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  1. Well it was a good idea to begin with. Would it look bad if we left Nevada and Chadren State to play a double-header and We joined the tournament in South Dakota?
  2. And he went to that extreme pace because the Lakers fired him because he didn’t let them run enough. “I’ll show you running.”
  3. I note a touch of sarcasm. You said people should actually be taught history and my response was that many times what is taught as history is truncated and therefore misleading. MLK, like all of us was a complicated person. Though never forsaking non-violence, he became much more radical, marginalized by the mainstream civil rights movement, and hated by white America by the time of his death. When we leave out inconvenient truths and teach only great man history the common person feels there is nothing they can do to affect change because they aren’t “great.” We can all be great, we are all
  4. The proper way to celebrate the legacy of a man is to truly know it. MLK was far from the Hallmark greeting card he has been turned into. He also said “the riot is the language of the unheard,” was a social-democrat long before Bernie, felt we should have a universal basic income, called for the end of the Vietnam war and condemned the American government, calling it “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” decried the “two America’s” and was voted the most hated man in America all while sleeping with a lot a Black women who were not his wife. He was human like the rest of us.
  5. That's my question. College football is allowed to schedule their out of conference games. If we don't join another conference or take part in another conferences' championship game then aren't we still just scheduling out of conference games only maybe a few more than usual?
  6. One open scholarship now. Anybody know if Figueroa signed anywhere yet?
  7. I don’t know if anyone ever mentioned it but he was only 17 when he played this season so it is very possible he did grow.
  8. No lie - truth - believe it - something along those lines and saying you will be able to count on Cam next season wherever he ends up would be cap.
  9. After reading that tweet I stopped following him. If you go around burning bridges you're bound to get burned yourself one day. Kid needs to grow up. No cap
  10. Show him Cam Mack highlights and tell he can be that facilitator here.
  11. I started out a Blues fan because my son started following them. He adopted Joe Cole as his favorite player after the 2006 World Cup, followed him to Chelsea and is still a fan today. Loves his Pulisic jersey. I had a co-worker who said he picked his favorite epl team after considerable research on club's history and playing style. He went with Liverpool. So I decided to do the same thing. I dropped Chelsea after I discovered their long history of Neo-Nazis in the supporters clubs and went with the Nebraska football of the epl. Once great but now .... Arsenal. Gunners are on an upward tract j
  12. Fact. You get a proven positive test coming from a high school weight room and there goes any hope of a fall sports season in Nebraska.
  13. Nobody throw anything at me but I don't think you can have a team with both Petteway and Palmer on it if you are talking about a real team designed to win games and not an all-star team. I would go with Palmer myself.
  14. But if he picks Seton Hall I would think that would cross them off of Sanogo's list or vice versa.
  15. I know they’re called highlights for a reason but what is the most impressive to me is he can be 24 feet out, catch the ball at chin level and immediately release it with no dip at all. I could do that too but his splashed and mine would land just the other side of the free throw line.
  16. Does this also count as a basketball transfer?
  17. I’ll pay to come if you promise to sing Dancing Queen
  18. I stand by the fact that there was nothing political in my post. Facts are facts. if I had tried to interpret whether certain actions were good or bad, now that would be political. I guess I did share my appreciation of IKEA and ABBA.
  19. That’s how this started. My point was we could not be Sweden. We missed that boat along time ago and we have very different demographics. And then I guess I was trying to point out Sweden did not throw their people under the bus. They are not taking a libertarian approach. They have made lots of changes and their economy is suffering as well.
  20. I over simplified things and so did you. They did everything everyone else did to flatten the curve, only their actions focused on individual responsibility. People were encouraged to work from home and they already had one of the highest rates for that before the outbreak. One big reason they have the higher rates you referenced is that Sweden counts at home deaths as well instead of just hospital deaths like everyone else. And their deaths per million rate is much lower then nearby countries like France, Belgium and the Netherlands who had lock downs. When they made their recommendations to
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