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  1. Just why do you think B1G are gonna flop. They have had a pretty salty record in the dance lately
  2. Do you call the men's team the Gentlemen Huskers. They have not been Lady Huskers for 30 years. The women hate being called Lady Huskers.
  3. This team does not seem to care right now. What a putrid effort by Haiby.
  4. Well here we go as usual Maryland running us off the court.
  5. I can see overtime coming on MSU-OSU. It always seems to work that way.
  6. No timeout was called so I don't think A play for Burke was ran. He just happened to take the shot.
  7. Sometimes you get 4-33 like Iowa, sometimes you get 6-9 like today
  8. Give Indiana some credit. They are pretty good. That being said, I agree that Illinois is headed for the basement.
  9. Quite the 'clod' isn't she. I am sure glad she is our 'clod'.
  10. You can say that we benefit from Dolyes foul trouble, but Iowa g
  11. Sam McEweon, in this morning World-Herald, has a great long article on Leigha Brown and the dynamics and advantages of having a player of Leigha's abilities being the first player off the bench. Coach Williams calls her the beast off the bench.
  12. Brown played the most minutes of anyone yesterday. Starting is highly overrated. Brown did not start and got 26 minutes. Mershon started and got around 18.
  13. Not the first triple double in history. Lindsey Moore had a triple double ten years ago
  14. The women forgot the 40 minutes every game adage. They took the second half off
  15. Creighton shot 13-26 on threes. Live or die from the three line.
  16. So did Creighton have more quickness? They seemed to do pretty well.
  17. Question? Why was Yori allowed to bench coach when she is not a coach? She did it all day.
  18. Matt mentioned that Helms was not on the bench. No mention of asking coach. Besides the coaches are not going to tell anything. They will released info when they release info, never before they are ready.
  19. Trinitys happened at the very end of the Rogers State game. Taylor's happened at practice on the 7th I think.
  20. And Margaret Richards will be the head coach of Alabama A & M when they come in next Wednesday. And if nobody but me knows who Margaret Richards is, I am getting too darn old.
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