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  1. Offense should be solid. Pitching worries me. Burkamper and King were solid last year but I'm not sold on Howells moving to starting over coming from the pen. Bull pen doesn't seem any better than average right now.
  2. It's official Shavon is out for tomorrow and will not travel with the team. Jack McVeigh will start and Fuller will get back up minutes.
  3. If Shields doesn't play we are gonna get an early look into what next year will kinda look like which is exciting but I would much rather have Shields playing. We are going to need everyone play good for the most part. Can't have more than one person having a bad game and that one person cannot be White, Watson, or Webster. We will also need someone to step up and be the 8th man in the rotation and be decently productive. Out of Fuller, Hammond, and Evelyn my guess is it Fuller bc he is playing well recently and has experience in bigger games. I think he had 16 points last year against Maryland.
  4. I listened to the radio show last night with Coach Molinari and from what I understood is that McVeigh will get the start and him and Fuller will share the extra minutes. Molinari said Fuller has been practicing really well lately, which is why he got in early against Rutgers and played 18 min. Molinari also said they were satisfied with Fuller's effort and hustle. So to me it sounds like McVeigh gets the start and Fuller becomes the 8th man in the rotation. I was also wondering about possibly going big in this game with Morrow/Jacobson or maybe even Hammond/Jacobson. Either way it will have to be a total team effort to win without Shavon.
  5. Well yeah I understand that. But that's kind of my point. Arop was able to attack Chang and get him in foul trouble while scoring a good amount of points while Chang was not able to do that. I'll be honest I am probably a little biased at the moment since Arop is committed to NU while Chang is not. And I do not what to even think about Creighton getting a KD like in-state player. I think it's just a defense mechanism of mine. That being said Chang seems to have enjoyed his visits to NU and I have all the faith in the world in Tim Miles
  6. -Not sure where in any of these posts anyone said that you said that.-Nobody refers to Michael Jordan as the best SG or SF in history, they refer to him as the best player in history bc players from different positions can be compared -Both Arop and Chang are going to be forwards and when their teams played and they guarded each other in the first quarter Chang ended the quarter on the bench with two fouls and Arop was already at 10+ points. You are correct that they do not play the exact same position but they are similiar enough where they can be compared.
  7. I think that your reason for optimism makes sense. Although, seems like we do this every year, doesn't it?As for the guys who don;t expect NCAA tourney, the lack of urgency will always make it difficult to expect more. I like the players coming in, I hope we do a better job of getting them ready to win next year and beyond. The only year I comoletely expected to make the tourney was last year (year 3 of Tim Miles) which obviously we didnt.
  8. Don't get me wrong I would love to get Chang bc I think he is good and I would love to beat out Creighton for him. But when Arop and Chang played and guarded each other Arop took him to school. Obviously Chang could have had a really bad game or Arop a really good one. But either way that's just what I saw. Chang will prob end up being 6'9 tho and is only a sophomore so he has time to grow and get better.
  9. I might be overly optimistic but I really just think we are gonna be loaded 1. Andrew White 2. Glynn Watson 3. Anton Gill 4. Tai Webster 5. Edward Morrow 6. Michael Jacobson 7. Jack McVeigh 8. Isaiah Roby 9. Hammond/Fuller/ Evelyn/ Horne
  10. I think the tourney is a real possibility next year. I do not think we will have a true center but I think we will have two good PF in Jacobson and Morrow. I'm hoping they will be able to play at the same time next year since they will both be better defenders and add more versatility to their games. Watson, Webster, and White will be a good trio. Plus McVeigh and Anton Gill. AND I think Roby is gonna be a legit player right away. Personally, I think we will be stacked next year.
  11. Arop is better. When Omaha South and Papillion La-Vista squared off, Chang and Arop were matched up to start. After the first game Arop had 10+ points and Chang was on the bench in foul trouble. Granted Arop is a year older, but he also missed a whole year last year with injury.
  12. Arop is better. When Omaha South and Papillion La-Vista squared off, Chang and Arop were matched up to start. After the first game Arop had 10+ points and Chang was on the bench in foul trouble. Granted Arop is a year older, but he also missed a whole year last year with injury.
  13. This post seems like a good time for an idea I have been thinking about: Why dont we try and go big? Or at least tried it for the Purdue game. I know this seems random and out of place for this seaon's team but I have been reading the Nebrasketball book lately and it got my mind thinking about this. When we made the tourney run a couple years ago, one of the switches Miles made was moving to a bigger lineup. He started Rivers at the four and slid Shavon to the 3 and Petteway to the 2. Obviously they are two completely different teams but hear me out. I am mainly just talking fun but I think there would be some pros to this lineup. 1. Webster 6'4 good defender and reliable scorer 2. White 6'7 volume scorer 3. Shields 6'7 his natural/best position 4. Jacobson 6'8 a true power forward who can shoot the 3 5. Hammond 6'10 physically more equipped and a better post defender imo I know the craziest thing is probably having Hammond at the 5 spot, but Phil Beckner just said tonight on their radio show that Hammond has been practicing well lately (which is why he entered the Purdue game so early) and I am not so sure why he was even pulled from the starting lineup to begin with. If you recall, he was pulled just two games after his 7 point and 5 rebound game and 11 point and 10 rebound game against Tennessee. I think that is what really lead to his confidence being shook up. Anyways for the center spot it was either him or Morrow since they both only possess skills for the five spot currently. I went with Hammond because he's bigger and thats kind of the purpose of my post plus I still think Hammond is our best post defender. Then we could move Jacobson to the four where he belongs and could more effectively use his shooting skills. He would also probably be better on offense just from the fact that he is not spending as much energy guarding a taller, heavier, and stronger center. I do not think foul trouble would be a problem because you also have Morrow (5) and McVeigh (4). Shavon gets moved back to the wing where belongs and White gets to play SG. White at the two would be a problem defensively against some players but once again this is just for fun. And if you wanted to maximize the size you could put Webster at the point since he is four inches taller than Watson. This wouldn't have to be a starting line up obviously but I think it would be interesting to try this lineup out. Maybe like versus Rutgers this weekend where we will hopefully be up by 30 again. I'm sure there is a reason Tim Miles doesn't use this lineup and my guess is probably because of defense of White at the 2 and Jacobson/Hammond combo. But I just thought I would throw my idea out there.
  14. How I see next years position break down with current roster and recruiting class: PG: 1. Glynn Watson 2. Bakari Evelyn SG: 1. Anton Gill 2. Tai Webster SF: 1. Andrew White 2. Isaiah Roby 3. Nick Fuller PF: 1/2 Jack McVeigh or Edward Morrow 3. Jeriah Horne C: 1 Michael Jacobson 2. Jacob Hammond - It is clear that Watson is away ahead of Bakari right now plus add in this years experience and I think it will be a substantial gap by next year. Evelyn really should have took a redshirt year this season. - I think Anton and Tai will be a great position battle. I give the nod to Anton just because Tai is proving this year that he can come off the bench and be effective and not have his ego hurt. Not saying Anton wouldn't be able to do it but since we already know Tai can I feel more comfortable with him being the sixth man. Also with Tai being a combo guard I really do not see Bakari getting a lot of minutes next year either. The guard rotation will be Watson, Tai, and Anton. This is also assuming that Miles keeps the 8-man rotation that we have seen often in his tenure - White will have the 3 spot locked down. I think Roby will play right away, even with a deeper team. I really think Roby is gonna be a huge player for the Huskers. I see Fuller being buried on the bench, but he will more than likely move back to the wing next year and will have experience on his side with it being his fourth year with the team. - The four spot is gonna be interesting next year. Morrow will be able to play his natural position which we have yet to see this year plus he will be even stronger with another year lifting weights. I still think Morrow needs to add a little bit more to his game. McVeigh will also add some much needed weight to his frame and he brings the 3 pt shot. I see Horne redshirting because he is undersized and even though his body is bigger it does not appear to be ready for the college game quite yet (haven't seen him since he committed so obviously he could be more physically developed by the time he comes to Lincoln). - I'm buying in that Michael Jacobson will grow an inch and if we are lucky two inches. He will grow into an actual center at 6'9 or 6'10 and will be bigger and stronger next year. I would not count out Hammond quite yet if he can add another 10-15 lbs this off season and, most importantly, get his confidence back he will have a shot. Potential Transfers: Bakari Evelyn, Nick Fuller, and Jacob Hammond are who I see as the most likely to transfer this off-season. There could be the surprise transfer like Tarin Smith last year. Hell, it is possible AWIII could enter the draft but i will focus on the three listed above. -Bakari Evelyn: I just do not see a lot of playing time for him. With a good off-season he could move up to 9th or 10th in the rotation and will probably see more meaningful time, but will not be a every game or crunch time player. Watson, Tai, and Anton will get the majority of the guard minutes. I do not know Evelyn personally but just going off of the current day mindset of young athletes I do not see him wanting to wait his turn. i do like his potential and hope that he stays. -Nick Fuller: Being back on the wing will help and Nick has shown some flashes earlier in his career but with White proving how good he is and with how good I anticipate Roby will be, I do not see a lot of minutes for him. However, I do not think that he will transfer just because since he redshirted already if he transferred he would have to sit out another year while exhausting his JR year of eligibility and only have one year left to play for his new school. So in the end I think he stays. Plus, it is good to have older players in the system who are not going to easily give away any playing time to the younger guys. -Jacob Hammond: I also think Hammond will ultimately stay. But I think he will consider transferring. I do not see us getting a big man that is a game changer for us unless it is a grad transfer. I'm assuming we get a big that we redshirt and develop behind and Hammond and Jacobson. Hammond will get the nod over the new freshman because of experience in games and with the system. Sorry for the long post, but I would love to hear your thoughts on my post.
  15. Wow what a game!!! This team is definitely growing up. The game unfolded in a way that would have lead me to believe we lost by 20 points. Shavon misses the last 5 minutes of the first half and AW3 in foul trouble most of the game, but they keep finding ways to win. Tai, Glynn, and Jack stepped up and scored some points. Jacobsen and Jack rebounded their asses off and Shavon just went off!!! At first i would have been satisfied with 1-3 record during this four game stretch but now i fully expect a split and can fathom going 3-1. I feel like we dominated the game really. Take away the 3 pt statistics and Mich State is not hanging around and our poor 3 pt shooting can definitely be attributed to AW3's foul trouble. Saturday is #AveryStrong day, it's a big name opponent (who we have yet to beat since joining the Big Ten), and we are blazing hot right now. I can only imagine the atmosphere! It was driving me insane when people were saying fire Miles or that OWH writer said Samford had more talent! So I am really just soaking this up right now. Huge win, but the team has to make sure this isn't the highlight of the season. However, I am 100% confident that Miles will have them ready to play on Saturday and, more importantly, the rest of the season. Go big red!!!
  16. Another solid road win. I remember when people were saying this team might only win 4 or 5 conference games all season and now they have won three in a row. This win was definitely a more satisfying win the other two. But the game I really want to focus on is @ Michigan State on Wednesday. Huskers have won the last two against MSU. Obviously this will be the most challenging. My thoughts: - Watson got us going and hit a couple shots later in the game when Illinois was trying to make a run. He definitely played with a little extra today - If we can get Morrow to have these kind of games for most of the season we will do well. - After all the criticism Tai has received in his NU career (some of it deserved) it is so satisfying watching him this season - If you tell me Shavon is struggling and White doesn't get his first basket until the end of the first half, there is absolutely no way I think we are leading by 9 points on the road at halftime. - I thought McVeigh and Jacobsen played well for the most part today I missed most of the first half and saw all of the second half. I loved how we answered every Illinois run. It is exciting watching this team grow as individuals and a team. Just try to not get too high or too low. Hoping for a HUGE win on Wednesday. Go Big Red!!!
  17. So how did Illinois blow out Purdue if the Illini play post defense like this? If I recall Purdue has two more than serviceable seven footers.
  18. I was thinking the same thing last night. I would have loved to get that Miami win at home. We were right there with Cincy too; if Shields isn't in foul trouble we probably win that game. Samford should have never happened, but things like that do happen with a young team. Northwestern should have also been a W, but once again blowing a decent lead is part of the learning curve with young teams imo. I have never really been to down on this team (or Tim Miles like some people have been) this year. Anyone who knows sports knows that this is par for the course when it comes to a young team. Add in our lack of size and this season seems about right so far. However, I believe in Tim Miles. He has exceeded expectations in 2/3 previous seasons. Last season was just bizarre when you take in to account all of the non-basketball related things going on with the team and the injuries to Leslee Smith and Moses Abraham. I still think the NIT is possible for this team, but I am not ready to talk about anything bigger until I see them win against some Big Ten teams that are not named Minnesota and Rutgers.
  19. I was also pleased with the energy on the bench. They were all smiles and laughter while Minnesota players seemed like they did not want to be there. I'm sure the outcome had something to do with both teams reaction, but this team is starting to look like a team that is having a lot of fun and really enjoying themselves and each other which is a lot different than last year's team. Just one little thing I saw that I really liked was on a Morrow dunk, Hammond was one of the first to jump on the bench and cheer him on. I know it probably does not mean much but those are the things I like to see.
  20. Also, still figuring out this website so i am not very good at replying to posts or liking them. But I would like to say that I really like this site. I am a huge Nebrasketball fan. All of the people I meet either only care about football (don't get me wrong I love Husker football too), are "Jayskers", or are a bandwagon fan of some bball powerhouse like Kansas, Duke, UK, etc. So it is really cool to be able to read and share thoughts about Nebrasketball with other people who seem to be pretty well informed.
  21. Good game overall. I was secretly hoping for a closer win just because I think it's good to learn how to grind out close wins but I'll take a blowout any day. The trip to Illinois definitely seems winnable but the boys will have to work for it. Here are my thoughts: - That is the Shields we will need to see to be successful this year. Averaging 11 points a game in conference is not gonna cut it if they are to be successful - AW3 is proving to be a reliable 17 points a game and is rebounding well - The four freshmen (Watson, Morrow, Jacobsen, and McVeigh) look better and better each game. That is a solid core to build on for the future - Hammond looks like he is gonna stay in the dog house for the rest of the season, He is trying to a fault. Trying way too hard. I find it odd that Miles pulled him from the starting line up two games after he recorded his first double-double. That seems to have really messed with him - It was interesting seeing Bakari get in to the game so early. He entered before Hammond and Fuller and played more minutes. I take it he must be busting ass in practice or Miles is just really unhappy with Hammond and Fuller. Anyway, Evelyn jacked up a few awful looking threes - Great to see the walk-ons get playing time in back to back conference games. But man was that last 5 minutes of the game awful when they were in it. Granted, Minnesota still had their starters in - We offered Ed Chang today on an unofficial visit. One day after Creighton did - Speaking of Creighton, Providence's Kris Dunn hit a buzzer beater to crush the Jays in heart breaking fashion and it was beautiful Lets make it three in a row on Saturday!!!
  22. You can take Rutgers at home as win to the bank I think we have a solid chance to beat Illinois PBA will be electric for Michigan and Maryland so I would not be surprised if we steal one but I think we probably still go winless there More than likely go winless on the road at Michigan State and Purdue Realistically, I think we go 2-4 but 3-3 would not surprise me.
  23. Go Mavs!!!! I am a student there and they are really fun too watch. They are 4-0 in their conference and just ended North Dakota State's 31 game home win streak on Thursday. They are also on a 7 game win streak. I follow UNO and Nebrasketball very closely. I hate Creighton, but I went to school and was good friends with Khyri Thomas so I kinda have been keeping tabs on them. Really wish Nebraska could have got him. Go Big Red and Go Mavs!!!
  24. Solid game overall. First one I have been able to see in real time since we went to Creighton. Cannot get a much better outcome than that with out nitpicking too much. Just some of my quick thoughts: - That is the Edward Morrow we were all hoping for. It'll be nice to see him at the four (hopefully) next year and I am sure with another year he will add a little bit more to his game. - Man did Hammond make some bonehead mistakes. It's gonna be hard for him to get out of the "doghouse" playing like that and I really think he could be beneficial to us. - That Nick Fuller dunk was nice but those two free throws were awful - Shavon's dunk was legit. I would've liked to see a dunk like that at home; crowd would have erupted. - Andrew White had proven he is the best player on the team. I am a huge Shields fan but he has been unimpressive in league play so far. - I was pleased with the guard play of Watson, Parker, and Webster. Tai still misses too many easy layups - Evelyn is nice but I wonder how he fits in to the future plans with Gill being eligible next season. I really do not understand why he did not redshirt. I see him as a prospect that will transfer in the off season or next. I do not know him personally, but with the mentality most kids have nowadays he will want to play and I do not see a lot of playing time for him until junior year. Hopefully I am wrong though because I think he will be a solid player if he stays. - I love any game where the walk-ons get to play Minnesota is a team we should be, especially since we are at home. And not to look ahead, but Illinois on the road is winnable. If we can win the next two I think we are back in business for post-season play; specifically the NIT. I think this is a team that is not going to give up and still has yet to play its best basketball.
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