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  1. Just about the ugliest quarter of basketball I have ever watched.
  2. Verbeek to the rescue in the third quarter
  3. I went and studied the stats and two things stood out. Turnovers, we need to value the ball. We are plus 2.7 in this area. The other is perplexing. We are a horrible second quarter team. We have basically lost all three games in the second quarter. And even in our win, we let SC Upstate outscore us in the second. The other point mentioned above was different personnel minutes. Haiby is already playing the fourth most minutes so you risk freshman burn out if you increase. Also someone suggusted Brown for Kissinger. Why? Put our 70% three point shooter on the bench. Kissinger is equal or better than Brown in all metrics. A case could be made for Brown over Simon, but they play different positions and have different assignments. Maybe as someone has observed earlier, maybe it is just a case of getting used to each other in an game environment. Just a few of my observations.
  4. This is a really bad team right now. Like two years ago bad. Much worse than the sum of there parts. Bad defense, poor shot selection, don't seem to care. Hope they can turn it around. Oh yeah forgot. thirteen turnovers in firs half.
  5. Then there is the 'moral victory' . That will probably be Clemson. Creighton has a hammer, we are forever the nail. Been that way for most all my 65 years following Nebraska basketball.
  6. I'm guessing that 13 teams are playing for second place in the B1G.
  7. We are playing an international team. Most of the team is from Europe
  8. If this team does not learn how to play defense, it gonna be a long year. Brutally bad defense.
  9. So what exactly is the WSU game going to tell us. They look to be a bad team. What it tells me is if we lose we are facing a 1-4 record on our road trip.
  10. I did not say they would. But having Yori doing what she does best is pretty valuable. And they do have all their top guns back from a team that beat us by 15 at our place last year. That being said, I am sure that if Maddie had not gotten hurt 10 minutes before game time and could have guarded Agnew the outcome would have been different.
  11. Well this probably won't be getting any easier since Connie Yori works for Flannery as a consultant analyzing opponents and helping with game planning. I am pretty sure that she would love sticking it to Nebraska..
  12. We got our parking pass about a week ago
  13. Anyone. notice that the conference that Creighton plays in is considered a mid-major in this report. I know it's bleacher report but still......
  14. If Hannah and Kristian play together I think that Kristian is the more typical point guard and Hannah is the more natural 2-guard. With Kates propensity to get into foul trouble, I can see a women's version of the 'death squad' with Kristian, Hannah, Taylor, Nicea and Maddie. As with the men's, this lineup would lose rebounded but could be a killer with the speed on the floor. Of course Coach Amy likes to play everyone, so who knows what we will see. But I'm going with Hannah, Taylor, Nicea, Maddie and Kate to start the first game.
  15. If Kristian does start, who of Hannah, Taylor, Nicea, Maddie or Kate does not start. I think that is your starting line-up. Remember Taylor was a starter as a true freshman before her injuries.
  16. Glad to hear Actualfact1. Looking forward to the continued development of your girl this season.
  17. Just checking to see if this site still works since it has been eleven days since the last post
  18. Sam as columnist from OWH
  19. Rachel, Darrien and Bria seem to be the missing players.
  20. What do you think of the statement by Muffet McGraw that she thanks Nebraska every day for their help in getting a waiver from the NCAA so that Shepard could play this year.
  21. Don't hold your breath. After all we are talking men's Nebraskaball.
  22. I won't speculate either but transfers are: 1. Generally underclass players. 2. A freshman playing a long way from home. Homesickness is a powerful incentive. 3. Players who feel that they were not receiving enough playing time or were not being used correctly. We will see what transpires.
  23. Who would those couple be Merlin
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