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  1. Even if we shoot our regular horrible 60 percent from the line (15-of-25), we're up by two instead of down by six. It's crazy bad.
  2. Imagine a tie game right now, 63-63, in which we were 13-25 from the FT line. We'd be moaning about how horrible our FT shooting is, right? This is beyond imagining for a power conference basketball team. It's beyond imagining for a Class A high school team. It's beyond imagining for a middle school AAU team. Sometimes, I wish I cared less. This looks like one of those days.
  3. Combined, 26 turnovers to 15 assists. Ugly with a capital UGH.
  4. The Summit Conference called. They're no longer interested in expansion if it involves Nebraska or Northwestern.
  5. How can a short, skinny point guard who likes to take the ball the hoop miss three in a row?
  6. I see the tremendous potential in Cam Mack, but sometimes I get the feeling that this is pretty much it. What we've seen is what he is, and I'm not sure that's the guy who will lead us out of this wilderness next year, even with a much better supporting cast.
  7. Northwestern = Iowa's better looking but less talented little brothers.
  8. My hope is that the recruits and sit-outs make it so the only rotation players from this group next year are Yvan and Mack, with Thor pitching in about 8-10 minutes per game.
  9. Matt Abdelmassih: "Those two are going to deserve a lot of credit when we’re cutting down the nets somewhere in this country, because they believed in us."
  10. Here are two guys who sacrificed a comfortable senior season in a backwater Division I league to take a chance on Hoiball. They've been rewarded with humiliation on the court, and in Matej Kavas' case, a season-ending injury. This could be the least emotional Senior Day in a long time, but it doesn't mean we don't appreciate what these men gave up to become Huskers. A Toast!
  11. Great thoughts. I've actually come around to the idea that Banton is the perfect 6th man, able to play 25-30 minutes anywhere on the court from 1-4, if Hoiberg's own hype about him is true. In that case, the 120 minutes per game at the point and wing positions could be spread pretty evenly among Mack, King, Allen and Banton, with Burke and Green playing as needed, if both are still around.
  12. If Arop redshirts, he would be an RS freshman. Same with Easley. And, of course, Jace and Porter will be RS freshmen. Is that in the cards? Don't know, but it's possible if we see a future for Arop and Easley. Next year, we'll have lots of talent at the point and wings: Mack, Banton, King, Allen, Burke, Green and Thor (possibly Stevenson, too), if everybody stays. Easley could sit and mature. We'll also have lots of bodies up front: Stevenson, Walker, Ouedraogo, Cross and Mayen, if everybody stays. Arop could sit and improve his game, especially if he's a 3/4 hybrid player who needs to develop his shot and his ball handling.
  13. That's a lot of experience, which is important unless you're Kentucky or Duke. Think about this related stat — age at the beginning of the 2020-2021 season: Banton 21 King 22 Allen 22 Stevenson 22 Walker 23 Mack 22 Burke 22 + 11 months Green 22 Thor 22 Mayen 22 Cross 20 Easley 19 + 11 months Ouedraogo 18 We'll be rolling out a lineup of MEN next year, with Yvan the only teenager after the first few weeks, and he's built like a grown-ass man, no doubt. Plus, all of them other than Banton will have at least one year of Power Five experience under their belts. AND, we could see an entirely new starting five, with six guys who have started this year coming off the bench to play specialty roles.
  14. I like the "Fast Forward a Year" thread a lot better.
  15. Which is the better lineup? Mack Allen Banton Stevenson Ouedraogo OR Walker BENCH: King, Thor, Cross, Burke, Mayen, Green, Easley, Yvan OR Walker OR Banton Allen King Stevenson Ouedraogo OR Walker BENCH: Mack, Thor, Cross, Burke, Mayen, Green, Easley, Yvan OR Walker In other words, could the acquisition of King be a bad sign for Cam Mack, what with Banton able to play the point?
  16. Do you think if we put Banton in Mack's jersey that anyone would notice?
  17. I'm pretty sure that makes us a bubble team.
  18. With Purdue's rise back to the top 30, we again have our two Quad 1 victories, so you could argue that we're better than we were two years ago when we finished 22-11.
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