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  1. First time posting this year. I'll spare you the "I've been busy routine." Just hard to be involved this year given the goings on. An observation: despite the record, I love the passion and body language this team still has. Previous teams, call them Mile's teams if you want, would have mailed it a long time ago. That's a testament to the coaches, in my view.
  2. Love seeing OSU on the bubble. Have a lot to play for against MSU in the game right before ours. Seems like only yesterday Trueblood and Borkhardt were only useful as integral cogs in the the "Bench Mob." Look at them now!!!! Damn that felt good today!!
  3. All great feedback. Was expecting a bunch of condescension; didn't get it. Still wouldn't put it past Miles. Didn't he have a reputation at Colorado State of working the schedule to game the RPI?
  4. If* we beat Penn State tonight and if* we beat Purdue on Saturday, should Nebraska concede the Michigan game and go all in on preparing for Michigan State? Feeling like we've got to have one of those two games in order to get in. I also thought Osborne should have kicked the extra point in 1983.
  5. Summoning your inner Jake Taylor?? I can dig that.
  6. The ultimate double down!! I'm liking it!!
  7. Here's my thought process: Nebraska is going to be a tournament team. Nebraska seldom makes the tournament. If* Miles is going to be fired, it would have to be at the end of the year. Firing now is an awful look. With that in mind, even if you think he's gone at the end of the year (I don't), why not stay supportive for the rest of the season?? Seems like a waste of negative energy to dog him now about what he should have done.
  8. It amazes me how MSU can get out and run the way they do, and then when the NCAA tournament rolls around, they almost seamlessly roll into a dominant half court team. Izzo's no slouch; hope to have him as an assistant for Miles one day at Nebraska.
  9. That's funny. I was just about to post that I gave him credit for leaving up his: "Sorry to be a Debby Downer but we won't make the tournament!!" post. Him (or her) not deleting it is the ultimate double down if you ask me. Side note: the MSU bigs hitting those two jumpers to start the game changed everything in my view; had to respect it from then on. Bummer.
  10. When going to ESPN, does anyone else have to first click on "- - -" to get to NCCA Basketball, while MMA sits comfortably showcased right there on the homepage?
  11. Game opened as a pick um and 144 o/u. Related, Iowa is getting 2 points at Penn State tonight. I know a guy in the industry.....
  12. Right on, man. While I find your reply unsatisfactory, I'm still riding high after the W last night and am cool letting the issue go.
  13. Can't believe he lets his wife wear blue clothing. Big no no in our house, but something I'm re-evaluating having been inspired by the new Gillette commercial.
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