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  1. Is there any possibility of having an offense this year? UC riverside shot lights out from behind the 3 point line tonight. Not every team is going to shoot like they did. But there has to be someone that can score for us if we have any chance to win this year.
  2. It’s great to get a couple wins. But I’m wondering how good is the quality of the teams we are playing over in Italy? Are they equivalent to college teams in the US or what?
  3. Isaiah made the right choice, Not returning. His Mavs contract is official with him getting 6.7 million over 4 years with a two year guarantee. So happy for him. He now needs to sign a deal with Nike for the state of Nebraska !
  4. So what is everyone’s guess about what slot Isaiah will be drafted tonight. I’ve seen anywhere from 27-44 lately. Im going to say the 34th spot to the 76ers
  5. Sad to know he won’t suit up for the huskers ever again. But so exciting to see him go to the next level and realize his potential. Keep the clips coming Gmaw!
  6. The 29th of May is finally here. This is the deadline. Declaration day. What’s he gonna do?
  7. How many guys are at pro day? And all nba teams are there to watch? How did Isaiah finish up?
  8. Can someone post the link to the stats for everyone at the combine and how they tested in various drills or qualities?
  9. I watched some film on him as well. He looked quick and strong , but was playing most of his game on the ground. I guess he’s only 17, so I’m sure he will learn to get above the rim. Looks like a lot of potential.
  10. Found this yesterday. Interesting information. From Hail Varsity by Derek Peterson Love or Hate : Roby’s Move, Hoiberg’s Reset, Eratad’s Fall Isaiah Roby has an NBA Draft Combine invite. He’s one of only 66 players to have that. He’s hoping to become the first Husker drafted since 1999. A report from Syracuse.com’s Donna Ditota gave a pretty good indication of what that combine invite means for Roby’s draft prospects: In the last five years, 43 of the 60 draft picks on averaged were combine participants. In the last five ye
  11. I found out tonight he does not have to declare on May 29th one way or the other since he was invited to the combine. If he does not get drafted he comes back. If he’s drafted he does not come back. May 29th is irrelevant. I heard he had a great tryout with the Bulls today. The combine starts Tuesday.
  12. So if he goes undrafted he can return for his senior year and this “he must declare by May 29th “ is not accurate?
  13. So help me out here. I have heard two different things. Scenario #1 since Isaiah was invited to the NBA combine he does not have to declare he is going pro and can see if he gets drafted and if he gets drafted he goes with the team that picks him and if he does not get drafted he can go back to nebrasaka for his senior year. Scenerio #2 he has too declare by May 29th if he will go through the draft and then is not allowed to return to Nebraska for his senior year if he goes through the draft. which way is it?
  14. From what I can see 19 out of the 30 second rounders in 2018 had guaranteed contracts for one year or more for millions of dollars. I’ve put this link on here before but here it is again. https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/10/recap-of-2018-nba-draft-pick-signings.html
  15. Sports illustrated in their analysis of him recently said he was likely underutilized offensively in part due to selfish guards. That’s one way to put it , and I agree that Palmer rarely looked for him near to or breaking to the basket. I would guess he would have increased his scoring considerably if that had occurred.
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