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  1. Based off this video, Miles and Cope basically listed off our current 9-man rotation: Watson Allen Palmer Copeland Roby Akentem Harris Heiman Chan No mention of anyone else.
  2. Is there a shot clock in AAU? Why would the other team even attempt that last shot and why wasn’t Omaha trying to foul? Either way it worked out for Omaha but what a strange end to the game.
  3. I guess this really should be top YouTube-era dunks
  4. I guess so. But if Morrow truly wanted to play the 3 then that lineup doesn’t make sense. Again, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what his role is with Marquette. For his sake, I hope he took this year off as an opportunity to work on his outside game so he can play his preferred position.
  5. Full disclaimer, I am fairly young and the first Nebrasketball team I remember watching is the 2000-01 squad led by Cookie Belcher. So there may be some recency bias here, especially since the Tim Miles Era has produced much more athletic ability than the Barry Collier or Doc Sadler eras. Without further ado, my own personal top 5 Nebrasketball dunks of all time: 1. Jason Dourisseau breaks the basket. I'll admit I did not watch this one live, but did listen to the call on the radio and saw it on Sportscenter the next day. 2. Caleb Walker Alley-Oop vs. Illinois. One-handed alley oop from a pass outside the three point line... incredible. 3. Isaac Copeland posterizes 7'2" Isaac Haas. 4. Sek Henry posterizes Andre Drummond. Technically not a Nebrasketball dunk but I can't leave this one out. 5. James Palmer Jr. posterizes Kevin Huerter. This may not even be JPJ's best dunk but in the moment it so unexpected and dunking over a first-round NBA talent is a big deal. Honorable mention: * Roby rises up vs. Rutgers: * David Rivers dunk vs FGCU to open up the PBA * The Aleks Maric dunk, which always looked the same * JPJ Kobe Bryant dunk vs. Penn St. * The Cookie Miller dunk (he claimed he could do it but don't think I ever saw it) * Terran Petteway posterize vs. Baylor in the NCAA Tournament. would have made the list if this game had gone well
  6. Do you think Morrow is regretting his decision to transfer to Marquette now that his old high school buddy, Jabari Parker, decided to move back to Chicago and sign with his hometown Bulls? It will be interesting to see what his role is with Marquette. Seems like they have a lot of talent. He would have been a great sub for Roby and Copeland off the bench this year. Of course I don’t think he ever had any plans on coming off the bench for Nebraska...
  7. Last one I can remember was Caleb Walker. I enjoyed his leaping ability as well.
  8. Here are the cliff notes: - Judging by the summer workouts, this is the most talented team that Robin has seen in his time covering Nebrasketball. - If you had zero knowledge of the roster and watched the summer workouts, you would think Roby is our best player and top NBA prospect. - Roby and Jordy will be fully healed by Fall practices - Karrington Davis might not be academically eligible this year. We should know more this week - Dachon Burke is a relentless defender and will only make Palmer better while going against him in practice every day. - This transfer year will be great for Burke to improve his outside shot and have a year of strength and conditioning under his belt. - Amir Harris looks the part and is actually playing more off the ball than point guard. His outside shot it his biggest weakness. - Heiman has impressed so far but he probably still needs to redshirt. - Glynn is shooting with much more confidence - Thomas Allen looks a lot bigger in the upper body and will be relied on as a go-to three point shooter this year - Nana has really impressed this summer with his aggressiveness on the offensive end - Armon Gates is getting along really well with the players and coaches - Robin's best guess at a starting lineup: Glynn, Tom Allen, JPJ, Copeland, Roby
  9. Spoiler alert: Nebraska is #25
  10. Would he be a grad transfer or sit one play one?
  11. Isn’t anyone worried as to why he was revoked admission though?
  12. According to this article from May 17th, we have officially re-offered Ed Change a scholarship: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/we-ll-play-duke-tim-miles-says-of-acc-big/article_41c5027c-cb89-5f5e-a670-fc673a8e70f3.html if you don't have premium access: » The Huskers have offered a scholarship to Ed Chang, a former two-time All-Nebraska player at Papillion-La Vista. The 6-foot-7, 180-pound forward tweeted that he has a final three of Nebraska, Mississippi and San Diego State. Chang was committed to Washington for 10 months but reopened his recruiting this spring. The three-star prospect received a Missouri scholarship offer Wednesday. Chang didn’t play organized basketball last season because of eligibility issues involved in his move to Seattle. Nebraska has one scholarship left for the coming season. Miles said, “We need the best available player or another big guy.”
  13. 6-10 power forward / center who averaged 9 points and 6 rebounds last year.
  14. I guess I figured someone like Thomas Allen or Nana would overtake him at some point, but with the recent comments from the media on the inside (Robin and Lee) it sounds like Palmer is legit. This certainly does not stop the hype train: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/style-of-miami-transfer-james-palmer-brings-comparisons-to-former/article_4768c47a-fdd0-5535-85ed-9595af32f7ea.html
  15. In TT today, Robin predicted the following for season stat leaders: Points: Palmer Assists: Watson Steals: Watson Rebounds: Jordy Blocks: Duby Thoughts?? I think the only bold prediction is Palmer leading us in points. My prediction is someone else starts at shooting guard by Big Ten play.
  16. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/miles-gives-updates-on-copeland-recruiting-and-coaching-vacancies Some more offseason updates.
  17. Has this connection been helpful to our program at all? https://www.imgacademy.com/coach/segado-cookie-belcher It seems like they have quite the talent coming out of there year after year.
  18. Anyone notice that Lee never mentioned James Palmer once? Especially when comparing apples to apples it would have made much more sense to stack Palmer up to Horne, instead of Allen. I hope there is nothing to it but maybe Lee knows something that we don't...
  19. Obviously these are wayyy too early predictions but this website has Petteway going to the Heat in the first round of the 2015 draft (not surprisingly): http://www.nbadraft.net/2015mock_draft And Shavon Shields going late second round of the 2016 draft: http://www.nbadraft.net/2016mock_draft Kind of surprised by their prediction of Shavon but still pretty cool that we have legit NBA talent on the roster. I believe Pitchford and AWIII could be NBA prospects as well. The future is looking very bright boys.
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