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  1. Drop the goods. Especially that last sentence.
  2. What the hell is wrong with some of you?
  3. Watched his interview the other day. Kid has a future in media if this basketball thing doesnt workout
  4. You're right. Sorry I'm guessing here but Texas and KU are the big dogs if Self comes calling I dont see how you turn him down. Beard is probably the most underrated coach in the country and that Texas team is DEEP. I think they will be the new Baylor, NOVA, UVA. This of course is no knock on us or the job Hoiberg has done recruiting. That speaks for itself.
  5. 2022 squad is going to be nasty especially if we can get Traudt or Wilcher.
  6. I dont have high expectations I assume Trev will be a cash cow that's good. All I ask is keep Bolt and Hoiberg happy. Exercise patience with the football program as long as Frost shows some improvement even if it's just 6 or 7 wins and a bowl game this year and next. 90s ain't coming back but a very good good football program is still possible however it's going to take some more time. Baseball & Basketball IMO are on the cusp of being very good.
  7. Bagman is probably a highly paid dr who went to school there
  8. Yeah I'm not sure what to think of Edwards. I mean I havent seen him play but if he really was the 30th best player or whatever according to Rivals you think a guy like that should be able to crack the starting line up for a team that's won single digit games the last 2 years. Obviously the talent is much better now but still it's not like the roster is crawling with guys who were rated as high as Edwards.
  9. I'm old enough to remember when Nebraska couldnt get a 4* player to come to Lincoln. Honey times sure are changing.
  10. I liked Teddy Allen but it seemed to work a bit better after he wasnt there shooting YOLO 3s
  11. There were 207 teams that gave up less points a game and 104 teams that had a better defensive field goal %
  12. Source? This has us at 268 https://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-men/d1/current/team/146/p6
  13. This is true the reality is right now our good players are the McGowens brothers and Walker who's a solid player. Edwards/Wilcher highly rated guys but stats weren't eye popping. Entirely possible they play up to their potential, well then that makes us a really good team. Say they play somewhere in between? I think were an average team. That leads us to Mayen if he can be more consistent shooter that leads me to believe we will have a really good offense with the Mcgowens brothers leading the way. I think my biggest question is and obviously this wont be answered until we see the team play is how will we play on defense? Perhaps the biggest surprise under Hoiberg has been just how bad the defense has been at times. Still think were a little light up front but this conversation will be different in a few years when some of these guys develope.
  14. I would take Moos coaching hires over both those guys any day of the week. Theres got to be more to the story.
  15. Disagree. Feels like alot of Moos hate on here is because of Tim Miles who was mediocre at Nebraska.
  16. The whole OU game debacle should have been our first clue
  17. I was looking through the roster assuming Banton comes back were about 10-11 deep IMO. We wouldnt run that many would we? I'm not even sure who starts.
  18. If we lose this dude to Bryant I'm done being a fan
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