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  1. This stuff is silly. There's no way the Kentucky fan base accepts anyone who doesn't have a bigtime resume. We all love TM, but that doesn't mean you have to project him into the Kentucky job before he's won an NCAA game.
  2. Apparently is still growing at 6-11 and showed well at their camp: http://www.omaha.com/creighton/jays-pull-trigger-on-recruit-justin-patton-s-sudden-progress/article_2c57ac7f-87ec-536f-92dc-7ca407651b9e.html
  3. I don't claim to be a recruiting expert, but Thurman looked good to me. Good athlete who can shoot from outside. Maybe there were other issues, but I'm surprised he didn't get better offers. That's not a knock on UNO, glad he's staying in the area.
  4. I don't think the search for another PG reflects on Tai or Biggs so much as on Parker. One or the other of them can play 2, Parker is third among them and has nowhere to go.
  5. Walmart in Council Bluffs was in Dante's 5th ring, if I remember my literature correctly.
  6. OK, this is off topic, but how is Templeton Rye? Is really worth the extra $ over Old Rockgut, which I prefer when watching games? I like it. Its my go to, made in Iowa so you can usually find it at a decent price in Nebraska. It goes down real smooth, very little bite to it $28 at Walmart or Sams in CB. cant find it within $10 of that in Omaha. Very good stuff. Hey, thanks for all the info, at least some good came of this game!
  7. OK, this is off topic, but how is Templeton Rye? Is really worth the extra $ over Old Rockgut, which I prefer when watching games?
  8. Very well put. "The fans need to get into it" stuff is beyond lame. (somebody can provide an appropriate youtube clip here) Maybe at halftime the true fans who know what the rest of us are supposed to do should gather at midcourt and show us how to do it.
  9. I'm not second-guessing TM on the move at all, gotta play D. However, I'm completely ready to abandon the idea that Webster is somehow better because of his potential. Biggs is obviously a better offensive player right now and I don't see that changing next year, unless Tai suddenly starts hitting 50% on 3s. DB's also a pest of defense, just has a lot of breakdowns that can be corrected. And he needs to not get suspended. But it's time to realize that Biggs is really good, even if nobody ever called him a top 50 recruit. Maybe Tai's better in 2 or 3 years, but DB will be gone by then anyway.
  10. The stretch in the second half where they consistently worked the pick and roll against us for easy baskets was really frustrating. That doesn't have anything to do with our size in the post, that's just poor defense on a basic basketball play. On the plus side, we're really doing a lot of things right and I'm still encouraged by the way we're able to play at times. Last year we had periods where we shot well, but overall we really weren't very good. Cut down the turnovers and poor shot selection, and you'd have a really good team on offense. Petteway and Biggs are real playmakers. Let's grow up on defense.
  11. No doubt that it's true, but I don't think I like Miles saying it out loud. He's essentially saying he's coaching well enough but the guys he already has recruited simply aren't good enough to compete with the B1G boys. Let's chalk that comment up to frustration. Fans might like a coach promising to recruit better, but players hear, "The guys I have aren't good enough to win. I'm getting new guys." Some players might take it as a challenge, others would take it as being thrown under the bus by the coach. I don't think Miles would want to take the chance on losing his team two games into the BIG season, so I don't think that comment was really well thought out.
  12. We won't have small crowds this year. Small wasn't the right word. I know we're sold out, but if the season goes south, there will be more empty seats and increased interest in sampling concessions..
  13. I'd like us to find "the formula" in the next couple games. The homecourt advantage will shrink for us (casual fans will bail) if we struggle for too long. My hope for this year was generating enough early enthusiasm that the place would stay packed and loud and help win some tight games. If the crowds are small and the fans are munching nachos, then I'm not sure we'll be able to beat any of the good teams in Lincoln this year.
  14. I agree it's a process. Shavon and Petteway are players, and they're both just sophs. Hawkins looks like he can play, Tai too. They have good size at guard, but they're freshmen. All of these guys make a lot of mistakes that they won't be making in another year. And while our bigs are limited, they're decent players. Our frontcourt needs a couple more decent players to add up to something, but those two aren't stiffs. Sheesh, compare Pitchford to where Ubel was at the same stage. I guess if you thought we were going to the NCAA this year, then you might be disappointed in our roster. I never expected us to have a winning record, but I see a lot of young players with ability. They just need to learn to play together.
  15. Sorry to further digress by responding. I think you get four years for transition, the NCAA has guidelines for making sure things progress, presumably because they don't want Joe's University throwing up a "Now NCAA Division I" sign out in front of their admin building. I'm pretty sure UNO has one more year in purgatory and is eligible in 1915-16. btw, they looked pretty tough against Minnesota (tied at half), they're one big man away from being a pretty darn good team.
  16. Couple of things to consider: First, is having the time to practice a press when you have a young team that has so many other things to work on. Second is that the press doesn't work well if you can't score consistently, because you can't get set up. Programs that press all the time and have done it for years develop the discipline to keep pressing even when they're not scoring or when the other team beats it down the floor to get an easy bucket. But young, inexperienced players' shoulders drop when things don't work and the press ends up in a layup drill for the opponent. I think TM used it in Omaha as a teaching experience since the game was out of hand and may try to use it more as the season goes on. All that being said, yeah, I think we have the players who could make it work. For example, Pitchford is not a strong post defender in halfcourt but seems like a good guy to have at the back of the press.
  17. Lunardi's brackets are a joke, just something to get him face time on ESPN. It's like he doesn't take into consideration anything that could happen the rest of the season. While any December bracket is kind of ridiculous on its face, this one at least has some sense to it: http://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-tournament/bracketology/ UNO is listed, even though they're ineligible. Interesting, though.
  18. Questions: Is there a message board anywhere in the country where the posters don't complain about the fans, students or otherwise? Why are the only good fans who know how to act the ones who post? Does posting generate the enthusiasm that allows you to "act excited"? How is it that the posters learned how to act? Is there someplace, other than a message board, to take lessons in how to act?
  19. Please let this thread die. We're embarrassing ourselves.
  20. The NIU win dropped us to 116. More interesting are our offensive/defensive ratings. Despite all the talk about our offensive issues, KenPom points to our bigger deficiency as being defense. Of course, the offensive lapses are more noticeable than somebody who's slow rotating on defense.
  21. I'm not in the camp that we're a borderline NCAA team this year. But we will be next year and part of the reason is that Miles is pushing our young roster with a challenging schedule this season. Too bad we lost two games, but in the long run, we win.
  22. Are we at a crossroads? Only in the sense that every season has 5 or 6. We'll get back home, beat some schmoes and regain our confidence. Then we'll see if we can handle our next test. Then we'll regroup again. It's a long season, and this is a young team. This is what young teams do. It's way to early to have any kind of opinion one way or the other on the coach, but this is a message board, so venting is encouraged.
  23. Shatel had this item the other day: Louisville coach Rick Pitino had some fun with some of his players at the Cardinals' tipoff lunch back in October, including Akoy Agau, the former Central star. Pitino told the audience that Agau was from Nebraska and noted, “He plays defense like he's from Nebraska.” might explain the playing time.
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