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  1. rwmctrofholz

    Scouting Mich St

    Game opened as a pick um and 144 o/u. Related, Iowa is getting 2 points at Penn State tonight. I know a guy in the industry.....
  2. rwmctrofholz

    Nebraska (12-4) vs. Indiana (12-4) Game Thread

    Right on, man. While I find your reply unsatisfactory, I'm still riding high after the W last night and am cool letting the issue go.
  3. rwmctrofholz

    Nebraska (12-4) vs. Indiana (12-4) Game Thread

    Can't believe he lets his wife wear blue clothing. Big no no in our house, but something I'm re-evaluating having been inspired by the new Gillette commercial.
  4. rwmctrofholz

    Nebraska (12-4) vs. Indiana (12-4) Game Thread

    Not saying you're wrong, but would be interested to know how you qualify/quantify this. In other words, Creighton fan XYZ can (fill in the blank) far better than Husker fan XYZ when evaluating a basketball game or team. Nice win tonight. I say this as the type of guy that only shows up on these boards after a win.
  5. rwmctrofholz

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    I would agree.
  6. rwmctrofholz

    Penn State - Coach Chambers

    Given the opportunity, which I have above, I can't watch stuff like that. Reading about it is unsettling enough.
  7. rwmctrofholz

    My new favorite site

    A #2 seed???? Sounds good, but can't help but think of this scene in the movie Pulp Fiction:
  8. rwmctrofholz

    2019 NCAA Bracketology

    Glad we're getting the Maryland and Iowa road games early in January while their students are still at home on Christmas vacation getting their clothes washed by the their moms.
  9. rwmctrofholz

    Because it never get's old

    First 45 seconds of the video is all that matters here:
  10. rwmctrofholz

    The Top 25 thread

    Dirk's Danny Nee piece was good, but nowhere near as good as his annual "Catholic High Schools have an unfair advantage" pieces. Clown. The fact he's from Columbus makes it even worse.
  11. rwmctrofholz

    The Top 25 thread

    Always wondered where Matt Perrault ended up after he got axed in Omaha. Welcome back, Matt!!
  12. Every time Pavelka called out Oklahoma State's Issac Likekele's name, I couldn't help but harken back to the days of Kelly Lively. Was interested to see how those technical foul shots would register on the box score; first or second half. "I know a guy" that may or may not have had the first half bet.
  13. rwmctrofholz

    93-94 season

    Man, I love that they never bothered to dribble out the clock and were still running set inbound plays with 1.9 seconds left in the game and a 7 point lead.
  14. rwmctrofholz

    Quade Green -> Washington

    Agreed. Was half mast there for a moment.