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  1. Lived in Ashland for over 4 years - just moved 6 months ago. Had a chance to watch Cale as a sophomore and followed him as best I could the past couple of years. Really good kid and has developed more physically than I thought he would. He's a very good basketball player but unfortunately, competition level has to be a consideration. My concerns would be quickness, not only defensively but also in getting his shot off. Last time I saw him, the release on his outside shot was rather slow. I get it, we all want Nebraska kids on the roster and as a role player/culture guy off the bench, I'm all for it. Just my opinion, he is not an impact player at the high major level. I would think he would be a great fit at Wayne State or similar school.
  2. Nebraska beat Nebraska tonight. I will be interested to see what changes get made in the offseason - but, I’m more than ready to move on from this group. Always enjoy the perspectives on this board - wishing everyone a great, safe and healthy spring and summer!
  3. I’m sure they did - and if you think that’s why Nebraska lost, feel free. My opinion is Nebraska lost because they got out worked and quit sharing the ball, especially in the final few minutes.
  4. The stripes may have faded ever so slightly in the past couple of weeks…but they never truly changed, even though we all hoped they had. Hero ball never wins. 15 point lead - that is simply a massive choke job.
  5. 1 is a fluke, 2 is coincidence, 3 is a trend and I'm nothing if not a trendy guy so... Nebraska 74 Northwestern 66 1
  6. I’m completely at a loss - another strong performance and really good win.
  7. I'm not asking for more detail either but I had the same reaction. If true (and I'm not doubting you Norm), what the hell is he still doing here? Doesn't that add another to the long list of reasons to doubt/question FH going forward? It certainly does for me.
  8. I didn’t watch a single minute and didn’t even check for the score until this morning. My weekend is off to an outstanding start!
  9. Alright, I've been thinking about this one for a while but was hesitant to post. Since his name is on the list, I could see making a case for Rick Pitino. I understand the baggage, he's old, I get it and which makes this highly unlikely. But...we all know that from a basketball perspective, the man can absolutely coach. A guy who has the basketball track record like he does cannot be thrilled with the idea that his final stop will be at Iona. In his mind, I could see him taking a job like Nebraska - his last chance to prove that he's learned from his past, to prove he is one of the best to ever do it and to recover some semblance of a positive legacy. He could take the worst P5 program in the country and make them a winner before riding off into the sunset. I have to believe a scenario like that would have some appeal to him. It's an ego play more than a money play. Would it happen here? Probably not. But if it did, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it - I've been a fan of him as a basketball coach (repeat, basketball coach) since his days at Kentucky.
  10. What strikes me about these numbers is how remarkably bad this program has been during my lifetime. Sure, we’ve had a season here and a season there, but our best men’s basketball coach in the past 40+ years was 57% overall and 44% conference? Really puts the futility of Nebraska basketball in perspective. There has to be a special place in heaven for Huskers Hoops fans.
  11. Not sure what the menu will be as it will be a quiet night at home. I think the Rams win but I took the money line odds on the Bengals at +175 for my non-traditional retirement account. Here’s hoping…28-27 Cincy. Enjoy the night everyone!
  12. Can't believe I hung in this long - guess I needed to make sure it was still Junior High quality stuff. Time to pivot to the Waste Management Open. Be well everyone.
  13. Can't say I blame them - at a certain point, promoting/marketing this garbage is not helpful to anyone.
  14. As awful as this team has been this year, the last 12 minutes was as bad as anything yet this season. Somehow, this group continues to move the bar lower.
  15. I don't recall a Nebraska basketball team with so few likable components - coaches or players.
  16. Great point - I had not connected the dots on that one but it seems feasible.
  17. I appreciate what you are saying. Ultimately, on the question of keep him or fire him after 3 years of recruiting misses, stubborn adherence to a failed scheme and losses piling up, I don’t trust him any longer. I did when he was hired based on his resume. I don’t anymore. Pretty simple for me. Now, if you want to hang and give him time to “change”, fine. Not sure why it would take 3 years for him to decide he needed to change but fair enough. My stance is the same - there’s a long way to go to earn my trust back - and I’m not holding my breath.
  18. Completely agree - for me, it goes even further to the players on the court. There aren't many that I have any type of connection with like I've had in the past. Not everyone fits this description, but for the most part it does feel like a group of misfits and mercenaries out for themselves without regard for the program at all. I guess it's to be expected given the recruiting profile in use. There is simply nothing good about this program, top to bottom. Ctrl+Alt+Del is the only option at this point. As much as I hate the idea of paying people to go away, it needs to happen soon and I would be in favor of doing so before the end of the season.
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