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  1. If the team has truly bought in to WE>Me, I think we will have a chance to make some noise in the B1G this season. I'm cautiously optimistic, but it's hard not to drink the kool-aid, even for this long time Husker hoops fan.
  2. Oleg is in the house! https://huskers.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/oleg-kojenets/42987
  3. Dean answered your question above, international 3-point line.
  4. Green starting to get more attention. (scroll to the bottom of the article)
  5. Really want Jasen in a Husker uniform!
  6. Favorite beer: Don't have a favorite, but prefer dark beers (stouts and porters). Prefer hard cider. Favorite Spirit: I suppose vodka for Moscow Mules. Favorite cuisine: Thai Favorite NBA team: First favorite was the Seattle Supersonics with Gus Williams, Dennis Johnson, Jack Sikma and Downtown Freddie Brown, then the Sixers during the Erving years. Still watch today, but don't have a favorite team. Favorite athlete of all time: Walter Payton "Vacations" or "trips"?: Both. Weekend trips help get me to vacations. Beach, mou
  7. Looking at the group photo in this tweet, Edwards is all of 6'7", maybe taller. And HCFH grew a little too!
  8. Well...if you take the low numbers I suggested, it comes to 79 and in my defense, I didn't want to leave any of the guys on scholarship out. Obviously the rotation won't go 13 deep, but 10 is a possibility, with the remainder getting spot minutes during the season. The players that are a part of the regular rotation need to be putting up at least 75/game IMO.
  9. I'm hoping we will see more balanced scoring with multiple players averaging double figures, with solid offensive contributions from the remainder of the guys. Maybe something like this. 10-14 ppg (Alonzo, Bryce, Lat, Trey) 6-9 ppg (CJ, Derrick, Keon, Kobe) 3-5 ppg (Andre, Keisei, Quaran, Trevor, Wilhelm) IMO, if we are to make a significant jump in the B1G standings this coming season and beyond, we need to average in the mid to upper 70's. We appear to have the fire power for next season, but we also have a lot of youth that will need to step up for this to
  10. The quick answer is yes - Cheatham, Burke and Mack did and Thor and Green were over 8/game. Too bad we didn't have much scoring after that.
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