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Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

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7 hours ago, hhcdimes said:


Decent plus signs were back.

I think this Kansas game is going to be a challenge with as much blue as we'll see in the arena

Yup, I believe you are correct.  I have heard from "fans" that they were able to sell their tickets for enough $$$ that it assisted them in paying for their season tickets.  Sounds like what "fans" of Notre Dame did when the Huskers came to town.  I guess I do not understand "fans" who do this.  First off, it is one of the better teams (outside of Big Ten teams) that we have had in the arena; and secondly, if "fans" are going to sell their tickets when we have quality opponents, it tells the administration that they would be better off scheduling a directional school.  Perhaps we should have scheduled SE Delaware State vs. Kansas...:blink::(


Crap, what's next, "fans" leaving early in order to beat Lincoln traffic???  I didn't know we had so many LA transplants in Nebraska ;)

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