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  1. Jahlil Okafor is the big dude in the photo and was our main target in that group. He went to Duke as a one and done, first rounder, but hasn't had a great NBA career and has bounced around the league a bit.
  2. He must of had a change of heart. I thought he had had enough of being the head guy? Or maybe it was just Hattiesburg?
  3. Not sure. I think he may have come across as standoffish or aloof and didn't seem all that personable, but I didn't ever meet the guy in person. I personally liked the hire at the time and truly thought he would get it done at NU.
  4. Burnett would be my guess as well.
  5. It will be interesting to see Trey and Xavier go head to head next season.
  6. Are you saying that Robin is insinuating that we are looking good with a CG from a high major or that is who we are focusing on?
  7. I'll say I'm cautiously optimistic regarding Tominaga in terms of getting his shot off against better competition. I think a lot of it will have to do with Fred getting him open looks much like what he has done for Lat. The other three guys you mentioned struggled for primarily the same reason IMO. Kavas was too slow and once he discovered this it got between his ears and he struggled to the point of passing up open looks. Green could elevate above his defender so lack of athleticism wasn't an issue. IMO, confidence was again the issue for Green. Lakes should be able to get open looks if Lat c
  8. I didn't see anything in his highlight video that showed him actually creating an opportunity for a teammate off the dribble. He delivered the ball to guys who were open on the perimeter, but that was it. Maybe he has the skills to be a PG, but I don't know if you want him to be learning on the fly if he doesn't. He sure can catch and shoot though. Hi degree of difficulty on a lot of his shots too.
  9. He appears to be more skilled than Sergei, but only time will tell. His dad appeared to be well put together in the pic of when he was in college. Once his son physically matures in the next year or two, we could have a good one.
  10. The fact that he jumped ship so quickly at UNLV should have been a big heads up that he would do it again if given the chance and he did. So yeah, I don't feel sorry for Texas Tech's AD.
  11. Houston is still proving that.
  12. Coach Izzo: And the fact that we just recruited your replacement, we just don't see you getting many minutes next season.
  13. Wendell Green Jr. is another (see transfer thread).
  14. You and anyone else who wants to throw out some names. We have reached out to Myreon Jones too and he would be a good fit, but I don't know if he has any interest. Just trying to keep the conversation going while we wait for the next bit of news.
  15. Yes, it could end up being a CG, but someone who is used to having the ball in his hands a lot as opposed to playing off the ball. I agree we are not just looking to fill a spot, but looking for someone that would contribute right away. Any thoughts on who might be a good fit for dear old NU?
  16. Presuming we are still looking to add a point guard for next season, but with our #1 target going to MSU and not hearing much more on Pinson, who else are we targeting? Two I think we would be looking at are Khristian Lander from Indiana and Kellan Grady from Davidson. Any other names to discuss?
  17. I guess we will get to see how good he really is, but hopefully not that great when we play them.
  18. Do you really think we have the personnel at present to finish in the top half of the B1G? Even if we did, you are always looking to improve your roster, otherwise you fall behind. So when does it stop? Never. You never stop recruiting.
  19. My preference is to not have a ball dominant guy. I think most would agree that Fred's offense works much better when the ball doesn't stick. Having said this, we do need guys who can beat their defender off of the dribble, especially when the offense has broken down and it's late in the shot clock/game.
  20. I would like to see better assist numbers from the point guard position. He appears to be score first, pass second. I would prefer the reverse.
  21. JMO, but if this is your motivation as a player then you will probably be in the portal more than once and most likely on losing teams at each stop as well. I want someone who is a team guy and cares about winning, regardless of how talented he is.
  22. What others have said. I see him as a stretch 4, but he could play the 5 if we go small.
  23. Do we know this for sure? Is it a long 'A' or a short 'A'?
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