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Nebraska (21-13-1) vs. Iowa (28-10) Series Game Thread


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  • Bugeaters1 changed the title to Nebraska (21-12-1) vs. Iowa (27-10) Series Game Thread
  • Bugeaters1 changed the title to Nebraska (21-13-1) vs. Iowa (28-10) Series Game Thread

Ugh. Didn't compete at all this weekend. Thought we had that kind of effort out of our system after the horrible trip to USD on opening weekend.


Team's at a crossroads now. Starting pitching needs to find its groove again, or this thing is over. 


Baseball teams tend to have blips on the radar like this on occasion during a season, and we've had more than our share of them in that hellhole of a diamond in Iowa City over the past decade plus, so hopefully that's all it is.


If you'll remember, the 2021 champs got swept at home by Rutgers in late April and recovered. The 2017 champs lost 3 of 5 to Iowa and Minny in mid-April and recovered.


The schedule sets up to get right over the next 6 games (3 in conference). Hopefully we can., but it's looking pretty bleak after that complete disaster of a weekend. No margin for error left now if we want to try to win the regular season title. Probably need to go 10-2, maybe 11-1, from here. Difficult, but possible ... but only if Olson and Kaminska bounce back fast.


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