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  1. If my generator is right we are 6th seed and get winner of Purdue-Illinois
  2. Now that Indiana is stomping Purdue, the odds are very good we get Purdue in our first game.
  3. Most outstanding freshman class ever. Maybe, maybe not. Vonnie Turner, Corey Montgomery, Tiny Neals and Kayla Kuhlman were pretty good. Two of them are still playing pro ball with Vonnie in the WNBA
  4. So why don't you just pass these threads by and not post on every single one, Mr everything is so bright and sunny with the program that Miles is just fine and should a given lifetime contract.
  5. Zero points from Brown, whitish and Simon and only two from nicea. Won't win that way
  6. Hero ball won't work against this team
  7. Not a chance, she picked her sport. Unless she gives up volleyball
  8. I have been paying close attention. If Bounds micromanges this much we have one screwed up university. Just because he was in the middle of football doesn't mean he is involved in basketball. The man is paid a half million a year to run the university of Nebraska not UNL
  9. Why is the president of a multi-campus university micro-managing the athletic decisions of one of the campuses. I don't think Bounds is making as many decisions as some of you are alluding to.
  10. Of course this works both ways, as per probably the biggest play of the game when we were nursing a very small lead and Haiby d u g the ball away from the NW player and went coast to coast for a very important layup.
  11. To answer your whole rant, defense. Mershon plays great defense, Brown not so well.
  12. Two years Yoris record first six years 8-20 18-12 18-14 19-13 22-10 21-12
  13. I get a kick out of 'especially in the Big 10'. There are no Big 10 or Big 12 or Big East refs. Refs work all conferences and all conferences think they have the worst, usually when the are losing.
  14. I know of two Nebraska women's players who graduated in three years while playing basketball.
  15. My post game comment. As played OK in first half and got a 12 point lead. Then we got complacent andd allowed them about 47 lay ups in. The second half
  16. We can't make a lay up, we can't stop a lay up
  17. Golly, we have turned into the men's team
  18. Hire the guy from UNO. 1. Already a Nebraska employee 2. Always has competitive teams 3 . Playing for sole possession of first place in conference tonight 4. Good chance at being the only team from Nebraska in NCAA this year 5. Probably can get him cheap
  19. I have said it before and I will say it again. Mershon is at least as valuable as any of the other freshman. Her analytics are very solid. A lot of people wanted Hallie Sample benched early in her career also. Mershon made a extremely heady play in the middle of our run yesterday.
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