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  1. I’ve heard Torn ACL. Done for year. Hope what I’ve heard is wrong.

    Roby will be back. Book it

    Scoring doesn’t seem to be on his mind when they are running the offense and he is out at the top of the key. He rarely squares up and takes a look at the hoop when he is in that spot but rather just sets a screen and hands the ball off or he keeps on passing around the perimeter and then rolls to the hoop. An occasional square up to the hoop at that spot might lead to some points or some open team mates. This would be a subtle variation of their current offense but could open him up to score more etc.
  3. Great performance by Roby. Great to get a much needed win. Penn State had 21 offensive rebounds. We have to find a way to not let that happen.
  4. Minor groin strain. Would have played if it was big ten opponent. He should be fine.

    Amir Harris...

    The concern about mono is getting a ruptured spleen from contact on the court. The risk for a ruptured spleen is typically about one month. The medical staff knows this.
  6. Let’s make this transfer happen.
  7. I blame this debacle on the lavender shoes worn by Glynn and James.

    Playing as a team

    It is no secret that this year we have three guys trying to make the NBA or play pro ball somewhere when college basketball at Nebraska is over. Palmer , Copeland , and Roby all were testing the waters over the summer and although it was unlikely Isaiah was going anywhere, James and Isaac were not a sure thing on coming back for this season. Well, we lucked out and all three are back. I am wondering how these three guys will play together this year with their future after Nebraska basketball on their minds as they go through the season. Will they play together with a team first mentality or will they try to pad their own stats to help their future after Nebraska. We want Nebraska to win and keep winning first and foremost. Does anyone have any thoughts or concerns about how these three will play together this season and how it will impact the team. Just throwing this out there as we get going after three easy wins.
  9. A quite night by Isaiah. Some silly fouls diving up to try and block a 3 pointer and an offensive charge trying to maneuver past several on the way to the hoop. I had hoped he would figure out how to stay out of foul trouble this year and it kind of happened in the first half against a team like this. Also for the most part he played too unselfishly as usual. I know this is just one game and not a typical opponent so I’m not too worried but.....
  10. ZAYWHAT!

    10/24 Scrimage

    Did Isaiah play? and did dedoch look good?
  11. ZAYWHAT!

    10/24 Scrimage

    For those of us not lucky enough to be there do you know if anyone will be streaming the scrimmage online and if so where?
  12. ZAYWHAT!


    21-6 13th