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Lefties ? ( just for fun post…help me fill in the blanks )


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Noticed in the recruiting forum that we are interested in yet another lefty.  It got me trying to list all the lefties I could think of since Danny Née.   Just from memory, here’s what I got….Vick, Lewis Geter, VanPolgeist, Boone, Strickland, Pike’s little brother, Sek, Anton, Thor, Jordy, Edwardo, Keisei.  That’s all my brain could muster on a Sunday night as I’m looking forward to hitting the sack and tackling the coming week.  Surely I’ve missed some, anyone got anybody to add ?

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54 minutes ago, cipsucks said:


I could be completely wrong on this, but my surviving brain cells, the strong ones, tell me Tim West was a lefty.  Played one year, 79-80, Joe's last one, and was lights out from the corner.  

I remember hearing about him.  Just a whisker before my time.  So I’ll go with, “ you’re probably right” !

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