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  • uneblinstu

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 19 - @ Penn St.

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    1st Half:

    • That was mostly hot garbage. They played like they just had one of their buddies quit on them.
    • Glynn started off on fire.
    • Sadly, nobody else showed much energy.
    • They went up 15-12 with 11:14 left in the half and only scored 9 points after that the rest of the half.
    • We're not doing much in the paint on either end.
    • Getting lost on pick and rolls way too much. Making it really easy for Penn St.
    • Thomas Allen did do some nice things, but had some costly sloppy play, too.
    • The whole team did.
    • Free throw disparity is discouraging.
    • NU really inefficient from 3. 2nd straight game at least for that.


    2nd Half:

    • First segment was more of the same.
    • Second segment, something or someone light a fire under them.
    • Copeland led that charge.
    • Welp, couldn't sustain it.
    • When Jack and Tanner are on the floor together, we lack the skill to play with most big ten teams. They're find spot or roll players, but they probably shouldn't be on the floor together very much.
    • Glynn really cooled off after that hot start.
    • Man, the glimpses we get of Roby are so tantalizing.
    • This game felt a lot like the Purdue game. We had our chances to get back in the game but could never convert when those opportunities came. Penn St. really controlled most of this game.
    • Crispin said at the beginning of the 2nd half that NU looked sluggish in the first half. And that's probably the best way to describe this game from a Husker perspective.
    • Palmer's worst game as a Husker.
    • I like Trueblood's leadership on the bench.
    • The numbers look like NU did better rebounding than it felt like during the game, but that attempt right before Copeland's 3 to cut it to 5 before the under 4 where PSU got 3 chances felt like a dagger.
    • Watson had a good first half of the first half and Copeland had a good 2nd half, but that's about all NU got today. Almost nothing from anybody else.

    ***Watson just hit a 3 to cut it to 2*** (things basically become stream of consciousness from here on.)

    • The zone was effective.
    • Looked like Evan was leading the way in the huddle after that 3 by Watson.
    • One thing NU did really well today was take care of the ball.
    • Then the possession after the free throws where PSU got 3 chances was killer. NU needed to get a rebound there.
    • Now we've got a battle. NU could have folded down 16 and they didn't. That's a good sign to me, win or lose. It's a great sign if they win.
    • Missed a couple of free throws down the stretch that feels big.
    • OOOOOOHHHHH! Gotta grab that air ball.
    • Wow that zone threw PSU out of their rhythm!
    • Evan Taylor with the HUGE steal!
    • Didn't love that shot by Watson at the end of regulation. Hoped they'd have something better drawn up for that spot.


    • Interesting that he stuck with five that finished regulation.
    • We struggle to rebound out of the zone.
    • Really bad possession all around on the shot clock violation.
    • Our offense really turned to mush in overtime.
    • Gill with a HUGE shot to tie it up!
    • And then Carr makes a great play.
    • And then they couldn't execute the play at the end. Tough loss. Good fight.


    A few postgame thoughts:

    • This turned from a lethargic clunker into a character building moment for this team. Hopefully for Jordy, too.
    • NU's slow start cost them big time tonight. They did well to scratch and claw back into this thing, but, the hold they dug in the first 30 minutes or so was just too much. Credit Penn St. for that. And credit NU for battling back, but it looked like the events of the past 24 hours was weighing on them early. Then they snapped out of it and we saw more of what we expected from this team.
    • There are definitely things that Miles can use as learning experiences, but this will be a tough one to swallow for a bunch of reasons.
    • I expect Palmer will rebound. Rough game from him.
    • Again, slow start doomed what could have been a great comeback.
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    10 hours ago, brfrad said:

    The final play in regulation was suppose to have Watson driving to the rim.  Roby getting fouled by Watkins killed the timing of the play because by the time Roby got to Watson, Watson felt he didn't have enough time.  Thus, the contested 3.  And, it most certainly was a foul on Watkins.  He bear hugged Roby.


    I agree that Palmer should have played in OT.  Another gripe I have with Miles was he didn't switch to zone earlier.  After the 1st media TO of the 2nd half, he should have made the switch.


    As for Roby only playing 23 minutes in regulation, he did not have a very good 1st half.  He only played 8 minutes in the 1st half, and 15 in the 2nd.  If he plays like he did in the 2nd half, it will be impossible to keep him off the floor.


    Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!  Absolute crap to let the guy get away with holding and then shoving Roby all over the place.  I don't care about the tendency to swallow the whistle in the last seconds, you have to make that call.

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    Just noticed.... but.... if we win that’s sucker last night, we are tied with Mich and Mich St for 3rd in conference at 4-2!  Ugh!  


    Ok now for the positivity... we are only a game back of Michigan State and Michigan!  Still a ton to play for!  Let’s do this!

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    37 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

    Last night in the post game interview on BTN, James said he put the PSU loss on his shoulders because he didn't show up to play.


    Seems like he had a lot of help.  :ph34r:

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