Not surprised, he was tough at OC. His dad reffed some of my games when I was coaching U14s. Nice man and believe it or not, a good ref.
  23. I thought one of the reasons Trey left Pitt was because they didn't play together well. Anybody else recall that?
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