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  1. This is an interesting question but for some reason, it never seems to bother the visitors...
  2. Early in the year, he deserved it. He is not the reason we are losing tonight.
  3. It is at this point where I will turn it over to watch the end of the HS football finals. For a team that was supposed to have shooters, I haven’t seen any evidence to support it.
  4. Well…that 1st 5 minutes sure seems like the aberration. What an awful display of defense for the last 15 minutes.
  5. Offense has been solid, but that may be the best 5 minutes of defense this team has played thus far. Great energy.
  6. After sleeping on it, I do not feel any better about this team or the direction of the program. In fact, I might feel a little worse. During last night's presser, Hoiberg said he was still 100% confident in Alonzo Verge. This, despite a group of fans large enough to make "boos" heard in the arena feeling the same way many of us do about his hero-ball approach. There are times to stand by your beliefs but when it's obvious to even the casual fan that a change needs to be made, you now have a credibility problem. Just ask the football coach how things have worked out with his 4-year QB. I hate feeling this way after 3 games, but here we are again. I don't recall being more excited about a team than I was for this year and until now, I've not questioned my belief that Fred would get this done. But as the years of failure and disappointment continue to pile up, the emotional investment gas tank hits empty pretty quickly. I'll watch until I can't take the dribbling exhibitions any longer. I will hope it turns. But my expectations at this point have hit zero and my belief in Fred is trending down.
  7. This is awful news, especially for Trey and even Bryce. Can’t imagine it. I can’t lie, this gives me a lot less hope of a decent season now. Fred now has one less PG available, which means Verge will continue to dazzle us all with his constant dribbling and throwing up crap in traffic without looking for any open shooters.
  8. Just another in the ever increasing line of disappointments in this series and this program. It just makes me sick to lose this team.
  9. Serious question - when was the last time Nebraska had a team that could consistently finish at the rim?
  10. Just saw on Twitter that Trey is back on the bench using crutches.
  11. Said it after the last game - Trey/Kobe need to run the point. All the time.
  12. I have it on good authority that there is at least 1 diehard fan of the team that shall not be named who will be attending tonight’s game. For those of you in PBA tonight, make it very uncomfortable for him and any others who dared. Let’s go Huskers!
  13. Got the win. It was slightly better than game 1, but I still fear what will happen on Tuesday night against the team that shall not be named. I was very critical of Bryce after game 1 so I need to applaud him for game 2. Much better efficiency for the most part - wasn't "hunting shots" nearly as much and let the game present him with the opportunity. He took advantage when it did. Someone else said it - I think our shooting is off because we aren't getting open looks. Too much standing and watching, which is understandable when Verge has the ball. 2 games in, I am not a fan and he would have spent a considerable amount of time on the bench again if it were me. Yes, he has assists but when you handle the ball as much as he does, a squirrel will find a nut once in a while. His mentality is shoot first, shoot second, pass third. I really want to see someone else run the point (Trey, Kobe) and let Verge come off the bench. Andre was the reason we won - energy, defense, rebounding - he brought it all and led to the run to put that game away. Huge improvement from Wilhelm too - did a lot of things that won't show up on the stat sheet to help the team. However, stop whining to the officials when you get called for a foul. Officiating is awful, we all know it and you should too. Just stop complaining.
  14. Absolutely. Let’s just hope we aren’t 2/3 thru the season before Hoiberg does something about it.
  15. Still waiting to see all these scorers we supposedly have on the roster…
  16. I’m of the mind that if we play a TEAM game, the energy will naturally improve and the rebounding will follow suit.
  17. Damn Norm, you have nailed it with your OP and now this one. Wish I could give you more votes. I’m of the exact same mind - I would have been just as pissed if they had luck-boxed their way into a win last night. Completely disgusted by the approach of 2 players specifically. Fred had better get his arms around this immediately or this thing will tank quickly.
  18. The team very well may have needed what happened last night. But we won't know for sure until the season progresses and we see the positive changes that hopefully come from it. The jury is out at this point. This loss will stick with me for a long time - the first game of the year and the "me" first mentality is what shows up almost from the opening tip? It will take a sustained level of team basketball (win or lose) for the sour taste to get washed away. The first impression is a lasting one.
  19. If true (I don't doubt you at all - I just won't go look because I have muted or blocked all athletes from my timeline) and it continues, it will not bode well for the season. I can't speak for everyone but I have to believe this fan base has grown very tired. The lack of success in other men's sports will carry over to a shorter attention span than usual in basketball. There will be many that will simply tune it out completely. Gotta read the room a little better fellas.
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