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  1. Huskers 67 other Guys 76 I really hope I’m wrong but they’ve owned us lately
  2. I agree with this. We saw it a little against Kansas. Their big guy was killing us but Roby defended him as well as Jordy and he couldn't guard Roby effectively. I'd actually like us to draw up some plays to get Roby isolated on his guy, especially when it's a big guy. Most big guys will end up getting beat and giving up a good look at the basket or fouling him. I think it could be a way to get Haas off the floor against Purdue.
  3. I’ve been back and forth all day. F it. Huskers 73 other guys 68
  4. I think you’re oversimplifying it. I’m not “satisfied” nor do I think hskr4life is either but this team has improved a great deal so far. I’ll reserve judgement for when the season is over. If we continue our improvement we could have a really good season. I’m just as pissed off and angry as anyone right now but unlike some folks here I’m not ready to pile on the fire Miles bandwagon and assuming the season is already lost. Plenty of time for that. In the meantime we can either stay positive and root for the team or take a turn to negative town.
  5. You go too low when you attack labs. I'm guessing some of them are smarter than you. Or at least smarter than me because they turned their heads away from the game before the end. But yeah, Norm, never change!
  6. Agree with you on that one Norm. Additionally, I thought it was interesting hearing both Evan and Glynn talk about the increased competitiveness of practice. Kind of confirms what a lot of the offseason talk on the board has been - much more depth, leading to more competition, leading (hopefully) to more wins!
  7. I think you're dead on with both points Sam. When we made the NCAA a few years ago and had no sit Sunday, football took a backseat for a few weeks.
  8. I thought the comments around the one day preps was interesting. Especially how he sees it impacting the amount of zone vs man to man defense they play.
  9. Interesting take about rebounding. I hadn't really thought about it being a weakness with the length and athleticism on the roster. There won't be many times where we won't have a longer/taller lineup on the floor than we did on average last year. Rebounding is very much about "want-to" so imho that will be the x factor here.
  10. IMHO, this year we will either dance or be a total bust. I just don't see this team anywhere in between. We either gel and the talent shines through in a big way or Miles gets exposed and we have an awful season resulting in his dismissal. I'm cautiously optimistic it's the former and not the latter.
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