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  1. Maybe they're letting him teach a class.
  2. Not to put words in anyone's mouth, but I think the point being made was about making judgments based on some player's comments. I don't think he was saying that we didn't have culture issues. I think everybody has seen the selfish play, lack of rebounding, lazy defense etc. since Fred's first team took the court.
  3. Every time I've watched Johnson, he's been mostly catch and shoot. This year is key, if Bell West increases his ball handling duties, but that might be tough when they have Dotzler. I've said this before but it's worth repeating when talking about our local recruiting: the ship has sailed on the state's top-end talent. Nebraska had an extraordinary run of talent the last decade, but the next two years are sparse. There might be some late bloomers (Jacob Arop?), but Dotzler is the only high-end recruit in either class at this point. Tbh, I think our recent increased interest in local kids is a PR move. I don't mean that it's phony and we're never going recruit local kids, more that it's designed to show we're interested when the next good ones come along. My fear is if (when) Fred goes, the next guy sees the current slim pickings and doesn't lay the groundwork for future talent in the state.
  4. Things were going to be different every year except the 2014-2015 season. Things were supposed to be the same that year, but it turned out they really were different.
  5. Josiah Dotzler with offer from UNO.
  6. I'm not exactly Little Miss Sunshine, but I don't see how we can't win 6: Maine, UNO, APB, one game at the ESPN, BC at home and Queens. I'd say we have a shot at K-State too.
  7. Not sure that's the argument a Nebrasketball fan wants to put forward.
  8. Surprised Wilcher isn't in the first 5, not a lot of shooting there. I'm OK with playing in the 50s and 60s, since we're not going to shoot anybody out of the gym.
  9. Oh, gonna play the logic card, huh?
  10. Minny at 118, 13th in BIG. They lost 5 of their top 6 scorers, so not sure why they'd be ahead of us. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/20742
  11. I'm not seeing a Ron Harper Jr., Geo Baker or Clifford Omoruyi on our roster.
  12. I appreciate the sentiment that we just need to play hard and as a team, but I can't think of one Big Ten team that doesn't already have that as an expectation. That might get us to 12-14 wins, if we're good at home, but not much higher. So it comes down to talent, and I don't see one guy on the roster who can make an all-conference team. Walker, Wilcher or Kensei? Nope. The transfers? Gary and Bando weren't close to all conference level where they were, Sam was but in much lower league. The new guys? I'd be happy with any of them as a solid performer. So at this point we're pinning our hopes on "But (fill in blank) can really make a big jump!"
  13. Depressing for basketball. Two more teams to slot in ahead of us. If this happens, it might be Rock Bottom.
  14. Griesel, Gary and Bandoumel are most likely to start, (with Walker and Wilcher) so they're the top 3. Sam was our only ranked transfer, ranked 88th in 247's transfer rankings: https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-basketball-transfer-portal-player-rankings-2022-247Sports-187173346/ 82 on Watchstadium: https://watchstadium.com/the-top-75-college-basketball-transfers-for-2022-23-04-14-2022/ Unranked in On3: https://www.on3.com/transfer-portal/top/basketball/2022/ So by default, he must be No. 1. Gary was a part-time starter for a good Alabama team. Bando was the 4th leading scorer on a decent SMU team. So tossup. I honestly don't see Blaise and Walker on the floor at the same time, but Blaise will have more impact than the freshman guards, who all will be backups and likely getting fewer minutes than Kensei. Any ranking on the frosh guards is pure speculation or wishful thinking. Oleg won't play much. Could somebody really surprise to the upside and shoot to No. 1? Sure, but those are the kind of hopes that are prevalent in summer and crushed once the season starts. (See Kensei and Keon predictions last summer.)
  15. Top 144 countdown has begun, we're at 135, last in the BIG. Seems like we were in the 90s last year. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/20721
  16. I'm not saying there aren't any sleepers, maybe there are. But right now, the 2023 and 2024 classes are huge drop-offs from what we've been seeing. Dotzler might be the only high-major recruit in either class, and he's borderline.
  17. His legacy: 40th pick on a 10-win team. An interesting footnote 20 years from now.
  18. This kid's going to make a fortune on NIL!
  19. Tim used to do team camps, not sure if Fred ever has but Covid may have interrupted them. Easy way to evaluate talent of kids in the region.
  20. Name sounds like a Notre Dame offensive tackle.
  21. Beating LBJ counts for something, if nothing else it keeps him from matching MJ's 6 titles. You also have to give the Warriors credit for making it through a tough West bracket every year. The "weak tea" has been the Eastern Conference. Every team with a claim for the "greatest dynasty" (except the Auerbach Celtics) has a "what if" associated it with it. Warriors could easily have won 2 more titles without the injuries to their stars, plus the bizarre Covid postseason.
  22. NCAA wants "windows" for entering portal, rather than just a May 1 deadline: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34103087/ncaa-recommends-transfer-portal-windows-changes-infractions-process Interesting that half of portal players go unsigned. It's often portrayed as "looking for greener pastures" but these kids are far more likely to be the ones who were "encouraged" to look elsewhere. If you're somebody like Serge, you can always transfer down from a power league to a mid or low major, but the low major kids have few options. I think UNO had 4 scholarship players leave and all are still unsigned.
  23. I'm glad we're showing the flag, but tbh that's a pretty underwhelming class.
  24. Regarding the demise of the mid-range jumper: https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/12/7/22821023/nba-shot-quality-midrange-kevin-durant-brooklyn-nets I get that analytics can get tiresome, but they are designed for one thing: winning. Take good shots (inside or else 3s, which count for more points). However, good players (and good teams) have figured out that a defense with a shot blocker and pressure defense on the 3 point line can be countered by ..... the mid-range shot. The mid-range is a killer against drop coverage, which a lot of teams play. Look, I love basketball and the NBA has the world's best players. I honestly don't care if any of you don't watch, I just don't get a thread knocking it when a lot of us do. There's a popular soccer thread on this board, and I didn't go in there to point out that the Ukraine lost a 1-0 match because one of its players accidentally headed the ball into his own net. That's why I don't watch soccer, too many 1-0 games decided by a fluke shot or a guy pretending to get fouled. However, I'm happy for anyone who does enjoy it. To each his own. I'm not going to Applebee's again tonight, but I won't start a thread about it.
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