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  1. Nebraska women have been to the sweet 16 twice. They are from Nebraska you know.
  2. I think FT shooting is beyond hope this year. It is what it is.
  3. Yep, and I had Brian Wood next to me telling me who they were.
  4. Payton was here as was Emily sitting next to next year's recruit Verbeck (sp)
  5. Snow stopped at 9 am. Less than 1" on ground.
  6. I think that the main thing that has turned us from a good team to a seemingly really good team is Janay Morton. Also solid minutes from Darrien and Bria. Janay has just been nails since getting healthy.
  7. The way most of you talk about Iowa, it is pretty obvious they are our rival.
  8. If you noticed, one of the lady refs was the one that stole the Clemson game from us.
  9. Why do we foul more than the other team. It's been a year long problem.
  10. Maddie, Kate & Woody were out shooting early. Woody is always out early, Maddie usually is & first time I've seen Kate early. Maddie is working hard on her three point shot and also spent 10 minutes at opposite end of floor working on her go to the basket moves from the wing. And then she had a bad game.
  11. So what is your estimate on how many will be wearing blue?
  12. What has UCF done defensively that you would want his staff. UCF is worse than Nebraska defensively.
  13. Never mind looked it up. 39-37 Buffs
  14. The tall girl from BYU excelled at both. She did in both our volleyball and basketball teams within a year of each other.
  15. and of yes, don't believe a word that Kearney types
  16. welcome proudparent. just take us with a grain of salt. I asked one of the current team members father if he knew about this site. He said he did and observed for a day or two and then quit monitoring mainly because some of these 'experts' we have that think they know the game and workings of the team, definitely don't.
  17. OK, To Summarize the votes, here are the top five: 1. Mason 2. Mcintosh 3. Watson 4. Bohannon 5. Carr I should also say that Mason and Mcintosh are far ahead, with Watson a solid 3rd and Bohannon a solid 4th. B
  18. just looking quickly: Bohannon, Iowa Simmons, Michigan McIntosh, Northwestern Mason, Minnesota Watson, Nebraska Watsons assist numbers are bad. That's why he isn't higher. I know Nebraska can't shoot and that affects the numbers, but still pretty bad. The worst of the starting point guards.
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