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  1. I forget where I saw the pic of Hoiberg with Pollards daughter who goes to UNL but Fred tweeted it to him so I question how much they really dont like eachother.
  2. I suggested firing Eichorst a year before he was canned and got lit up on here.
  3. I'll take Pollard or Garth Glissman whom has a kick ass resume and would only help Nebrasketball that much more.
  4. I got them as a fringe tournament team this year
  5. Yeah genius strategy for a small market team. I dont know alot about how the NBA salary cap works but imagine it would be hard to pay that many guys I'm sure they can continue to flip some of the talent theyll get for more picks if it comes to that. Either way great position for Isiah if he keeps it up he will get paid by someone. I dont have a favorite NBA team so just cheering for whatever situation gives him the most success. Hes one of my favorite all time huskers and want nothing but the best that's 1 guy who deserves it.
  6. Maybe. They have 18 first round picks in the next 7 drafts.
  7. I know were all stargazing and who can blame us? I think we land this kid and hes a heck of a player not sure why hes not a 4*
  8. Maybe its just me but Virginia seems like a forgotten about program that's really good that nobody talks about. A kid going from Nebraska to play in Virginia is pretty random too.
  9. I think he ends up at UVA which is so random
  10. Just from what I've read on here sounds like theres a better than good chance they could get Wilcher, unsure about Traudt, Omaha maybe but that's 1 hell of an offer list to beat. Thinking 1/3 here. Thoughts?
  11. What's the chances we land 1 of these kids?
  12. I think hes in a tough spot here. Not really an NBA player could catch on in the G league or whatever they call it now. If he comes back I dont think hes getting as much PT with all the talent we have, dont see how transfering again helps either. Hes got a good coach with good connections in the league who can help him out and worse case scenario he plays overseas and has a nice little career. We should be very proud of him.
  13. SEC invested in their own cocaine farms in Columbia to help support paying players. I'm all for kids getting paid but sheesh do we think slimey bastards like Self and the SEC arent going to go above and beyond anyway they can? Sorry I'm salty.
  14. Could see burritto bill offering this kid thousands to come to KU
  15. How fitting a kid named Omaha will be playing for the Huskers. Am I doing this right?
  16. So we have 2 schollies open correct? Any chance we get another big time transfer like an Edwards?
  17. Ok ok if he gets Traudt they should build Fred 2 statues.
  18. Will get a degree and play professional ball. Dude is winning at life.
  19. Who had Fred being ranked near KU in recruiting rankings when that hire was made? Just awesome.
  20. It's a fine debate regarding your rotation which is more valuable talent or experience. Thankfully unlike the last few years I think we are fine on experienced players. With Edwards talent though it wouldnt be surprising if he becomes a starter. We will see.
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