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  1. How is Peters announcing tomorrow? Isn't the deadline tonight
  2. Hell even if Adams did it to Green, he prob would have been suspended. The Warriors are the golden boys of the NBA right now.
  3. This is so agonizing. Not that AW3 owes us anything but I wish he would have said "I'll announce my decision at blah blah blah on Tuesday night" to make it easier on us.
  4. This is a miserable wait. I'm assuming we know by 8.
  5. UNO gaurd Kyler Erickson was granted a 6th year of eligibility today on the basis that PTSD (witnessed Millard South school shooting a few years ago) caused him to lose a year. Very interesting precedent being set here. Here is his time line: -RFr. year at NW Missouri State -Fr. year at NW Missouri State (transfers to UNO in off season) -So. year at UNO. He is ineligible to play and loses year of eligibility. -Jr. and Sr. year at UNO. Ericksons argument was that he lost a year of eligibility due to circumstances out of his control. He needed to be at home to help cope with PTSD and get treatment. Thought this might be an interesting and local topic to discuss. Thoughts?
  6. I'm a huge Bulls fan so I would love to see the Warriors stink it up and not even make the finals. That'll squash the argument of best team ever that has taken place between the 72 win Bulls and 73 win Warriors. Also, wouldn't pencil in the Cavs as the East representative just yet as it looks like the Raptors will tie the series after tonight.
  7. For what it is worth, everyone seems to think Minnesota and us are locks for regionals. Hopefully that is true and we are only playing for a more favorable regional draw (and a conference 'ship, of course), not our post season lives.
  8. Wow didn't expect a 4-0 week. That's awesome.
  9. Minnesota won today so no chance at a regular season title, but still a lot left to play for. Let's get the sweep tomorrow. GBR.
  10. Pitching has been near dominant as of late. Looks like Erstad has them peaking at the right time.
  11. If that is his true weight and wing span he should be a defensive force from day one. Which is what we need the most from him at this point.
  12. Huge HR from Schreiber. Another one.
  13. Robin Washut tweeted that JT told him personally that he is 6'11 270lbs w/ a 7'5 wingspan and size 18 shoe.
  14. Most projections have us one of the last teams in....yet, some still have Creighton has a two seed which is laughable. No chance their resume is better than ours. Hopefully we just win in Omaha and not have to worry about our at large chances That would be most ideal.
  15. I saw something today where we are currently projected as a 3 seed going to Miami for a regional.
  16. Anyone else enjoy that as much as I did?
  17. If you guys are looking for a good laugh.
  18. So you think McVeigh is going to get left out of the rotation? No, just forgot to put his name; the 2nd Roby should be Jack! . Gotcha. Anyways this depth is a nice thing to have. There is a good chance a good player is gonna get left out of the 8-9 man rotation.
  19. So you think McVeigh is going to get left out of the rotation?
  20. -Glynn Watson Jr. 28 min -Anton Gill 25 min -Andrew White III 28 min -Edward Morrow Jr. 22 min -Michael Jacobson 25 min BENCH -Tai Webster 27 min -Isaiah Roby 15 min -Jordy Tshimanga 17 min -Jack McVeigh 13 min -Jeriah Horne didn't give Horne a MPG, I think he will play but not in every game. Wouldn't mind seeing him redshirt just because of the depth at his position but that probably won't happen -Nick Fuller don't see anything but mop up duty for Fuller unless he rediscover the stroke he was recruited for
  21. Withdrawing eliminates ALL types of professional basketball, including overseas, right? Which would only allow for a return to Nebraska or Grad transfer.
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