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  1. Heard we had a virtual interview with the Jones kid from PSU. Hell of a player. Anyway we get him?
  2. Depends on offers, playing time, etc. If I can start a duke or KU no. If my choices with everything said are equal between teams like Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, etc. I'm going Nebraska. I think were starting to get there with the latter. This was something that was really a struggle a decade ago. Now not so much. While we haven't had the success we'd like I think the progress is undeniable (making it to the dance, winning 20+ games, getting an elite coach, getting a 5* recruits etc.)
  3. YES!!!! this is the content I'm here for!
  4. True and when he was doing it at ISU the portal wasnt as robust. This is awesome for us.
  5. Told you guys to fire up the Hoiberg transfer memes told you he was gonna eat
  6. I just hope when we make the tournament next year we dont go up against a team like USC. Were a ways away from competing with a team with 2 really good bigs like that.
  7. Just a general statement but its hard to imagine in the era of the transfer portal a guy like Hoiberg who made a career off of it doesnt find something.
  8. Crank up those hoiberg getting transfer memes boys the big dog is about to eat AND he will have some incoming talent to match. I'm excited and I dont want to hear "well we were excited the last 2 years" no we had no 5* coming or remaining talent on the roster.
  9. Great news and dont think some of these kids would come back if coach were leaving for ISU.
  10. Unfortunately that's not a reality in college athletics anymore especially with the pandemic. The one good thing going into next year compared to the other 2 years is we have our first 5* player and a really damn good top 150 player too.
  11. This is what we should have done last year
  12. Yeah that's unfortunate at this point that's probably the best situation for Yvan IMO hes still a project.
  13. Yeah but why? Kid has some upside this is a shame.
  14. What did I miss? Why are people seemingly confident Yvan might be going?
  15. Man if Mayen could just find some consistency with shooting that alone would really help change the dynamic of this team. We've seen it at times this year.
  16. I like the optimism and think Wihelm will be a damn good player but traditionally it takes bigs a year or 2 to develop. Especially in this league.
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