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  1. Don’t get me wrong about my support for Hoiberg as our coach but when PSU scored the first two buckets the second half and we looked like lost children...a time out was in order! Fred waited until they had scored 10 straight to call a TO. Felt like game over to me.
  2. Ouodrago cannot get his shot even above the rim half the time when 6’4 Doane players lean on him. The last time I checked you have to get the ball above the rim for it to have a chance to go in. He did board well and hit 7-10 from the line but his hands are the worst I’ve ever seen or the weakest. When Walker is eligible I think Ouodrago rides the bench. Lake has a nice quick release and he boarded well. Andre shows fire and athleticism! Mayen just looks lost to me. Banton looked OK. Stephenson looks lost also. Wood hit s
  3. Cross stats for Tulane: 26 minutes avg. per game 31% - FG percentage - yuk! 14% - 3 point percentage - stinky! 5.5 rebounds - pretty good
  4. Yvan probably can’t play big time minutes vs. Big Ten teams cuz if my math is correct in 3 games against competition much lower then the Big Ten, he is fouling at a rate of 10 fouls per forty minutes.
  5. Sorry got confused thinking game was today not tomorrow.
  6. Poor rebounding, horrible shooting and not driving the ball when you are bricking threes and the ref’s are calling defensive fouls if the defender even looks at the ball handler. The rebounding and shooting reminded me of last year. We even had our usual quota of air balls. Maybe our bad shooting was because our legs were dead from yesterday’s game but our misses were bricks. Banton’s last shot was unfortunate as it was deeper then necessary and rushed. This was a winnable game as Nevada is picked to finish 7th in the Mountain West Conference. The season is
  7. I’m looking forward to seeing Allen. His clips at the D1 level are sick! He makes scoring look so easy and natural.
  8. Yvan is the same height as Thor. I walked near them during warmups and I was shocked at how not tall he was. Maybe he has grown an inch or two since the season ended.
  9. I thought of two Rodney Dangerfield jokes: He said the last time he tried making love to his wife nothing was happening either way. It was a disaster! So he says to his wife: “So you can’t think of anyone else either?” As Larry the Cable Guy says: “That dar is funny!” My favorite Dangerfield joke is: “I have a buddy that has bad luck with women. His first wife left him after two years. His second wife left him after three years. Then it got worse! His third wife left him after four years...to be with his second wife.”
  10. Not surprised he has been suspended for MU game. Oh well.
  11. Burke easily leads in that category. One game he had six shots blocked.
  12. I complained that we Ignored Green in our offense the last six possessions even though he was on fire. I was not pleased that Mack did not get him the ball and that our coaches did not seem to communicate that he needed to get touches.
  13. I’m surprised Mack doesn’t bark at our bigs when they blow bunnies.
  14. Our bigs bend over when they get the ball under the basket which allows two or three defenders to smoother them and they do not pass it out to the two guys that are open. They are young but you would think they would start learning to go up right away rather than hesitate like they do.
  15. If we could make our layups and hit a mediocrely 50% of our three foot shots we would be tied.
  16. When your bigs miss more than ten bunnies against ND a loss is likely. I know they are young and I know they will get better but Mack should have had 13-15 assists tonight. Without Kavas hitting 4-5 on threes we lose by ten to fifteen. Our D tonight was pathetic which reminds me that I said to my wife that Doc was not involved at all when the coaches huddled during time outs before addressing the team. She watched and agreed. Mack played very well. But all I can say is onward and upward.
  17. I’ve had four concussions and seen dozens first hand in sports and I would unofficially rate Harm’s concussion a 9 or 10. Dark room and bed rest for a while.
  18. Going small has improved our offense a lot but not our D.
  19. If Mack would simply bend his knees on his free throw shots he would improve massively.
  20. On our field goal shooting and free throw shooting there is a one unfortunate thread. When we miss we aren’t usually just short or long nor are we usually just left or right of the basket...we are some combination of both! In my shooting days it was one or the other that caused a misfire which made it so much easier to make a slight correction to your release and follow thru to make your shot true. Don’t know what can be done to affect a quick fix to a shooter when his shot is both off line and off distance. Gonna be a long season I’m afraid.
  21. When Southern Utah went into the zone in the second half it absolutely killed us. 70% of the time we took threes at which we are horrible at shooting and the other 30% of the time when we penetrated the zone we got makable shots or free throws almost every time. Our missed threes were almost all absolute bricks...no chance of going in but Hoiberg is a master at teaching the art of shooting so I have hope.
  22. I loved how easy it was for Thor to drive to the bucket what little he played before injuries required him to play. So because of that I watched him shoot in warmups and he didn’t shoot much at all. When balls came to him he passed them on to starters like he wasn’t even interested in shooting. It seemed really weird. I do remember one free throw that he shot off the palm of his hand not even touching the ball with his fingertips! I almost threw up I was so disgusted. As the season went on he used his fingertips more but that is how bad his shooting fundamentals were. A
  23. I’ve been a Dead Red NU basketball fan since 1958 and this has me thinking the unthinkable...NCAA tourney win, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and National Championship. I need to take better care of myself so I am around to see it. I’m off to walk two more miles to add to my first two miles so I can keep my blood pressure down.
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