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  1. C'mon I hang on every word...I need a little more context as I didn't really hear the lead in question and circumstances. Basically, he was saying Miles talked to him and motivated him, and from that conversation, he got the motivation he needed. KP asked him what was said. Then he said he couldn't repeat it and laughed. Is that audio online? That's one thing I like about 1620, is they have all podcasts posted.
  2. One of the highlights was sitting with and talking to uneblinstu, nuled2dance, and lang. Wish we had a Michigan or Michigan State effort tonight. Are the guys just wearing down? Glad to see the fight at the end. Hope we can pull out a few wins - there are still some to get out there.
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    SOS shouldn't be much of a problem this year... Where'd we rank last season?
  4. Gallegos - 30 Rivers - 15 Biggs - 19 Pitchford - 31 Pettaway - 13 Shields - 17 Parker - 10 Vucetic - 5 Webster - 32 Fuller - 18 Hawkins - 10 What if we bring in Atewe or another guy? That changes things. We're gonna be pretty short next year...
  5. Here we go... I thought after UCLA that NU really needed to consider a complete makeover with the football team. That was truly embarrassing, just like Ohio State and Wisconsin. But looking at the whole picture I'm okay with where we're at. Some improvement, players in the right spots, just needed the players of 2009 to be able to make the plays on defense. The more I thought about it, unless the program has losing seasons or low character guys, the last thing it needs is more turnover. Continuity with Bo for a few more seasons, I think, will lead to better successes. The chances for a 'instant winner' are few and far between. I went to the B1G and was as pissed as anyone, stunned, disappointed, all those things. A lot of bad defensive records were set this year, I'm very cognizant of that. But the ship isn't sinking.
  6. It will be crazy to look back at this thread next year and see how we predicted. It's obvious we will have new starters as we already have 3 seniors starting anyway. But it could be 5 new starters. It's going to be a crazy few years. Hopefully, this is the last season we truly have to say "well at least we have next year". Improvement is already here, I think if you polled 100 Husker fans over 90 would say we're doing better so far than they had expected. I do wonder, though, how many more players may be leaving. I'm not saying any will, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it happened.
  7. Does Biggs playing this year really mean much? To me, might result in a couple extra wins. Will hold up a scholarship an extra year. But I don't think it will affect recruiting in the big scheme of things. I'm okay with him redshirting - we might look at it in 3 years and be thrilled he did.
  8. I've liked this guy at state basketball games. Gotta ask though, what happened to the old guy? He'd been around for quite a while and did a nice job also...
  9. Michael Beasley scored 50 on us...Don't you remember?
  10. Lot of variables. But I think a few nice conference wins, and a couple against the bottom feeders. So, I'll say 5-6 conference wins.
  11. http://huskerhoopscentral.activeboard.com/m705652/profile/
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