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  1. From what I can see 19 out of the 30 second rounders in 2018 had guaranteed contracts for one year or more for millions of dollars. I’ve put this link on here before but here it is again. https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/10/recap-of-2018-nba-draft-pick-signings.html
  2. Sports illustrated in their analysis of him recently said he was likely underutilized offensively in part due to selfish guards. That’s one way to put it , and I agree that Palmer rarely looked for him near to or breaking to the basket. I would guess he would have increased his scoring considerably if that had occurred.
  3. How could you not like Tim Miles. A class act. A nice man. A good guy. A great representative for Nebraska on and off the court. The last few years have been so exciting at times. This year fell short and ultimately that was it. I will miss him.
  4. I think he has another semester before he can graduate. Also here is a link that tells what kind of money is out there for second rounders in the NBA. This kind of money is hard to pass up. You never know when you will tear your ACL (Copeland). https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/10/recap-of-2018-nba-draft-pick-signings.html He did have a phenomenal last home game at PBA . Too bad his likely last game as a husker last night was not like last weeks home game.
  5. I love Johnny , but you know your in trouble when he has more points than Isaiah and James combined at the half.
  6. Copeland , Glynn , Tanner, and Palmer are all gone. He would be the only returning senior. We all know Isaiah has aspirations to play in the NBA. It seems that the majority of those drafted these days are freshmen or sophomores. Looking at his future from Isaiah’s possible perspective , does coming back for his senior year improve his chances in the nba draft? It seems nearly a done deal that there will be a new coach in Nebraska. New coach and a new system. It seems to me that with the big three seniors leaving and tanner as well that there will be less overall talent next year on the floor for the huskers than this year. Could be a long season. Would a losing season hurt his chances of making the nba? Isaiah would likely be playing the 5 spot again for the huskers quite a bit of the time , not his natural position. He would seemingly be the featured scorer which could be good for him as he doesn’t seem to have ever allowed himself to step into that roll. I’m not sure he is capable of that roll. He had so many opportunities after Copeland went down to step up and score and did not do it most of the time. Was it because it’s not the kind of player he is? Did he lack confidence? Was he too unselfish? Was he just not capable of stepping up and becoming a consistent scorer? Is he capable of making it in the nba or was this his audition down the stretch this season in the big ten and he did not pass the test? He has big games from time to time and he does amazing things from time to time. Will coming back help or hurt him? Has he showed enough? ESPNs mock NBA draft online had him at 32 this past week even after the disappointing slide of the Huskers this season and Isaiah’s ups and downs. What do you think ?
  7. Do you believe in Miracles............ ... Yes!
  8. Why do all the trees in Nebraska lean to the east.............. because Iowa sucks!
  9. Isaiah wearing Copeland’s number 14 today to honor the glue that held this team together on senior day.
  10. I’ve heard Torn ACL. Done for year. Hope what I’ve heard is wrong.
  11. Scoring doesn’t seem to be on his mind when they are running the offense and he is out at the top of the key. He rarely squares up and takes a look at the hoop when he is in that spot but rather just sets a screen and hands the ball off or he keeps on passing around the perimeter and then rolls to the hoop. An occasional square up to the hoop at that spot might lead to some points or some open team mates. This would be a subtle variation of their current offense but could open him up to score more etc.
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