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  1. Huskers 69 other Guys 62 4 guys bonus prediction - Glynn busts out with 15 points and POG honors
  2. I'm not saying it doesn't play second fiddle. My worry/question here is whether we have a good AD that can build a successful basketball program or if we have "the guy that hired Scott Frost".
  3. Fair point on the donor side, hadn't thought of that aspect.
  4. I get your point but disagree. Especially when you have a program that looks to be in free fall and everyone is already questioning your conspicuous absence at the rest of the games. Under "normal" circumstances I could agree with you but it's not anywhere near normal circumstances right now. I'd like to have some type of reassurance that Moos is paying attention and cares about basketball. Thus far, I've seen almost none. BTW, I'm not saying he should be at the game to support Miles or that Miles should be retained. Just saying I have almost no faith in how he's handled basketball and this is another example of it.
  5. Maybe Frost can coach basketball in his free time! ?
  6. If we are going to fire Miles we need a coach that has taken multiple teams from Power 5 conferences to the Dance and won. History has proven this job is too hard for the "up and comer". If we can't find a guy with proven experience, I'd rather go with the Duke or other blue-blood assistant coach route (i.e. Chris Collins). They've at least seen what it takes at this level to recruit and complete. If we've proven anything over the last several years, it's that the "hot mid-major guy" doesn't work here.
  7. As another example of the administration not fully supporting basketball, here's a post from Twitter showing Moos having a great time at a football recruiting event at the same time the basketball team was playing a real game in Lincoln. Tell me this doesn't send a clear message that basketball is second fiddle and not a priority when he's skipping a game to attend this event. I don't care if the coach is on the hot seat or not, he should be at every game possible. He made all the football games with Riley on the hot seat!
  8. Huskers 68 Other guys 64 Sometimes you have to believe beyond reason
  9. I agree with you on the fracture. Whether it's attributable to Miles or not depends on how the rest of the season goes. If we somehow right the ship and make the dance, there will be a lot of people that still want him gone. If we continue tanking, not so much. That said, the thing that is very real is a fractured program. Moos, Bounds and Green have done NOTHING to unite the fan base or the program. Scott Frost wants morning practices? Done! Don't care how much work it causes faculty or how much they don't like it. Miles wants a contract that doesn't tie his hands in recruiting? Sorry, 1 year for you. My point isn't the contract length, it's about "unity of purpose" and removing excuses. For the last 3 years of his tenure, we've done nothing to make his job easier or take away excuses. We continue to show we aren't really committed to basketball despite all the big talk by Bounds and others. In his article yesterday, Shatel said Bounds expects BIG championships and deep runs in the tournament. If that's the case, then let's see it through actions, not words. I don't know if Miles is the right guy for the job. Evidence is mounting he isn't. My point is that until the fracture is addressed and the administration gets their head in the game and aligned behind the program and coach, we are in for Groundhog Day and that's depressing. I'm tired of administrative BS and talk, let's see a real plan for how we get it headed in the right direction and some proof (like Moos, Bounds and Green being visible at games like they are for football). Who the coach is in the future is irrelevant in this discussion unless making a change is what is going to get everyone aligned and working together to make the program successful.
  10. If the only thing the AD is looking at is wins/losses to determine the trajectory of the season why is everyone so excited about a 4-8 record for Frost this year? Oh, it's likely because there's always more to the story than just wins/losses. In TM's case, the trajectory of the program has been clearly on the rise, maybe not the results in the W/L column, but the talent level has done nothing but dramatically climb in his time here. If the AD can't see that from wherever he watches games then he's not paying much attention. The only reason the decisions by Palmer and Copeland were so important is because they were playing for Nebraska, not GTown and Miami. I love how having guys that are getting NBA attention becomes a negative for the coach because they might leave. As for him not being perceived a lame duck, read nearly any off season article that came out after the tepid one year extension from Moos and find one that doesn't somehow imply he was on the hot seat. If you are truly doing what's in the best interest of the basketball program then take away excuses and do everything you can to make your coach successful. Maybe do things for the basketball coach like you did by clearing the path for your football coach to have practices in the morning when he wants them. Things like that speak to commitment and investment in your coaches and programs. One year extensions that even potentially inhibit recruiting do not.
  11. I'll say that equally important to his scoring is his improved ability to find teammates for open looks. He's improved a great deal in that aspect and isn't just a guy looking to "get his".
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