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  1. Funny story I was at a party a few years ago and Jeff Graves the former KU player was there. We were talking hoops he asked who my favorite team was I told him Nebraska. He jokingly gave me a little bit of flack and I was like well you know the last time they beat you guys you were playing lol and I was talking about Nate Johnson. Turns out they are really good friends dude even gave me a ride home at the end of the night.
  2. If Fred gets this kid build the damn statue I dont care what anyone says.
  3. Knew him personally went to high school with him. He went from being 1 of the worst players I've ever played against his freshmen year of HS to playing at Nebraska. Really a remarkable transformation in just a few years.
  4. Surprised Jamel White wasnt on that list kid was a good player
  5. By my count atleast 5 guys with atleast a year experience or more. Easily the most in a few years with an infusion of talent and solid bigs. Great place to be.
  6. I said 18 wins a month ago. I'll stand by that.
  7. So if we start rating transfers as you're proposing would recruiting services use their high school rating or rate them on their performance on the team they were transfering from?
  8. Maybe. Post what your rotation looks like I think it's a good conversation.
  9. He has a chance to play professional ball in his home country. Theres a thing called the internet where he can finish any remaining courses he has.
  10. It would make no sense for him to come back if hes not playing.
  11. Did the talent level not needed to be upgraded since the first 2 years of Fred being here? This is a confusing argument. Who are you going to take time away from to play Thor? It's a more than fair question.
  12. Only so many guys in the rotation though.
  13. No I'd rather win and Edward's gives us a better chance.
  14. So those who down voted me youd rather have Thor than a top 30 recruit? Bullshit.
  15. Just an observation but this board really loves it some Tim Miles.
  16. Word a few weeks ago he was Arkansas or Auburn bound
  17. Interesting. Sorry I havent really been following this and didnt know that. Not sure what Stevens is thinking it sounds like hes on his way out with Boston.
  18. As a virgin thanks for breaking this down for me.
  19. Meh Brad Stevens is the guy I would have gone for.
  20. I dont fault Moos for hiring Frost it was the obvious choice and likely the only time Nebraska football will ever hire a head coach who went undefeated in a pretty good conference. Hes given all the resources Frost/Hoiberg need. I think judging by results right now is a little premature I'm just speaking purely on the qualifications both of those hires had before coming here. It's rather remarkable that a school like Nebraska was able to land them both.
  21. Frost went undefeated at UCF his last year and could have went to any school with an opening at the time. Hoiberg was and maybe still is a top 25 coach. I'd imagine he too could have had just about any job opening of his choosing.
  22. I hope this is the right section to put this in. Would be a huge loss I know we havent gotten the results we wanted yet but the Frost/Hoiberg hirings are two of the best in the country. World-Herald Sports @OWHsports ยท 3h #BREAKING: #Huskers A.D. Bill Moos is reportedly under "initial consideration" to become the Pac-12 Commissioner. More from @swmckewonOWH :
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